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Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

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Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

Amazon takes away pre-orders on many Hachette titles, messes with search, categories and recommendat

Amazon rolled out a host of new tactics in its fight against book publisher Hachette late Thursday. The retailer, which is negotiating for a better contract, is now taking away pre-orders, messing up search results and miscategorizing Hachette titles.

Writers And Editors Call Out Amazon For Going After Hachette, But Will It Matter?

Amazon.com appears to be flexing its muscle against publishers once again. The New York Times reported this morning that the online retail giant had removed preorder options for upcoming titles from publisher Hachette (which owns the imprints Grand Central Publishing, Little Brown, Orbit,

It’s not just Hachette — Amazon stops taking pre-orders on Warner Bros. movies, too

Amazon is blocking pre-orders on Warner Bros. DVDs as the companies negotiate a new contract.

Hachette And Amazon Fire Verbal Shots Over Contract Dispute

When we last left retail giant Amazon and publishing giant Hachette, the companies were at an impasse over contract negotiations, resulting in some of the most egregious efforts by Amazon to bury Hachette’s titles by slowing down shipment, raising prices,

Walmart, Barnes & Noble Slash Prices as Hachette-Amazon Feud Continues

It didn't take long for other companies to exploit Amazon's contract dispute with book publisher Hachette.Walmart and Barnes & Noble have slashed prices on Hachette books, seeking to attract new customers who were accustomed to getting editions from Amazon and now can't.

Guess what: Some people are on Amazon’s side in Amazon vs. Hachette

Amazon is largely considered the bad guy as the negotiations with Hachette continue. But not everybody feels that way.

​Let's Boycott Amazon! Now Where Do We Buy Stuff?

Amazon has gone too far. Now. Now that it is apparently trying to extort ebook concessions from Hachette by delaying delivery and blocking preorders of regular Hachette books—this is it.Read more...

Amazon's Hit List: Which Books Are Screwed, and By How Much

As of today , Amazon's crusade against book publisher Hachette is no longer an open secret, it's outright confirmed. Shipments are being delayed, prices are elevated, and some listings are unavailable altogether. But how extensive is the fallout? Here's your comprehensive look at the carnage.

German book association demands investigation into Amazon’s publisher negotiations

The German Publishers and Booksellers Association has asked the country's antitrust authorities to investigate Amazon's shipping delays on Bonnier titles.

After losing trust of its users, Facebook assigns them a ‘trustworthiness’ score

Facebook knows it has a trust problem. In an effort to better manage how its users flag content they object to, the social media giant is planning to rate the trustworthiness of its users on an individual basis. However,

This man got engaged to boxed wine and we can't even get a text back

Portland-based writer and artist Michael James Schneider posted a series of engagement photos to Twitter of him and his wine-box boyfriend, and of course, they went viral. You know what they say...rosé is bae. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Wine, Marriage Proposal, Viral Tweets, and Wine Box

Paul Manafort found guilty on 8 counts and the internet can't stop smirking

Former Donald Trump campaign chairman and lover of ugly-but-expensive suits Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts on Tuesday, the first verdict in a case stemming from Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. According to CNN,

Fox News contributor suggests it was a 'compliment' when Trump called Omarosa a 'dog'

Remember when Donald Trump, our sitting president, called Omarosa "that dog" after news broke that she'd recorded with him and others during her time at the White House? It was both racist and sexist — and definitely was not said from a place of love. 

We are closer to making a 'universal' blood type

Researchers have been trying to make a "universal" blood type that anyone can receive, and it may be a reality soon — thanks to some researchers at the University of British Columbia, and to the bacteria in your guts. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Blood, Bacteria, Blood Type,

Which of these VMAs looks was the wildest?

The VMAs are always insane — especially the outfits! Here are some of the most...interesting ones from this year's show. Read more...More about Celebrities, Fashion, Vmas, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

Be extra with this wooden wireless iPhone charger

This might be one of the coolest ways to charge your phone. The 'Oakywood Wireless Charger' is compatible with all Qi-enabled smartphonesHeads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something,

The Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers jazz up bad advice

Yahoo Answers has earned a reputation online for being the worst possible place to actually learn anything valuable — but it is a great source of entertainment.Six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to form the the Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers,

Toddler is emotionally devastated by her favorite movie

The plight of the emotional baby is a serious one. One moment, you're just a carefree toddler wondering when your next snack will come, and the next, you're contemplating the complexities of mother-child relationships in The Chipmunk Adventure.

The tallest man and the shortest man in the world meet for a day

Guinness World Records Day is reaching new heightsThe tallest man and the shortest man in the world met Thursday in London to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Guinness World Records bookSee also: 15 Quirkiest Achievements in the 'Guinness World Records 2015'According to The Telegraph,



Adebisi Shank: Thunder

I'm a writer, so obviously I love words. I love them on their own, and also in my music. But when I listen to Adebisi Shank, that all goes away. I never want to hear words again. Just a badass guitar riff over and over forever. Read more...

图的存储结构 - Andy Cheung

1. 图2. 图的存储结构2.1 数组表示法(邻接矩阵表示法)2.2 邻接表2.3 十字链表2.4 邻接多重表1. 图顶点:图中的数据元素。V是顶点的有穷非空集合。弧:表示从v到w的一条弧,v为弧尾,w为弧头。VR是两个顶点关系的集合。

会员管理系统的设计和开发(3)--主界面的设计思路分享 - 伍华聪







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很多新人喜欢问一个问题, 我想学做推广,应该从哪开始? 我的答案一般是,现在就让你做推广,你会从哪开始? 答曰 […]

Teleport 推出新工具 Flock,帮助远程办公员工寻找线下会议地点

Teleport 是一家获得了安德森-霍洛维茨投资的创业公司,其创始人是 Skype 的多名早期员工。该公司的理念是,企业员工可以自由搬迁至他们认为最适合的城市或乡村 。 Teleport 已经开发了 一整套工具… Read More


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