Apple rules as iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s named most popular smartphones

Data released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has named the iPhone 5s as the most commonly used smartphone in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the second quarter of 2014.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

相关内容: cent share market most with iPhone Samsung also sm

Why Busy Santa looks to live chat and chatbots for better customer service

Santa has asked Baker, Scott and Hill-Wilson for their advice about how to implement live chat to achieve better customer service this Christmas.

Multi-cloud - supporting digital transformation for business success

How can your organisation begin its multi-cloud journey, and what are the considerations you should take in order to minimise risk?

Most companies hit by more than one major cyberattack in the past two years

And almost all companies hit by at least one.

UK retailers boost cybersecurity over Christmas

The holiday period is when a 'seasonal increase in social engineering attacks' usually happens.

Digital transformation being held back by cost worries

Businesses see the benefits, but they also see challenges.

McAfee uncovers "Sharpshooter" malware attacking critical infrastructure

The verticals that are being targeted are nuclear, defense, energy, and financial businesses.

The right solutions can increase the uptake of Blockchain technology across enterprises

Dave Locke, Chief Technology Advisor at World Wide Technology, explores the increasing uptake of blockchain technology and the problems that need to be overcome before mainstream adoption.

Trend Micro: New breed of UK hackers will target wearables, routers and social media

A report from Trend Micro has found that attacks originating from the UK will increase in the coming year and they will be far more targeted than normal cybercrime attacks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

China says new drone-killing laser will target terrorists

The device allegedly has a range of two kilometers and can shoot down a target flying at a lower altitude, less than five seconds after locating it, state media agency Xinhua reports. Read more:

London police to use data to predict crime before it happens

Accenture's new software, resembling that seen in the Minority Report movie, relies on data that has been collected over four years. Read more:


按照最近的消息来看,Update 1 相当于对 Windows 8 进行“返工重修”,看看这些曝光的新特性:默认首先进入桌面模式,而不是那个“开始界面”;此外,Metro 应用最小化后,也能显示在任务栏上,等等。

Trump: I'm Serious About Buying the Buffalo Bills

The Donald wants the Bills.Donald Trump, the billionaire turned reality television host, has said he is serious about wanting to buy the Buffalo Bills NFL franchise.See also:

SharePoint 2013 手动删除爬网项目 - 霖雨


2014年Ig Nobel奖公布

2014年度Ig Nobel奖获奖名单已于9月18日公布。 北京交通大学、西安电子科技大学和中科院自动化研究所和多伦多大学的研究人员获得了神经学奖,获奖原因是试图理解在吐司上看到耶稣脸的人的大脑(论文)。

Google Protocol Buffer 简单介绍 - zhanjindong

以下内容主要整理自官方文档。为什么使用 Protocol Buffers.proto文件Protocol Buffers 语法编译.proto文件Protocol Buffers API枚举和嵌套类Builders vs. Messages解析和序列化Writing A MessageReading...



Build a Custom Multi-Functional USB-C Hub With These Modular Bricks

USB-C promises to be the all-in-one cable we’ve all dreamed about, but the first companies to adopt it are being stingy about how many ports they give us. It means USB expansion hubs are en vogue again, and the Cusby is the first to let you custom build one for your specific needs.Read more...


上海2015年11月4日电 /美通社/ -- 11月3日,一年一度的自动化盛会中国国际工业博览会(工博会)在上海如期举行。本次工博会主题为“创新、智能、绿色”,来自28个国家和地区的2270家企业参与了本次会展。




合并后的美团-大众点评在业务布局上动作连连,停止到家 O2O 服务、成立家装事业部、整合 KTV 业务……这一次,新美大把目光瞄准了宴会预订市场。 3月18日 消息,美团-大众点评宣布发力宴会预订市场,开展包括婚宴、宝宝宴、生日宴、商务宴等在内的宴会场地预订业务。据了解,此次在宴会预订市场的发力,是基于美团-大众点评在婚宴预订业务上的积累。 美团-大众点评的切入宴会预订市场的思路是,让用户可以在美团和大众点评双平台的 App 产品中查找到完善的商家信息,包括宴会厅照片、档期、不同价位的套餐菜品,以及预约看店等。 

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