Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

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Hachette détente? Amazon now taking preorders on new titles

In a sign that Amazon's months-long fight with Hachette may be winding down, some of the book publisher's titles were available for preorder on the ecommerce retailer this week.Among the titles were Kevin Pietersen's The Autobiography, which debuts Dec. 1, and John Carder Bush's Cathy. However,

Amazon takes away pre-orders on many Hachette titles, messes with search, categories and recommendat

Amazon rolled out a host of new tactics in its fight against book publisher Hachette late Thursday. The retailer, which is negotiating for a better contract, is now taking away pre-orders, messing up search results and miscategorizing Hachette titles.

Writers And Editors Call Out Amazon For Going After Hachette, But Will It Matter?

Amazon.com appears to be flexing its muscle against publishers once again. The New York Times reported this morning that the online retail giant had removed preorder options for upcoming titles from publisher Hachette (which owns the imprints Grand Central Publishing, Little Brown, Orbit,

It’s not just Hachette — Amazon stops taking pre-orders on Warner Bros. movies, too

Amazon is blocking pre-orders on Warner Bros. DVDs as the companies negotiate a new contract.

Hachette And Amazon Fire Verbal Shots Over Contract Dispute

When we last left retail giant Amazon and publishing giant Hachette, the companies were at an impasse over contract negotiations, resulting in some of the most egregious efforts by Amazon to bury Hachette’s titles by slowing down shipment, raising prices,

Walmart, Barnes & Noble Slash Prices as Hachette-Amazon Feud Continues

It didn't take long for other companies to exploit Amazon's contract dispute with book publisher Hachette.Walmart and Barnes & Noble have slashed prices on Hachette books, seeking to attract new customers who were accustomed to getting editions from Amazon and now can't.

Guess what: Some people are on Amazon’s side in Amazon vs. Hachette

Amazon is largely considered the bad guy as the negotiations with Hachette continue. But not everybody feels that way.

​Let's Boycott Amazon! Now Where Do We Buy Stuff?

Amazon has gone too far. Now. Now that it is apparently trying to extort ebook concessions from Hachette by delaying delivery and blocking preorders of regular Hachette books—this is it.Read more...

Amazon's Hit List: Which Books Are Screwed, and By How Much

As of today , Amazon's crusade against book publisher Hachette is no longer an open secret, it's outright confirmed. Shipments are being delayed, prices are elevated, and some listings are unavailable altogether. But how extensive is the fallout? Here's your comprehensive look at the carnage.

German book association demands investigation into Amazon’s publisher negotiations

The German Publishers and Booksellers Association has asked the country's antitrust authorities to investigate Amazon's shipping delays on Bonnier titles.

Save up to $770 on laptops and desktops at HP’s spring sale

The MashStash team writes about stuff you'll probably want to buy. If you purchase something through MashStash, Mashable might earn some cash through an affiliate commission.Say sayonara to winter and usher in spring with some fresh new tech.

Presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke’s teenage hacker life

The 2020 democratic presidential candidate belonged to one of America's oldest hacking group called "Cult of the Dead Cow" in the 80's. O’Rourke wrote essays and poems for the group under the handle "Psychedelic Warlord." Read more...More about Mashable Video, Hacker, Democrats, Congressman,

'The Division 2' is Ubisoft's 'we don't do politics' stance in action

When all is said and done, The Division 2's story can be summed up in simple terms: This is Bad Dudes, but with a script.I'm talking about the old arcade game that famously opened with the lines: "President Ronnie has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?

15 of the most hilarious homework answers given by smart-ass students

It's a truth universally acknowledged by all current and former students that homework sucks. A lot. After a long, grueling day of school, most kids have negative levels motivation left to do even more work. It's definitely not encouraging to hear that it may not even make us any smarter.  

HQ's Scott Rogowsky races master painter Bob Ross — The Bob Ross Challenge

The Quizmaster Scott Rogowsky puts his knowledge of oil panting to the test. Read more...More about Funny, Art, Mashable Video, Landscapes, and Arts Culture And Entertainment

Facebook fights local 'news deserts' it helped create

Facebook is once again touting its attempt to solve a problem it helped create. The company announced Monday that it would provide select researchers access to information about news deserts, which are places with little to no local news coverage.

Fyre Festival merch to be auctioned off so Billy McFarland can pay back the people he cheated

You may soon get the chance to shell out for some official Fyre Festival merch.Billy McFarland, the festival's founder, owes a breathtaking $26 million in restitution to the victims of his scam, and according to Vulture the U.S.

The Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers jazz up bad advice

Yahoo Answers has earned a reputation online for being the worst possible place to actually learn anything valuable — but it is a great source of entertainment.Six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to form the the Yahoo Answers Lounge Singers,

Toddler is emotionally devastated by her favorite movie

The plight of the emotional baby is a serious one. One moment, you're just a carefree toddler wondering when your next snack will come, and the next, you're contemplating the complexities of mother-child relationships in The Chipmunk Adventure.

The tallest man and the shortest man in the world meet for a day

Guinness World Records Day is reaching new heightsThe tallest man and the shortest man in the world met Thursday in London to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Guinness World Records bookSee also: 15 Quirkiest Achievements in the 'Guinness World Records 2015'According to The Telegraph,

不甘人后8GB iPhone 5c同样登陆英国地区

威锋网讯,正如媒体预测的一样,在北京时间下午,我们如约而至地看到了 8GB iPhone 5c 的身影,这样一来,最小的容量版本便从 16GB 降到了 8GB,在一定程度上降低了 iPhone 5c 的门槛,苹果此举也被认为是吸引用户购买 5c 的一个举措。  


谷歌眼镜目前似乎已是一款公开发售的产品。从昨天开始,谷歌启动了谷歌眼镜公开、无限制的开放测试。然而根据Business Korea(来自Business Insider的报道)的消息,谷歌眼镜的竞争对手可能不久之后就会出现。




坐拥诸多科技公司的加州,终于在推动自动驾驶汽车的发展上跨出重要一步。 近日,加州给三家企业颁发了首批总计 29 张自动驾驶汽车许可证,许可证持有者可在加州的公共道路上合法测试自动驾驶汽车。

10 項 Office 小擺法提升創意、提高工作效率

有不少研究亦指出辦公室的佈局可增加人們工作時的質素。最近外媒 Huffington Post 就綜合起來進行介紹,以下一起來看看:The post 10 項 Office 小擺法提升創意、提高工作效率 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.




威锋网 6 月 12 日消息 要是你看过了刚过去不久的 WWDC 主题演讲,一定会对库克上台演讲前的那段搞笑开场印象深刻,要是错过了也没关系,现在苹果上传了这段带有自黑性质的“后台(Backstage)”视频,再来回顾一下吧。  


-- 在中国的人气向东南亚、欧洲和南美等地扩展 韩国首尔2015年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 消费者对韩国海外直销 (Cross-Border) 购物商场的需求,不仅在北美和中国,在世界其它新兴市场也呈现快速增长的趋势。


编者按:本文为《为核不破》节选文章,由本书作者向36氪投稿。《为核不破》是一本关于创业的本土系统性理论书籍,已于 2015 年 9 月 23 日在全国各大电商平台预售。

Senate Passes Cybersecurity Threat Sharing Bill That Tech Hates

In a crushing blow to the tech industry and privacy advocates, the Senate today passed the controversial Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISA). The bill, which passed the Senate on a bipartisan vote,

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