Sheryl Sandberg Teams Up With Beyonce to Ban 'Bossy'

Sheryl Sandberg has long criticized the use the of the word "bossy" to describe young girls who are assertive. Instead, the Facebook COO has urged people to forgo the word with all its negative connotations, and instead describe these girls as "feminist" or displaying "executive leadership skills.

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Sheryl Sandberg Teams Up With Beyonce to Ban 'Bossy'

Sheryl Sandberg has long criticized the use the of the word "bossy" to describe young girls who are assertive. Instead, the Facebook COO has urged people to forgo the word with all its negative connotations, and instead describe these girls as "feminist" or displaying "executive leadership skills.

Young Girls Speak Up: 'Bossy Has Nothing to Do With Being a Boy or Girl'

"Bossy" is a weighted word in our lexicon, often misconstrued as a pejorative for women who show leadership and assertiveness.But when Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, founder of, teamed up with Beyoncé and Girl Scouts of America earlier this month to ban "the other B-word,

#BanBossy May Have Beyonce, But #BeBossy Has Nicki Minaj

Sheryl Sandberg has done it again: She's managed to rattle people by her sheer choice of words, and the logical fallacy that one woman's experience equals all women's experiences.

What Has Lean In Done for You Lately?

Last March, Sheryl Sandberg launched Lean In, a non-profit offshoot of her best-selling book. At the time of the organization's launch, it was too early to tell exactly who would benefit from the politically ambitious Facebook executive's top-down empowerment agenda. But now,

Facebook and Apple Offer Egg-Freezing Perk So Women Never Stop Working

Tech corporations have perfected the science of the employee perk: a lavish amenity designed to keep workers in the office and fixated on the job.

Mr. Buzzwords Goes To Washington

Silicon Valley regulars like Google, Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, Vinod Khosla, Eric Schmidt, Peter Thiel, and a gaggle of venture capital firms have tried to growth hack Ro Khanna into Congress. With polls in a "dead heat,

With Another $200M In The Bank, Josh James Finally Takes The Wraps Off Business Analytics Startup Do

It’s rare that a company can hire 600 employees, raise $450 million in funding, reach $100 million in annual sales, and still say it’s in stealth mode. But Domo, the brainchild of Omniture co-founder Josh James, is no ordinary startup. The company, which was founded nearly five years ago,

Why you should give kids toys that look like them

Welcome to Small Humans, an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of – and deal with – the kids in your life. Because Dr. Spock is nice and all, but it’s 2018 and we have the entire internet to contend with.Now more than ever,

Just try not to obsess over this retro, Nintendo-inspired Bluetooth game controller that's on sale

If you ever meet a time traveler from 1986, he or she is going to have a lot of questions about our modern world.  Why is your wardrobe so devoid of neon?  Where are the flying cars? Are you honestly telling me Corey Feldman ISN'T the biggest movie star on the planet?  SEE ALSO: 'Super Mario Bros.

How 'Halloween' uses side-splitting humor to give its victims a pulse

Warning: Major spoilers for the new Halloween lie ahead. "I've got peanut butter on my penis." That's an actual line from the new Halloween—and it is as amazing in context as it is out of context. 

A pack of this ridiculously strong and fast-drying glue is on sale for $18

Whenever you hear the word “glue,” you probably think of those cute — albeit sloppy — arts and crafts projects you created as a kid. You know, the totally unsightly ones that your parents proudly hung on the refrigerator. Or maybe you think of your last DIY project that went really, really wrong. 

This city is letting people try out self-driving cars for free

If you're visiting Arlington, Texas, and have been itching to try out an autonomous vehicle, you're in luck. Starting Friday, three self-driving cars (and eventually five) will be available to ride — for anyone, not just office workers, city officials, or a select group of "early riders.

Facebook's fight against fake news is actually working. Sort of.

Facebook's promise to fight fake news is finally starting to work. Well, sort of. It depends on where you look. Almost two years after the company vowed to start taking its fake news problem seriously, some of those efforts are beginning to pay off,

Should You Buy Google's New Pixel Phones?

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Adorable Kids Fall Head Over Heels for the Ice Cream Man

Few few things bring small kids more joy than the ice cream man.The sweet and familiar sound of the ice cream truck is enough to make any child go ballistic. As sugar cravings rush through their small brains,

A Heroic 2-Year-Old Saves Mom From Dog Attack Using FaceTime

Next time you worry about how much time your kid is spending in front of the screen, remember that having a tech-savvy toddler just might come in handy. When Laura Toone was attacked by her foster dog last week,

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Want to boost your YouTube views and turn channel visitors into subscribers? YouTube star Lamarr Wilson has some tips for you in this debut episode of Mashable's new show YouTube Weekly.In this series, Lamarr will cover the most popular channels, viral videos,

Sony Unveils Xperia Z2: 5.2-Inch Screen, 4K Video Recording

BARCELONA — Sony has unveiled the Xperia Z2, the company's new flagship smartphone, a mere four months after introducing Xperia Z1 and one year after launching the first phone in the series, the Xperia Z.

Release版本的Log问题 - Peter潘


Oculus 21岁鬼才创始人:收购不等于改变

近日,Facebook以20亿美元收购Oculus VR引起了众多Oculus爱好者们的不满,他们担心Oculus的发展方向会受Facebook的影响而发生转变,对此Oculus的创始人Palmer Luckey作出了回应并承诺,Oculus不会发生改变。

P2P借款“普惠”调查:平台费推高实际利率 最高超40%


120 名商家眼中微信营销的十个真相


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Summertime TV is here and we have one question: Will you be reaching for your remote, or your laptop?In the summer, audiences consume shows in different ways. The hot few months affect how, when and what we watch on many levels, especially when it comes to Netflix versus cable TV.See also:

英国广播公司推编程节目 以配合英国学校新课程


Microsoft offers assurances to Surface lovers

In a post on the Surface blog, Microsoft has moved to assure businesses that the Surface line is here to stay after fears that the line of tablets may not be long for this world.Read more:

Jihadi John: A 'bullied' loner and model employee before ISIS

LONDON — Those who knew Mohammed Emwazi, the Islamic State (ISIS) militant known as "Jihadi John," have been coming forward in the days since his identity was revealed to talk about the man they once knew.A head teacher at his former school,

团队消息应用 Fleep 增加 ID 功能,想让用户不再依赖电子邮件

团队消息应用 Fleep 是由几名前 Skype 工程师 所打造和背书 的产品,如今这款应用在成为电子邮件杀手的道路上又前进了一步。 这家爱沙尼亚的初创公司提供 iOS 和安卓版 应用 ,并为 MacOS、Windows 和网页端提供不同应用。

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