Tencent’s Quarterly Earnings Disappoint As WeChat And Mobile Gaming Growth Slows

Chinese Internet juggernaut Tencent issued a disappointing third-quarter earnings report today, missing profit estimates. This was due in large part to slowing revenue from mobile gaming, which generates more than half its sales.

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Tencent’s Quarterly Earnings Disappoint As WeChat And Mobile Gaming Growth Slows

Chinese Internet juggernaut Tencent issued a disappointing third-quarter earnings report today, missing profit estimates. This was due in large part to slowing revenue from mobile gaming, which generates more than half its sales.

E-Commerce Sales in China Will Reach $1 Trillion By 2019 Thanks To Mobile, Says Forrester

A new report by Forrester finds that online spending in China will reach one trillion dollars by 2019. The growth will be fueled by mobile apps and improving logistics networks, which have helped e-commerce companies reach new customers in smaller cities. This is good news for Alibaba,

Tencent’s WeChat Messaging App Reaches 200M Users On Its Payments Service

Chinese internet firm Tencent announced its latest financial results today, but one of the standout figures isn’t a financial stat. It’s that its messaging services,

Alibaba Hit $14.3B In Total Sales On Singles’ Day, With 69 Percent Made On Mobile Devices

Alibaba Group reaped $14.3 billion in sales during Singles’ Day, a 54 percent increase from last year’s tally of $9.3 billion. The most significant number from yesterday’s annual shopping bonanza, however, is not how much Chinese consumers spent,

Tencent, Baidu And Wanda Form $814M Joint Venture To Take On Alibaba

Chinese Internet giants Tencent and Baidu are teaming up with conglomerate Wanda to form an RMB 5 billion (about $814 million) e-commerce joint venture in a bid to challenge Alibaba’s dominance. Wanda, a real estate and movie theater chain group, will hold a 70 percent stake,

Banking On Southeast Asia’s E-Commerce Future

China’s e-commerce, m-commerce and payments lead the world. It is the largest e-commerce market (KPMG), and is home to Alibaba, with its US$25 billion IPO, the largest in history. Alipay, China’s answer to PayPal, is the world’s largest online payment service. Tencent,

Indian Health Search Portal Practo Lands $90M Led By Tencent For Global Expansion

Chinese internet giant Tencent is getting its tentacles into India’s healthcare space after it lead a $90 million Series C round for medical search startup Practo. The startup raised $60 million as recently as February, and it confirmed that Google Capital, Yuri Milner, Sofina,

Didi Kuaidi Strengthens Its Tech Alliances By Adding Yahoo Co-Founder Jerry Yang As Senior Advisor

Didi Kuaidi, the largest car-hailing app in China, announced today that it has added Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang to its board as its senior advisor. In a statement, the company said Yang’s experience will help it build its mobile platform, which is already used by 250 million people in China.

Forget China, There’s An E-Commerce Gold Rush In Southeast Asia

There’s a myopia blinding e-commerce players to the reality of opportunities in Southeast Asia. Everyone is looking at Asian economies from under the shadow China casts on the economic landscape, which can’t help but obscure the picture.

Singles’ Day Underscores The Importance Of Mobile And Lower-Tier Cities For China’s E-Commerce Compa

Major Chinese e-commerce companies like Alibaba, JD.com, and Xiaomi all achieved record-breaking sales yesterday during Singles’ Day. What’s even more interesting about this year’s Singles’ Day, however, is that it shows mobile transactions are indeed growing rapidly,

‘The Expanse’ finds a new home on Amazon Prime

After an outcry among fans following Syfy’s discontinuation of the series on its network, The Expanse will be getting a fourth season on Amazon Prime after an announcement from Jeff Bezos.

Here is where CEOs of heavily funded startups went to school

CEOs of funded startups tend to be a well-educated bunch, at least when it comes to university degrees. Yes, it’s true college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates can still do well. But Crunchbase data shows that most startup chief executives have an advanced degree,

CommerceDNA wins the TechCrunch Hackathon at VivaTech

It’s been a long night at VivaTech. The building hosted a very special competition — the very first TechCrunch Hackathon in Paris. Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, something neat, something awesome.

What President Trump Doesn’t Know About ZTE

David Kline Contributor David Kline is a journalist, author and intellectual property strategist. More posts by this contributor Where human intelligence outperforms AI A new (old) way for product makers to defeat patent roadblocks After meeting with Chinese Vice Premiere Liu He this week,

Trump says ZTE will pay $1.3B fine and overhaul its management to continue US business

U.S. President Donald Trump has claimed that Chinese telecom firm ZTE will pay a $1.3 billion fine and undergo a significant overhaul of its management team in order to remain operational in North America. ZTE looked to be in dire straits when it ceased its business in the U.S.

Twitter will give political candidates a special badge during U.S. midterm elections

Ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections, Twitter is taking a visible step to combat the spread of misinformation on its famously chaotic platform. In a blog post this week, the company explained how it would be adding “election labels” to the profiles of candidates running for political office.

Apple will add government App Store takedown requests to transparency reports

Apple’s set to up the ante with its transparency report. The same day it dropped the latest version of the twice-yearly document, the company committed to including in future updates government takedown requests for the App Store. The report covering July 1 through December 31 of this year,

CubeSensors Will Now Monitor Your Sleeping Environment

CubeSensors is a startup that makes small, pretty stylish, connected devices that monitor rooms, feeding back information about air quality, temperature, and other things. It was a star performer at our TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield during CES 2014.

Amid M&A Reports, FreedomPop Adds International Calls To Its Free Mobile Service

FreedomPop — the U.S. startup disrupting the carrier world with free mobile and broadband services,

Europe’s Google Antitrust Decision Delayed — Again!

The long-running saga — four years and counting — that is the European Union’s investigation into Google over alleged antitrust violations has stalled again. Read More


人气策略卡牌《炉石传说》在近日举行的 PAX East 展上闪亮登场,除了宣传“炉石”这个招牌,更重要的是开发商向大家展示了一个全新的“冒险模式”,名为“纳克萨玛斯的诅咒”,这个单人冒险模式带来的不仅仅是玩法上的更新,同时还新增了一系列卡牌,而这也标志着《炉石传说》不再是只有 PVP,PVE 也将会成为游戏中的重要组成部分。  


你是否对Facebook与第三方应用和网站的信息共享感到不爽?好消息:Facebook提供了解决方案。 Fac […]


北京、上海、广州、深圳和青岛2014年7月14日电 /美通社/ -- 7月10日,刚刚结束对圣基茨和尼维斯的访问,世贸通集团总裁Winner Xing博士一行,作为应邀贵宾来到了美丽富饶的安提瓜和巴布达(安巴)。

What Google Play Looks Like When Material Design Leaks In

Google announced a brand new look for Android at I/O this year, one that revolves around stacks of floating cards , and that Google wants to take over everything . Android Police has some exclusive shots of what the Play Store will look like with Material Design lathered on. It's pretty great.






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国外媒体发表文章称,从数字行业不长的历史来看,各种技术领域往往会逐渐形成细分化趋势,诞生针对特定群体的产品。当下的可穿戴设备市场似乎也将出现这一趋势,索尼SmartWatch 3和Will.i.am的i.amPuls可谓典型的例子。




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