Apple rules as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s named most popular smartphones

Data released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has named the iPhone 5s as the most commonly used smartphone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second quarter of 2014.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

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Google is reportedly working on its own blockchain technology

Google may be developing its own digital ledger to secure its cloud business.

European business still have misconceptions on cloud

Over half of European organisations still view on-premise security as superior to cloud.

EU launches tax grab on tech giants

Proposed tax could bring in €5bn for Europe.

US government invests $350m in election security systems

Funds will help purchase new voting systems and provide cyber security training ahead of elections.

GDPR is your chance to prepare your security strategy for digital transformation

By taking action today businesses can safeguard their data to avoid penalties when GDPR goes into effect.

How digitally mature are Europe’s pharmaceutical companies?

Digitisation is transforming the way pharmaceutical companies are communicating with payers and doctors.

MoJ CIDO - Why listening to your users can be the key to cloud success

Tom Read lays out his key pointers to ensure your business gets the most out of cloud.

Trend Micro: New breed of UK hackers will target wearables, routers and social media

A report from Trend Micro has found that attacks originating from the UK will increase in the coming year and they will be far more targeted than normal cybercrime attacks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

China says new drone-killing laser will target terrorists

The device allegedly has a range of two kilometers and can shoot down a target flying at a lower altitude, less than five seconds after locating it, state media agency Xinhua reports. Read more:

London police to use data to predict crime before it happens

Accenture's new software, resembling that seen in the Minority Report movie, relies on data that has been collected over four years. Read more:

There's More to Ireland Than St. Patrick's Day

Ireland: It's a paradise of green hills, rugby and industry.The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland and Fáilte Ireland, the Irish national tourism authority, teamed up to send a postcard out to the world. The video uses St.

【翻译】C#和.NET核心快速参考 - 初行


Cornering the Market On Zero-Day Exploits

Nicola Hahn (1482985) writes Kim Zetter of Wired Magazine has recently covered Dan Greer's keynote speech at Black Hat USA. In his lengthy address Greer, representing the CIA's venture funding arm,

中國移動香港 and! M811 幾時入手抵D?

之前睇過 and! M811 有幾抵玩後,各位 讀者係咪好想買返部呢?想知幾時入手抵D,邊個 Plan 最抵玩就等小編逐一同大家介紹下喇!以下有更多資料:The post 中國移動香港 and! M811 幾時入手抵D? appeared first on UNWIRE.

「理想講心不講金 」 訪 F11 攝影博物館創辦人 : 蘇彰德

開咖啡廳、搞獨立音樂、9A狀元做車長,我們常常聽到的追夢故事,總是帶點青春氣息。新開幕的 F11 攝影博物館創辦人蘇彰德,演繹出另一個版本的熱血精神。是甚麼讓年近五十的他,放棄高薪厚職,全身投入民辦博物館?

Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy

gemtech writes RadioShack has declared bankruptcy today. As reported Monday, the company has struck a deal to sell up to 2,400 of its approximately 4,000 stores to Sprint. From the article: "RadioShack said the remaining stores are expected to close. The company's franchise locations,



Computex 2015:Lexking電斯特展出三折式手機用藍牙鍵盤


The parachute on NASA's flying saucer spacecraft keeps failing

A giant supersonic parachute attached to a NASA-built UFO-shaped vehicle ripped apart just after it deployed at the edge of space during a test flight on MondayThe vehicle, called the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), is designed to bring large payloads to Mars.

为了无人驾驶,Uber “一锅端了”微软必应地图团队

Uber 收购微软必应地图团队,除了3D、航拍和街景等地图技术,必应地图的 100 名工程师也将加入到 Uber 的大家庭中。往远了说,这是 Uber 在无人驾驶领域埋下的一步棋。往近了讲,这也是 Uber 在减轻对 Google 的依赖。

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