The NFL, where liking an Instagram photo lands you in hot water

Perhaps lost for many in this weekend's NFL detritus was the Case of Jadeveon Clowney's Instagram ThirstCue the outrage. Misplaced and overblown outrage, but outrage nonetheless — so misplaced and overblown, in fact, that it bears quickly addressing here and nowSee also: Coach K (yup,

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Russians are outraged over this Charlie Hebdo cartoon

Moscow is outraged over a cartoon in France's Charlie Hebdo that mocks the Russian plane crash in Egypt."This has nothing to do with democracy, self-expression or whatever. It is pure blasphemy," Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters, according to Russia's TASS news agency.

This ad featuring Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri is causing outrage in Pakistan

A mobile phone ad featuring New York-born Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri on the front page of an Urdu daily newspaper Jung has sparked outrage in Pakistan for being "obscene".See also: Khloe Kardashian covered her butt in glitter.

This outrageous $10 million home has its own drone-filmed commercial

As house prices get increasingly ridiculous in Australia, so too does real estate advertising.A mega-mansion, fit for a Eurovision star, recently went on the market in the ritzy suburb of Toorak in Melbourne, Australia complete with a video ad to rival The Bold and The Beautiful,

Outrage as Samsung services crash after backup data centre fire

A fire at a Samsung datacentre in Gwacheon, South Korea temporarily knocked out access to on 20 April, affecting a number of devices and services.Read more:

Russia's World Cup Is Already Outrageously Expensive

Maybe you're still mourning Brazil's catastrophic loss in the World Cup, but the rest of the world has moved on—to discussing the impact of the next series, which will take place in 11 Russian cities in 2018. And according to their reports, it's going to be very, very expensive. Like $11,

Why a Footbridge In London Is Inspiring Widespread Outrage

It doesn’t take much to make some cities angry. But in London, a special kind of rage is flowing over a project that seems pretty unobjectionable: A footbridge over the River Thames. And the tension isn’t confined to London.Read more...

The Uncomfortable Story of How a Tweet About Nail Polish Became a Media Freakout

Parker Molloy likes to take pictures of weird things in her off-hours. Sometimes she posts them on Twitter with short quips. And then one day, one of her least popular tweets turned into a shitstorm.Read more...

The EFF’s New App Is Android-Only, As Organization Calls Out Apple For “Outrageous” Developer Terms

Non-profit digital rights organization EFF rolled out a new mobile application this morning, which allows users to more easily access the group’s “action center” from their smartphone. However, the new app is only being made available to Android users, the EFF explains,

Japan Just Cancelled Its Outrageously Expensive Olympic Stadium Design

And in doing so, made itself a poster child for rethinking the insane costs of major sporting events like the Olympics, explaining that it would start over with a new design. Could the tide be turning against the idea that cities have to spend billions to host the Games?Read more...

The Entire Internet Is Outraged Over the Hunting of Cecil the Lion

Every so often your faith in humanity is restored when the social world unites to excoriate an event deserving of its wrath. So it goes with Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed a beloved, world-famous lion, Cecil, in Zimbabwe under cover of darkness and questionable legality.

A teenage millionaire built a real-life Dr. Octopus suit

19-year-old Erik Finman, a Bitcoin millionaire, took some free time to make a functional Dr. Octopus suit. Besides looking so cool, it also works as a prosthetic prototype. Read more...More about Comics, Mashable Video, Marvel, Bitcoin, and Social Good

'Time' slams Trump's family separation policy in a cover for the ages

The debate over the Trump administration's immigration policy is still simmering, and the blowback continues to hit Trump — this time in the form of yet another Time magazine cover. 

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is a glimpse at Alexa-controlled entertainment, but it needs work

Amazon Fire TV Cube$119.

Uber drivers really wanted in-app tipping for a reason: $600 million made in first year

It's been a year since Uber drivers finally got something they really wanted: tips in its ride-hailing app.In the year since tips were added, drivers have earned more than $600 million in gratuities on the Uber app. In the past three months tips have gone up 30 percent,

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick just had an A+ Instagram exchange

If ever you need an amusing social media exchange, you can normally count on Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to deliver.SEE ALSO: 69 times Ryan Reynolds was hands down the funniest actor on TwitterThey've done it before on Twitter, and now they're at it on Instagram.

Chris Pratt teaching James Corden how to hike is a glorious disaster

Seven rolls of toilet paper, some wet wipes, and an empty bottle for urine drinking — that's what good hiking is all about, right?Well, James Corden certainly seems to think so.SEE ALSO: Tom Cruise recreates Tom Cruise's entire film career in 9 minutesIn the sketch above for The Late Late Show,

10 pieces of camping gear on sale to make summer way more fun

The sun rising earlier and shining brighter than usual, the blistering heat, the relentless pit stains, and the influx of wedding invitations you receive in the mail — ah, summer is finally here.SEE ALSO:

Microsoft Office apps will sync right to your Dropbox account

Dropbox just became an excellent place to store your Microsoft Office files.The two companies announced a partnership on Tuesday that will allow Microsoft Office apps to sync directly to your Dropbox account, speeding up collaboration and editing.See also:

The wearable drone camera, for when you just can't manage a selfie

It's a drone that doubles as a wristband, and it's one step closer to being around your wrist.Nixie takes your GoPro's vantage point one step further: On your command, you can unstrap the band from your wrist; it then transforms into a quadcopter and takes flight. Then, from above,

Facebook censorship has increased 19% in the past 6 months

Now more than ever, governments around the world are eager to get their hands on data about Facebook users — and now more than ever,



IPO 过程中,会计师费和律师费的确定方法是什么?



在参观博物馆的时候,我们有时苦于文物和我们隔着一面玻璃,无法一窥究竟。不过现在有了新技术,可以让你把文物“拆开来看”。  当然这并不能让你真的拆开文物,而是在触屏上将它们一层层移除,看到里面的模样。

55 Best Twitter Reactions to the 'Game of Thrones' Purple Wedding

This post contains several spoilers about Game of Thrones season 4, episode 2. Do not continue if you have not watched.Break out the party hats, the king is dead!Joffrey Baratheon, perhaps the most hated man-child in Westoros, croaked on Sunday's Game of Thrones, at his own wedding,

阿里捆绑余额宝推“分期购” 绕开信用支付雷区


10 Bites From Your Local Farmers Market

We live in a special place and time that our children will mock, when beards are in, farms are cool, pickles are cooler, and farmers markets are the coolest.Read more...

中投入股阿里两年收益400% 大赚40亿美元




十问高通案:意义重大问题犹存 合则两利斗则两伤


谷歌发布Kubernetes v1.0,容器生态前景明媚

7月22日Google正式对外发布Kubernetes v1.0,意味着这开源容器编排系统可以正式在生产环境使用。在可预见的未来,Kubernetes必将加速虚拟容器技术生态环境发展,也必将推动Caas容器及服务等生态产业的繁荣与进步。

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