Busted! Surface tablets used as iPad stands during CNN election coverage

CNN anchors sat behind Microsoft Surface tablets during the channel's midterm coverage, but some viewers noticed the talent using other devices — notably iPads.See also:

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Free Microsoft Office apps are now officially available on Android tablets

Android tablet users now have full-fledged Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps — for free.The beta versions of the Android apps have already been available in "preview" to some Microsoft users, but the official suite of Office apps launched in the Google Play store on Thursday.

Microsoft Shouldn't Count on Surface Mini to Reverse Its Tablet Slide

Microsoft Surface sales were way down last quarter, according to the company's earnings report. That's no reason to panic — the previous quarter was the holiday, after all — but the drop is so large that there may be more behind it than seasonal hiccups.

Surface Book review: Microsoft builds a better Windows laptop — and more

It’s wearing off, the dual shock of Microsoft building its own laptop and then the realization that it was not exactly a laptop. Now we’re left with the product of that surprise and minor deception: The Microsoft Surface Book. Put simply,

With Windows 10's Continuum, devices transform from tablet to PC with a click

Microsoft finally revealed more details about its new Continuum feature Wednesday — and it only takes one click.Continuum is Microsoft's new feature that allows users with touch-enabled devices to easily switch between tablet and PC modes in Windows 10 .See also:

Busted! Surface tablets used as iPad stands during CNN election coverage

CNN anchors sat behind Microsoft Surface tablets during the channel's midterm coverage, but some viewers noticed the talent using other devices — notably iPads.See also:

Microsoft unveils Surface Pro 4, its sleek new tablet, laptop hybrid

Microsoft unveiled the follow-up to its hybrid tablet/ultrabook on Tuesday: the Surface Pro 4, a lightweight alternative to a traditional laptop.The company showed off the Surface Pro 4 at a press event held in New York City, a tablet that is 50% lighter and 30% faster than the previous model.

Live Updates: Microsoft to Unveil New Surface Tablet

Microsoft is expected to debut the a new Surface tablet — perhaps a Mini or something larger — at an event in New York City on TuesdayMashable is covering it live starting at 10 a.m. ET. Read our rundown on what to expect.See below for the latest updates...Have something to add to this story?

Microsoft Surface Book review

Microsoft calls this device the ultimate laptop and I’ve been using it as my daily driver for close to a month now since it landed on my doorstep on October 26th. But is it the...The post Microsoft Surface Book review appeared first on WinBeta.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 review: Not quite a laptop, but so close

Video: Quincy LedbetterThe original Microsoft Surface Pro was supposed to be the flagship PC for the touch-centric world of Windows 8. It was, in the company’s own words, “the tablet that can replace your laptop.” And last year, after two respectable tries,

Remix is the Android tablet that can replace your laptop

LAS VEGAS — It took Microsoft three tries, but it finally scored a hit with the Surface Pro 3, which the company touts as the "tablet that can replace your laptop." Now, three former Google engineers are running with that idea in the Android arena.See also:

20 Elf On The Shelf tweets that every exasperated parent can relate to

Parents are freaking done with Elf on the Shelf. The innocent holiday tradition started out as a cutesy way to keep their kids' behavior in check ahead of the holidays, but has been criticized for being a capitalist marketing scheme to indoctrinate children into accepting the surveillance state. 

We have a lot to learn from Megan Fox's #MeToo comments

There's a lot to celebrate about the voices amplified by #MeToo. There's also a lot to learn from the voices who still feel uninvited to speak or unheard when they do.In a new interview with the New York Times,

Someone touched Parliament's special mace, and British Twitter is losing it

Forget surgery on a grape. After Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the parliamentary vote on her contentious Brexit deal, Labour representative Lloyd Russell-Moyle defiantly marched to the center of the room, picked up the mace — which looks like a large,

Julia Roberts headline typo makes things real awkward for local paper

Spell check isn't always your friend — more like a casual acquaintance.Just look at what happened to the Post-Journal's  stunning headline for an AP story they picked up this weekend about Julia Roberts. It's very possible the editor used spell check. Unfortunately for the paper,

This smart motorcycle helmet features a futuristic AR display — Future Blink

The CrossHelmet is aiming to provide wearers with an enhanced riding experience by incorporating a sound control system and a head-up AR display with navigation, ride data, and a rear view camera. Read more...More about Technology, Mashable Video, Augmented Reality, Smart Helmet, and Crosshelmet

Climate change made these 17 extreme weather events radically worse

Just as scientists confidently predicted last century, climate change is pushing weather to extremes all over the planet. A new report, published Monday by the American Meteorological Society, again proves the point.

This talking fish has Amazon Alexa inside

The famous Big Mouth Billy Bass is now compatible with Amazon Alexa. The fish, which costs around $40 dollars, will dance to Amazon Music, and is sure to make a statement to party guests.  Read more...More about Amazon, Mashable Video, Fish, Amazon Echo, and Amazon Alexa

After cyberbullying suicides, Ask.fm gets cold shoulder in Ireland

DUBLIN — Usually when a tech company says it's relocating to Ireland, the announcement is greeted with fanfare and celebration about the number of jobs it will bring to the country's recovering economy. But Ask.fm didn't get that treatmentSee also:

What happens when you force people to have conversations IRL

London-based photographer Babycakes Romero recently released a photo series documenting the death of conversation. The killer? SmartphonesSo Mashable wondered what would happen if people stopped using cellphones, and were instead forced to have face-to-face conversations.

Berkeley, California, passes nation's first soda tax

Residents of Berkeley, California, made history on Tuesday by passing the nation's first tax on soda and other sugary beverages, despite millions of dollars spent by the soda industry in an effort to defeat it.




[Erlang 00124] Erlang Unicode 两三事 - 补遗 - 坚强2002

最近看了Erlang User Conference 2013上patrik分享的BRING UNICODE TO ERLANG!视频,这个分享很好的梳理了Erlang Unicode相关的问题,基本上把 Using Unicode in Erlang 讲解了一遍.再次学习了一下,整理成文字,补充一...

维持手机35度 鲁大师首创手机“暖手宝”功能


MVC中的AOP - PowerDK

一 AOP是什么? AOP(Aspect-Oriented Programming),面向切面编程,看着是跟OOP(面向对象编程)挺相近的,但实际上又有什么区别呢?

CatchEye and the Kinect allow you to have eye contact over Skype

Video calling has become standard in the worlds of business and communication but there are a few hurdles from making video calls seem as realistic as face to face interaction. One major flaw of video calling is that while users look at their screens to see the person or persons they are calling,



Salesforce Shares Pop As Rumors Of Microsoft Buying The CRM Shop Circulate

Shares of Salesforce popped today following a report that Microsoft is a potential candidate to purchase the public company best known for its work in customer relationship management. Salesforce, worth around $47 billion as of the time of writing,

PostgREST:来自GitHub的PostgreSQL API

目前,PostgreSQL 已经成为最先进的开源数据库系统。为了更好的促进其发展和应用,GitHub近期公开了为现有的PostgreSQL数据库提供RESTful API服务的PostgREST项目。本文对postgrest API进行了简要介绍。 By 张天雷


上海2015年12月9日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年12月,穿衣助手特邀来自K11、LVMH、卡地亚、米娜、丝芙兰、小红书、爱奇艺、搜狐等百位女性商务精英,发起一轮全新的衣橱革命及VIP体验活动。

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