Police investigating racist tweets aimed at Manchester City's Yaya Touré

British authorities are investigating a string of racist tweets aimed at Yaya Touré just hours after the Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder reactivated his Twitter account following a five-month hiatus from the platform.Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, based in England,

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Huge hole opens on Manchester road after heavy rain

LONDON — A 40-foot-deep hole has opened on a Manchester street and is getting bigger after heavy rain possibly eroded a culvert beneath the road, the Manchester Evening News said.Part of Mancunian Way is closed in both directions and may remain closed over the weekend,

Police investigating racist tweets aimed at Manchester City's Yaya Touré

British authorities are investigating a string of racist tweets aimed at Yaya Touré just hours after the Manchester City and Ivory Coast midfielder reactivated his Twitter account following a five-month hiatus from the platform.Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out, based in England,

Manchester City player takes awkward selfie with Xi Jinping and some other guy

LONDON — The Internet's mind was collectively blown Friday when Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero posted a selfie with Chinese President Xi Jinping — with another world leader trying to edge in on the action.See also: David Cameron and Xi Jinping went down to the pub for a cheeky pint.

Design of Manchester United's new women's kit sparks sexism row

LONDON – Manchester United's new team kit, designed by Adidas as part of a record-breaking £75m-a-year deal, is drumming up controversy on social media.See also:

Qatar Airways Flight Escorted to Manchester Airport After 'Hoax Bomb Threat'

A Royal Air Force fighter jet was summoned to escort a Qatar Airways passenger plane into England's Manchester Airport on Tuesday after its pilot reported a possible device on board.Police say they have arrested a man on suspicion of making a "hoax bomb threat" after the flight landed.

United or City? Manchester Dad Auctions Infant Son's Soccer Loyalty

United or City? It's a question that's divided citizens of Manchester, England, for decades. Manchester United and Manchester City are two of the English Premier League's top clubs, and you can't support one without loathing the other.In the case of one young Mancunian though,

Woman from Manchester shows how not to make a grilled cheese sandwich

LONDON — Life hacks are great until they catch fire and destroy all hopes you may have had of a delicious sandwichSee also:

And it’s Apple iPhone 6 Plus to the rescue for Manchester United fans!

Bookmaker Coral has tweeted a cheeky picture of the new iPhone 6 Plus that is now the only Apple smartphone that allows Manchester United to be a part of the league table on one page.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/11/and-its-apple-iphone-6-plus-rescue-manchester-united-fans/

Footballers tell squatters to stay in their Manchester hotel for the winter

LONDON — A group of squatters and homeless activists that took over a huge hotel undergoing renovation have been told they're allowed to stay for the winter - by the hotel's owners.Manchester Angels gained access to the building, which is due to open as a luxury boutique hotel, on Sunday.

Manchester United footballer suing toymakers for making lookalike Nazi doll with his name

LONDON — Manchester United footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger is suing a Hong Kong-based company for creating a Nazi doll that he says looks exactly like him.The German solider figurine — which comes decked in full military regalia and carrying army supplies — is also named Bastian,

Get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited *for free* when you buy select Echo or Fire devices

Trying to choose between Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Amazon Music Unlimited is an ongoing internal struggle. (Are we being dramatic? Nope.)Let's make it easy: For a limited time, you can get six months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free when you buy a select Amazon Echo or Fire device.

NASA photos capture immense flooding of a vital U.S. Air Force base

In 1948, Air Force Secretary Stuart Symington stationed the United States' long-range nuclear bombers at Offutt Air Force Base in eastern Nebraska, a location safe in the middle of the nation and well-insulated from the coast.But 70 years later, the base — now home to the U.S.

ECOVACS Deebot robot vacuums on sale for $100 off, just in time for spring cleaning

A lot of promises were made about what the future would look like, and there's definitely a severe lack of robot butlers. Are we supposed to clean, cook, and make our own tea? Fortunately, we have a little bit of help with the cleaning part thanks to products like the ECOVACS Deebot robot vacuum. 

Google's grand entry into gaming turns Chrome into your console

Can Stadia succeed where others have failed?Google's first entry into the world of mainstream gaming certainly has the lineup to meet Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony on even footing. But it's bigger than that: rather than relying on traditional console hardware, Stadia lives inside of Chrome.

The 5 most obnoxious things from Devin Nunes's lawsuit against Twitter

Devin Nunes, Republican congressman from California and Trump lapdog, is suing Twitter for a deeply hilarious reason.The thrust of the Nunes' lawsuit is that two parody accounts — @DevinNunesMom and @DevinCow — defamed Nunes with the assistance of the third defendant, strategist Liz Mair.

Rendered or real? Real-time ray tracing makes cars look convincingly realistic.

The hyper-realistic reflection of light on the ground in front of the car should've given it away, but I was so distracted by the realness of everything else that I didn't pick up on the clues that the BMW 8 series coupe I was looking at wasn't the real thing.

Social media cause of youth depression says survey

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, cases of mental health disorders rose exponentially among kids and young adults around 2011. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Youth, Social Media, Depression, and Screen Time

A real-life Captain Jack Sparrow is on the Minnesota ballot

Captain Jack Sparrow is real. He lives in Minnesota. And he wants your voteThe candidate, who shares a name with the pirate famously played by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, is running for Hennepin county commissioner. And yes, that's his legal name,

Skylanders to float on Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

A larger-than-life Skylander will float amongst the inflatable Snoopy, Thomas the Tank Engine and Hello Kitty mascots during this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, marking only the third time a game character has been included in the parade.

12 beautifully eerie photos shot in the dark

A nighttime landscape, a winding road through fog, candlelit portraits and creatures crawling in the dark — these are the kinds of photos we saw in this week's Mashable Photo Challenge.We asked you to photograph darkness, a theme that is fairly open-ended.



Pipes Is A Clever App That Lets You Track Any Topic You Care About

Prepare to further isolate yourself in a world containing only the news and information you care about: a new mobile application called Pipes has just launched a simple tool to help you find and follow any topic, from Apple or Google to the FIFA World Cup, or whatever else you want.

Deadspin Phillies GM Explains Why Terrible Team Didn't Get Better | Jalopnik Could You Do $11,500 Fo

Deadspin Phillies GM Explains Why Terrible Team Didn't Get Better | Jalopnik Could You Do $11,500 For This Supercharged 3.8 1988 Pontiac Fiero? | Jezebel Woman Sues Plastic Surgeon for Posting Her Pics as 'Cocaine Nose' | Kotaku Ed, Edd n Eddy, All Grown Up Read more...

Xbox One Unity Bundle for $330 with a Free Game of Your Choice

A $330 Xbox One is already great, but this is the Assassin's Creed Unity Bundle for $330 with an additional game of your choice. [Xbox One]Read more...

California rain causes disruptions, but won't end drought

After painfully parched months, California's getting soaked by a rainstorm. But although the rainfall's heavy enough to cause mudslides and flooding, it won't be enough to end the state's devastating droughtOver the past 24 hours, around 1.5 inches of rain fell in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

没钱也要任性 看看这7款物美价廉的平板电脑

总的来说,市场上的平板电脑可以分为两类:一类是昂贵型,比如苹果 iPad、微软 Surface 等,它们性能强大,你需要花费至少 2500 元才能获得一款这类平板;而另一类,则叫做廉价型。  


年初总是免不了各种预测,这里预测的是笔者专注与关心的领域——O2O市场。 1、团购寒潮进一步加剧 在2014年 […]

12 European festivals you have to experience this summer

LONDON — If there are greater ways to spend a weekend than drinking and watching live music outside with a bunch of friends, we're yet to be acquainted with them.Europe offers an abundance of awesome weekenders as the summer unfolds,

Baby's attempt to dye Easter egg backfires spectacularly

Turns out, teeny, uncoordinated babies make terrible Easter egg decorators. Take, for example, this baby who was left red in the face (literally) after an ill-fated attempt at dyeing an Easter egg. 

稀疏矩阵及稀疏矩阵的压缩存储 - Lynn-Zhang

没有经过处理的稀疏矩阵其实就是一个特殊的二维数组,数组中的大部分元素是0或者其他类型的非法值,只有少数几个非零元素。 为了实现压缩存储,可以只存储稀疏矩阵的非0元素。在存储稀疏矩阵中的非0元素时,必须要存储该元素的行列号以及元素值。 我们可以封装一个三元组类来存储这些元素。 创建稀疏矩阵。利用容器,

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