【What if 系列118期】薪水滚滚来

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【What if 系列118期】薪水滚滚来

[what if]第118期:薪水滚滚来












奔驰旧款车型体验 CarPlay:尚有改进空间

威锋网讯,CarPlay 已经在法拉利,沃尔沃,以及梅赛德斯奔驰的新车型上试验过了,那么在相对旧的车型上的体验如何?这是很多人的疑问,同时也是感兴趣的地方。

Airbnb: No Thanks for the "XXX Freak Fest" You Brought to My Home (NSFW)

Dear Brian and the Airbnb team, Usually I am a fan of your service. However, I have a minor bone to pick with you, in that it appears my apartment was reserved for some major boning. Read more...    


威锋网讯,根据 CCStock 的报道,苹果正在为 iPhone 销量能够创下新纪录而准备着,目前他们已经向供应商下了订单,而这批订单的数字高达 2 亿台 iPhone,包括了 iPhone 6 和 iPhone 6 Plus。

It Took 25 Hours of Continuous Concrete Pouring To Build This Aquarium

When the Miami's Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science opens in 2016, it's going to have an absolutely bonkers aquarium—imagine a giant camera lens, tilted on its side, that lets visitors walk below the tank and look up into it. Building it, as you might expect, entailed a perfectly-timed,

This Footage of Ukrainian Aftermath Is Why We Need Drone Journalism

On Friday, January 16, The New York Times published a report detailing Ukrainian rebels' conflict to seize the Donetsk airport, now a bombed-out shell of its former self. Although the Ukrainian Army says it's rebuffed the attack,

Eero wants to be the Nest for your home Wi-Fi network

Wireless routers are notoriously a pain — not just picking one, but installing it, making sure Wi-Fi coverage reaches all areas of the house and getting guests connected are a part of the headache-inducing process.But new Silicon Valley startup Eero has big plans to innovate the tired,





Google launches Google Assistant to take on Siri and Alexa

Look out SIRI. Step aside Alexa, Google has its own voice-based digital assistant: Google Assistant.While it lacks a proper or even pretty name, this could be the mother of all voice-activated assistants. "Our ability to do conversational understanding is far ahead of what other assistants can do,

Tesla Reportedly Offered Its Autopilot Data To The Department of Transportation 

With autonomous technology gradually making its way into passenger vehicles, the new methods of transport will likely warrant new regulations. In attempts to work toward those road regulations, Electrek reports that Tesla Motors offered to share all of its autopilot data with the U.S.

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