Police investigating racist tweets aimed at Manchester City's Yaya Touré

British authorities are investigating a string of racist tweets aimed at Yaya Touré just hours after the Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder reactivated his Twitter account following a five-month hiatus from the platform.Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, based in England,

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Huge hole opens on Manchester road after heavy rain

LONDON — A 40-foot-deep hole has opened on a Manchester street and is getting bigger after heavy rain possibly eroded a culvert beneath the road, the Manchester Evening News said.Part of Mancunian Way is closed in both directions and may remain closed over the weekend,

Police investigating racist tweets aimed at Manchester City's Yaya Touré

British authorities are investigating a string of racist tweets aimed at Yaya Touré just hours after the Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder reactivated his Twitter account following a five-month hiatus from the platform.Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, based in England,

Manchester City player takes awkward selfie with Xi Jinping and some other guy

LONDON — The Internet's mind was collectively blown Friday when Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero posted a selfie with Chinese President Xi Jinping — with another world leader trying to edge in on the action.See also: David Cameron and Xi Jinping went down to the pub for a cheeky pint.

Design of Manchester United's new women's kit sparks sexism row

LONDON – Manchester United's new team kit, designed by Adidas as part of a record-breaking £75m-a-year deal, is drumming up controversy on social media.See also:

Qatar Airways Flight Escorted to Manchester Airport After 'Hoax Bomb Threat'

A Royal Air Force fighter jet was summoned to escort a Qatar Airways passenger plane into England's Manchester Airport on Tuesday after its pilot reported a possible device on board.Police say they have arrested a man on suspicion of making a "hoax bomb threat" after the flight landed.

United or City? Manchester Dad Auctions Infant Son's Soccer Loyalty

United or City? It's a question that's divided citizens of Manchester, England, for decades. Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the English Premier League's top clubs, and you can't support one without loathing the other.In the case of one young Mancunian though,

Woman from Manchester shows how not to make a grilled cheese sandwich

LONDON — Life hacks are great until they catch fire and destroy all hopes you may have had of a delicious sandwichSee also:

And it’s Apple iPhone 6 Plus to the rescue for Manchester United fans!

Bookmaker Coral has tweeted a cheeky picture of the new iPhone 6 Plus that is now the only Apple smartphone that allows Manchester United to be a part of the league table on one page.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/11/and-its-apple-iphone-6-plus-rescue-manchester-united-fans/

Footballers tell squatters to stay in their Manchester hotel for the winter

LONDON — A group of squatters and homeless activists that took over a huge hotel undergoing renovation have been told they're allowed to stay for the winter - by the hotel's owners.Manchester Angels gained access to the building, which is due to open as a luxury boutique hotel, on Sunday.

Manchester United footballer suing toymakers for making lookalike Nazi doll with his name

LONDON — Manchester United footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger is suing a Hong Kong-based company for creating a Nazi doll that he says looks exactly like him.The German solider figurine — which comes decked in full military regalia and carrying army supplies — is also named Bastian,

Watch new footage of John Lennon in the studio, dragging Paul McCartney

Diss tracks looked a lot different in 1971.Here we have John Lennon performing in the studio with his fellow Beatle George Harrison and the Plastic Ono Band. The song? A funked out version of "How Do You Sleep?" from Lennon's second solo album, Imagine.The song's lyrics take aim Paul McCartney,

20 online resources to take sex ed into your own hands

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility.

6 things Deaf activist Nyle DiMarco wants you to know about sign language

You may know Nyle DiMarco from America's Next Top Model, where he was crowned the victor of the show's 22nd season, in 2015. You may have seen DiMarco demonstrate perfect rhythm on Dancing With the Stars, where he went home with yet another grand prize. DiMarco, in short, is a winner. But DiMarco,

Snag this illustrating software on sale for 50% off

Let's face it: Technology makes life a lot easier, doesn't it? With a few swipes and taps, you can do just about anything from hailing a cab, to meeting romantic suitors, to ordering a heaping plate of lo mein straight to your doorstep.SEE ALSO:

Learn how to draw by taking this online class that's on sale

Convinced coloring and sketching is child's play? Think again.It may come as no surprise that drawing, painting, and other creative pursuits can actually bolster creativity, improve memory, decrease stress, and make you a better communicator. Not just a kiddie activity anymore, huh?SEE ALSO:

The politicians who made veganism a little bit cool

Presidents didn't always down twelve Diet Cokes and multiple McDonald's sammies per day. Some even ate their vegetables.Back in early 2010s, things were different. Better. More than a few of the country's leading political figures had decided to go vegan. In earlier eras,

The wilderness has returned to idyllic Cape Cod. That means great white sharks.

On Sept. 14, Wendy Dockray strolled down to Newcomb Hollow Beach, on the shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The waves were mighty that day, so she went to watch the surf pound the shore. The waves also attracted surfers. "I actually thought, 'Aren't they worried?'" Dockray,

A real-life Captain Jack Sparrow is on the Minnesota ballot

Captain Jack Sparrow is real. He lives in Minnesota. And he wants your voteThe candidate, who shares a name with the pirate famously played by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, is running for Hennepin county commissioner. And yes, that's his legal name,

Skylanders to float on Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

A larger-than-life Skylander will float amongst the inflatable Snoopy, Thomas the Tank Engine and Hello Kitty mascots during this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, marking only the third time a game character has been included in the parade.

12 beautifully eerie photos shot in the dark

A nighttime landscape, a winding road through fog, candlelit portraits and creatures crawling in the dark — these are the kinds of photos we saw in this week's Mashable Photo Challenge.We asked you to photograph darkness, a theme that is fairly open-ended.



'Borderlands' Fans Go to the Moon in Upcoming 'Pre-Sequel'

Insatiable Borderlands fans will have a full new game to chew through later this year, as Gearbox and 2K Australia are releasing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel before the holiday season.Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel comes two years after the release of Borderlands 2,

Google Flight Search Can Now Plan a Magical Mystery Tour For You

Fresh out of vacation ideas? Well, Google Flight Search now has an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button that allows you to find a random destination to jet off to.Read more...

GoPro Hero3+ Discount, Cherry MX Blue Keyboard, Smash Bros. [Deals]

New GoPros are in the pipeline , but the current-gen GoPro Hero3+ Black is still a fantastic action cam. You can save $50, and get the Surf/SUP/Kayak mounting package, today at REI. [GoPro Hero3+ Black with Surf/SUP/Kayak Mounts, $350]Read more...

I want to live in one of these spectacular cabins in a Norwegian fjord

Look at this. It's so perfect it seems artificial—some illuminated display inside a "Visit Norway" booth at a travel fair. It is actually the view from a cabin in the northwest coast of Norway, 250 miles northwest of Oslo, a paradise in the middle of a fjord. It is now one of my dream homes, too.


麦肯锡公司对中国消费者进行了调研分析,并指出了五大趋势。社交商务增长强势,线下实体零售店向“展示厅”的转型,消 […]


威锋网 4 月 11 日消息,ComScore 今天发布了关于智能手机厂商及其手机平台的新报道。在智能手机出货量方面,苹果仍然占据领先优势,占据 41.7% 的比例,而 Android 在操作系统平台份额方面则以 52.8% 的比例领先。  

在各行各业的标准里 苹果一直被归错类了吗


《吃豆子过桥问题》——经典智力题、面试题 - 闻波

吃豆子过桥问题 本题来自于百度校招面试题,通过一个简单的智力问题理解递归问题的解法。 一:问题描述 一个人要过一座80米的桥,每走一米需要吃一颗豆子,他最多可以装60颗豆子,问最少需要吃多少颗豆子才能走完桥?


阿特拉斯·科普柯发布全新高能效离心式压缩机ZH 630-1600系列,与之前的机型相比可节省约5%-7%的能耗,将离心式压缩机的能效推进到更高水平 无锡2015年10月27日电 /美通社/ -- 全新ZH630-1600系列基于先进的空气动力学原理,可最大限度地减少主机中的能源损耗。

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