Okta Catches SpydrSafe In Its Enterprise Web

Okta, the enterprise startup whose cloud-based platform lets enterprises manage and authenticate user identity across multiple applications, may have quietly made an acquisition — its first, or at least the first that we have uncovered.

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Boston Dynamics debuts the production version of SpotMini

Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics conference, Boston Dynamics announced that SpotMini will be its first commercially available product. A revamped version of the product would use the company’s decades of quadrupedal robotics learnings as a basis for a robot designed to patrol office spaces.

Netflix to open a production hub in New York and invest up to $100 million in the city

Start spreading the news. Netflix is coming to New York City in a big way. The streaming media service has committed to invest up to $100 million to build a production hub and hire hundreds of new staffers in the Big Apple, according to a statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Russian hacked ‘at least one’ Florida county prior to 2016 election

Russian operatives successfully targeted and hacked “at least one” Florida county government in the run up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to new findings by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The report, published Thursday by the Justice Department,

Google’s Ivan Poupyrev shows off Jacquard, which connects his Levi’s jacket to the cloud

Ivan Poupyrev, the technical projects lead at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, just gave a TED talk that was simultaneously a presentation and a demo of new technology. Poupyrev was showing off Jacquard,

Breeze Automation is building soft robots for the Navy and NASA

San Francisco soft robotics startup Breeze Automation made its debut today onstage at TechCrunch’s TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event at UC Berkeley.

‘Child’s Play’ trailer gets a smart home makeover, giving a Chucky control over connected devices

Oh golly does the new trailer for “Child’s Play” look good. Not only does it have appearances by Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill (as the voice of Chucky) and Bryan Tyree Henry (who’s awesome in Atlanta), but it’s giving Chucky a smart home makeover.

Index Ventures, Stripe back bookkeeping service Pilot with $40M

The round values Pilot at $355 million.

Withings Activité Pre-Order Puts A New Price On The Undercover Activity Tracker: $450

French health and fitness device-maker Withings has kicked off pre-orders for its Activité watch/activity tracker, with a special pre-order page it publicized today to customers who registered interest in availability. The website is available to all, however,

Google Brings Its Dart Programming Language To App Engine

Earlier this year, at its I/O developer conference, Google quietly announced plans for supporting its Dart Programming language on App Engine. It’s taken a bit longer than many expected, but starting today,

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: The Elvie, Nexus Player, And Parrot Headphones

It was a highly argumentative morning with the old gadgets gang, as we all have incredibly strong feelings towards media streamers and headphones, apparently. We start out with a relatively docile conversation about the Elvie,

美国联邦选举委员会已表示可接受比特币捐款 单笔限值100美元

美国联邦选举委员会(FEC)已于今日达成一致,并批准了“政治委员会”(political committees)可接受比特币捐赠的条款。当然,条款中还有明确的限制,那就是不得接受单笔价值超过100美元的比特币。

Ello Raises $5.5 Million to Stay Anti-Corporate

When a small group of disgruntled Facebook users decamped to Ello four weeks ago, a million more people followed looking for The Next Big Thing in Social Networking. But Ello's newcomers didn't find much reason to stick around,

SQL Server 内存中OLTP内部机制概述(四) - hukn

内存中OLTP将本机编译的概念引入到了SQL Server 2014中。SQL Server可以在本机编译访问内存优化表的存储过程,而且实际上,也本地编译了内存优化表本身。

【案例一周】Taco Bell 向麦当劳发起了“冷战”攻势;沃尔沃的这罐喷雾,让黑暗中的骑行者更加显眼

“案例一周”汇集本周的优秀案例,所有案例来源于 Hunt。 Hunt Hunt是一个营销案例的发现和分享社区。


Win 10 推出之后,除了它的安全性和流畅性,似乎有一服务项协议也十分引人关注,那就是:Windows 10有权扫描用户安装的所有软件,判断其是否为盗版非法软件,并实施禁用。

Illinois Attorney General Says DraftKings And FanDuel Are Illegal Under State Law

In the words of DJ Khaled: “Another One!” Jumping on the daily fantasy sports bandwagon, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has joined NY AG Eric Schneiderman in deciding that DraftKings and FanDuel violate state law.


今日,融云即时通讯云宣布完成A轮5000万元融资,此次融资由中兴合创领投。融云就是给开发者提供即时通讯云服务,能够应用在单聊、群聊、聊天室、客服等多种场景。这样一来,APP开发者不需要自己开发IM,使用融云的API就可缩短开发周期,降低开发成本。融云CEO韩迎此前在“36氪创业知识汇·上海站”分享到,融云采用智能 DNS、多接入点、多数据中心、多连接管理池、多集群的策略,保证每一个环节都提供冗余接入。任何一个环节如果发生物理损坏或者服务宕机,都可以由系统平滑的迁移到其他可用的备份上,而这一切都不需要人工干预。


期待已久,华为P9终于来了!华为新旗舰P9全球发布会,将于今晚21:00在英国伦敦巴特西公园正式举行。快科技将对此次发布会进行全程图文直播,为大家带来现场的第一手消息。作为华为P系列的新旗舰,此次P9将在拍照方 ... ...

喧嚣之后,小米 Max 和 MIUI8 还有哪些地方值得我们为之兴奋?

Smile for the world’s first automated selfie stick

Our obsession with selfies — we take millions of them a day — is finally generating something useful: innovation.World, meet the automated selfie stick. It extends, or telescopes, on its own,

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