Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

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Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

Amazon takes away pre-orders on many Hachette titles, messes with search, categories and recommendat

Amazon rolled out a host of new tactics in its fight against book publisher Hachette late Thursday. The retailer, which is negotiating for a better contract, is now taking away pre-orders, messing up search results and miscategorizing Hachette titles.

Writers And Editors Call Out Amazon For Going After Hachette, But Will It Matter?

Amazon.com appears to be flexing its muscle against publishers once again. The New York Times reported this morning that the online retail giant had removed preorder options for upcoming titles from publisher Hachette (which owns the imprints Grand Central Publishing, Little Brown, Orbit,

It’s not just Hachette — Amazon stops taking pre-orders on Warner Bros. movies, too

Amazon is blocking pre-orders on Warner Bros. DVDs as the companies negotiate a new contract.

Hachette And Amazon Fire Verbal Shots Over Contract Dispute

When we last left retail giant Amazon and publishing giant Hachette, the companies were at an impasse over contract negotiations, resulting in some of the most egregious efforts by Amazon to bury Hachette’s titles by slowing down shipment, raising prices,

Walmart, Barnes & Noble Slash Prices as Hachette-Amazon Feud Continues

It didn't take long for other companies to exploit Amazon's contract dispute with book publisher Hachette.Walmart and Barnes & Noble have slashed prices on Hachette books, seeking to attract new customers who were accustomed to getting editions from Amazon and now can't.

Guess what: Some people are on Amazon’s side in Amazon vs. Hachette

Amazon is largely considered the bad guy as the negotiations with Hachette continue. But not everybody feels that way.

​Let's Boycott Amazon! Now Where Do We Buy Stuff?

Amazon has gone too far. Now. Now that it is apparently trying to extort ebook concessions from Hachette by delaying delivery and blocking preorders of regular Hachette books—this is it.Read more...

Amazon's Hit List: Which Books Are Screwed, and By How Much

As of today , Amazon's crusade against book publisher Hachette is no longer an open secret, it's outright confirmed. Shipments are being delayed, prices are elevated, and some listings are unavailable altogether. But how extensive is the fallout? Here's your comprehensive look at the carnage.

German book association demands investigation into Amazon’s publisher negotiations

The German Publishers and Booksellers Association has asked the country's antitrust authorities to investigate Amazon's shipping delays on Bonnier titles.

Women are harassed every 30 seconds on Twitter, major study finds

If you're a woman with an opinion on Twitter, chances are you've been harassed, abused, or even threatened. But, a new major study by Amnesty International has explored the horrifying prevalence of this abuse. 

The best UK deals for Tuesday: Beats headphones, Ultimate Ears speakers, Playstation bundles, and mo

The Amazon Christmas sale only has a few more days to run and you're therefore running out of time to pick up a great bargain. In today's round-up of the best deals from across the sale, we have found the best audio offers for you, including deals on speakers and headphones.Before we get to that,

Sandra Bullock plays a gloriously NSFW-sounding game

"Bullock or Bollocks" sounds pretty dodgy, but it isn't anywhere near as NSFW as it may first appear.Essentially it involves Stephen Colbert reading out a list of "facts" about Sandra Bullock his team found on the internet (skip to 5:00 in the clip above).

Apple TV 4K is the most essential product Apple makes

Essentials Week spotlights unexpected items that make our daily lives just a little bit better.What is the most essential Apple gadget? Put another way: Which of the trillion-dollar company's beautifully-designed devices would a jaded Apple fanboy like me most miss,

The youth activists who proved critics wrong in 2018

In 2018, youth activism became synonymous with the gun control movement created by Florida high school students, who survived a mass shooting that killed 17 people. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students made headlines for months after the February shooting in Parkland.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jimmy Fallon sing glorious festive parodies of 2018's top songs

Did you know that when there's enough positive, musical energy in a room, Lin-Manuel Miranda materialises? That's exactly what happened on The Tonight Show, when Miranda joined host Jimmy Fallon to sing a medley of holiday versions of the top hits of 2018.

Sleep like a baby with this luxe bamboo sheet set that just went on sale

If "seeing visions of sugarplums" is code for "getting restful sleep," you'd hope it's happening more than just on Christmas Eve. But according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a third of us don't get enough slumber (at least seven hours per night) on a regular basis,

The Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers jazz up bad advice

Yahoo Answers has earned a reputation online for being the worst possible place to actually learn anything valuable — but it is a great source of entertainment.Six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to form the the Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers,

Toddler is emotionally devastated by her favorite movie

The plight of the emotional baby is a serious one. One moment, you're just a carefree toddler wondering when your next snack will come, and the next, you're contemplating the complexities of mother-child relationships in The Chipmunk Adventure.

The tallest man and the shortest man in the world meet for a day

Guinness World Records Day is reaching new heightsThe tallest man and the shortest man in the world met Thursday in London to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Guinness World Records bookSee also: 15 Quirkiest Achievements in the 'Guinness World Records 2015'According to The Telegraph,



Dyn.com Ends Free Dynamic DNS

First time accepted submitter mkitchin (1285710) writes in with news about Dyn ending its free DNS service. "For the last 15 years, all of us at Dyn have taken pride in offering a free version of our Dynamic DNS Pro product.

握柄周邊說明書曝光透露名稱, Sony 第三代 RX100 將稱為 Mark 3

圖片來源: Sonyalpharumors為 Sony 近期在高階消費型相機立下不少汗馬功勞的 RX100 系列已經傳出要進行改款,而網路上一份 Sony  RX100 系列可用的外掛式握柄周邊也洩露其名稱,並非是先前所傳聞的 RX200 ,而是會稱為 RX100 Mark 3 。

24 Things That Changed While '24' Was Gone

Jack Bauer is back! Four years after Fox's acclaimed TV series 24 ended, Kiefer Sutherland returned for a 12-episode follow-up series. Titled 24: Live Another Day, the program takes place after the events in the final season of 24 and follows Jack Bauer on the run in London.


亚洲最大的电脑展台北Computex昨日开幕。除去传统的IT企业外,美国汽车公司福特也参加展会,并发布了搭载车对车通讯技术(Vehicle-to-Vehicle ,V2V)的第六代野马跑车,可大幅降低潜在危险的发生机率。


我们已经看到过不少3D打印技术改变人们生活的故事,而今天要讲的这件事可能是当中最让人惊叹的了。纽约长老会医院的Emile Bacha医生日前就登上了CNBC电视台,来讲述他最近使用3D打印的心脏救活一名2周大婴儿的故事。

在MVC3中使用code first生成数据局库并操作数据库 - 李舜

1.建立Users和UserInfos两个实体类 对应的是数据库中的表 public class User { //类名+Id(User+Id)组成的字符串在数据库表中会设置该字段是主键且是按1的增量增长 public int UserId { get; set; ...

4.75mm最薄手机vivo X5Max图赏

今天下午,vivo又向世人展现了其做薄的功力,4.75mm的全球最薄手机X5Max正式发布,创造了多项纪录。当然,除了薄之外,该机也不乏其它亮点,比如提供了3.5mm的标准耳机接口,支持全新Hi-Fi 2.0并提供了顶级的运放芯片等等。



传三星Galaxy S6将弃用高通处理器

据彭博社报道,知情人士透露,三星将在下一代Galaxy S智能手机中使用自家处理器,放弃在测试过程中温度过高的高通处理器。知情人士表示,三星已经测试了高通骁龙810处理器,但决定放弃这款产品。

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