The Internet Arcade site launches: Play 900 arcade classics in your browser

A massive selection of oldies are available online now, including titles such as Defender, Tron, PacMan, Outrun and Street Fighter II.Read more:

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The Internet Arcade site launches: Play 900 arcade classics in your browser

A massive selection of oldies are available online now, including titles such as Defender, Tron, PacMan, Outrun and Street Fighter II.Read more:

UK tech sector still able to attract talent despite Brexit

However EU talent may end up looking elsewhere in the future.

Privacy International points finger at seven companies for data gathering

Information Commissioner's office will be conducting audits on several major tech companies accused of breaching GDPR.

Five ways to drive customer conversion rates in your stores

If you don’t track traffic or measure conversion rate in all your stores today, simply put, you are missing out on an entirely new way to drive sales.

EU 'close' to digital tax on tech giants

French Minister says the deal will have Germany's support.

Consumer phones in the workplace: does it make business sense?

It is important for businesses to understand what they are getting themselves into if they hope to gain real long-term benefits from their mobility strategy.

SAP snaps up Qualtrics in $8bn deal

Software maker was set to go public next week.

Harnessing the power of data network effects

How do you build data network effects into your products and services?

Why government is finally learning the lessons of the private sector

ITProPortal spoke to Julia Glidden, founder and president of 21c Consultancy about how government is finally learning the lessons that the private sector has learnt from the new digital age.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Tesco pulls Isis TVs from online store as awareness of terrorist group grows

The retail giant has also slashed the prices of Isis television sets in-store, but has denied that the reductions are connected in any way to the emergence of the Islamic State extremists.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Sony may ruin Virtual Reality with sick-inducing VR headsets, warns Oculus Rift

While Oculus has admitted the burgeoning virtual reality industry is “anybody’s game,” the company’s founder, Brendan Iribe, has issued a dire warning to Project Morpheus's creator Sony.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Here's Your Freaky-Ass Valentine's Day Spotify Playlist

No matter how you may be spending your Valentine's Day, you definitely need a soundtrack. So here's a freaky deaky Spotify playlist. We made it for you because we love you. Read more...    

GrubHub Files For $100 Million IPO

GrubHub filed paperwork with the SEC on Friday for a $100 million public offering.The online food delivery company, which previously went by the name GrubHub Seamless, has applied to trade with the ticker "GRUB" on the New York Stock Exchange.See also:

New Google Maps for Android and iOS Takes a Jab at Foursquare

Google has announced a new version of Google Maps for Android and iOS devices, adding a new Explore function that lets you find interesting spots near your locationLocated in the bottom right corner of the app, the Explore button gives you an overview of what's nearby.

Create Whatever Furniture You Need With This Cardboard Building Set

If you're not going to be living too long in a place, decking out your temporary abode in recyclable cardboard furniture actually makes a lot of sense. It's cheaper than real furniture, you don't have to bring it next time you move,


10月9日消息,据路透社报道,宏达电(HTC)首席财务官张嘉临(Chialin Chang)周三表示,由于公司没有负债、现金达到17亿美元并且有能力自筹资金,因此2015年甚至以后都不需要借助资本市场的支持。

Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores

Apple has long sold Bose headphones and speakers in its retail stores, including in the time since it acquired Bose-competitor Beats Audio, and despite the lawsuit filed by Bose against Apple alleging patent violations on the part of Beats. That's come to an end this week, though:


亚马逊自1995成立至今,已经快20年了。从最早的“要做地球上最牛掰的网上书店”到“要做地球上最大的综合网络零 […]


深挖市场 环保先行 中国潍坊2014年12月11日电 /美通社/ -- 随着山东潍坊商场盛大开业,全球现代批发业领导者麦德龙在中国市场的销售网络已经拓展到80家门店。

如何在 Ubuntu 上转换图像、音频和视频格式



北京和上海2015年1月23日电 /美通社/ -- 日前,首届百度移动“中国好应用”年度盛典在北京落下帷幕,现场发布了2014年度“中国好应用”榜单,中国领先的在线休闲旅游公司途牛旅游网(NASDAQ:

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