NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a legislative priority, likely ending up shelved until the next congress.

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NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a legislative priority, likely ending up shelved until the next congress.

Tech Giants Press Senate On NSA Reform

The NSA reform bill passed by the House has an uncertain future in the Senate. The USA FREEDOM Act will receive a vote in the upper chamber, likely later this week, but whether it has the 60 votes required to pass isn’t clear. Tech giants want it to pass.

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President Barack Obama signed the USA FREEDOM Act into law late on Tuesday. The law will temporarily restore the nation’s phone bulk metadata collection program until it transitions to telephone providers in six months.

Tech Companies Throw Their Support Behind Strengthened NSA Reform Bill

As expected, Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced the USA FREEDOM Act to the upper chamber of Congress on Tuesday. The bill comes on the heels of a similar, weaker measure passed in the House that was widely condemned as denatured and passed by brute force. “If enacted,

Surveillance Reform Bill Clears House Only To Face Obstacles In Senate

The House of Representatives today passed the USA FREEDOM Act on a 338-88 vote. Despite receiving overwhelming support in the lower chamber, the bill will have to overcome considerable hurdles as it moves to the Senate.

Tech Companies Line Up Behind Surveillance Reform Bill

A wide range of companies today released their support for a surveillance reform bill that would effectively end the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Reform Government Surveillance,

Senate Votes 67-32 To Reform The NSA’s Phone Record Program

On a vote of 67 to 32 today, the Senate passed the USA FREEDOM Act. The bill, which will now race to President Barack Obama’s desk, marks the first time Congress has moved to reform the National Security Agency (NSA’s) surveillance programs since Edward Snowden’s revelations.

The Senate Advances NSA Surveillance Reform Legislation As Deadline Approaches

The Senate voted 77-to-17 to take up the USA Freedom Act, a bill already passed in the House that would reform National Security Agency (NSA), in a rare Sunday session. The procedural vote came just hours before key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire at midnight.

Congress Just Took a Baby Step Towards Limiting Government Spying

After a tense battle over renewing key provisions of the Patriot Act, the US Senate just passed the USA Freedom Act , a bill meant to limit the government’s surveillance apparatus. Now the the bill will go to President Obama’s desk.Read more...

NSA Reform Gathers Momentum In Congress After Late-Night Vote

After a somewhat desultory year of little to no change, reform of the United States surveillance state appears to have finally found momentum.Recently the USA FREEDOM Act was gutted and rammed through the House,

Bitcoin drops below $10K after three days of cryptocurrency correction

The crypto crash that began two days ago accelerated yesterday and today, with essentially all top 100 coins down anywhere between 15-30 percent. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is hovering around $450 billion, down ~30 percent from $650 billion just 48 hours ago. Yesterday,

Google’s AutoML lets you train custom machine learning models without having to code

Google today announced the alpha launch of AutoML Vision, a new service that helps developers — including those with no machine learning (ML) expertise — build custom image recognition models. While Google plans to expand this custom ML model builder under the AutoML brand to other areas,

Cloudflare Access aims to replace corporate VPNs

If you’re part of a big company, chances are that there are resources that are only available via the internal network, or whatever your company calls it. The usual way to access these from outside company property is a VPN,

Sweatcoin lets you earn crypto for working out

Want a way to workout and earn some coin? Sweatcoin has risen to the top of the App Store for helping folks get something more than just a glow for taking those daily steps.

Amazon launches autoscaling service on AWS

One of the primary advantages of cloud computing has always been the ability to scale up to meet short-term needs and scale back when that need has been met. In other words, you don’t have to pay for infrastructure that you don’t need to hedge against heavy usage.

It’s time for Washington to start working on artificial intelligence

One of the more unexpected sights within the United States Capitol lies just outside the Old Supreme Court Chamber. There you can find a plaque marking the first ever long-distance communication by electronic telegraph, which took place inside the Capitol in 1844,

More money for Utah startups as Kickstart closes on its fourth seed fund at $74 million

One of the most prominent seed investors in Utah, Kickstart Seed Fund, has closed on its fourth fund at $74 million — nearly doubling from the last funding of $39 million and toppling Peak Ventures as the fund with the mostest raised in the region.

Reddit CEO Resigns, Alexis Ohanian Returns As Chairman

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change, and the fourth quarter of 2014 has brought quite a bit of change for Reddit, the massively popular aggregation site that could. So here’s some more news: Reddit CEO Yishan Yong has resigned,

Google To Stop Letting Developers Use Google Wallet To Sell Digital Goods

Back in 2012, Google launched an API that allowed developers to use the Google Wallet service to sell digital goods — things like music, or levels in a web game, or subscriptions to online magazines. If you’re using that API, it’s time to find a replacement.

Amazon Launches Its Fastest EC2 Instances Yet

Amazon today announced its fastest EC2 instances for compute yet. The new so-called c4 instances will feature a 2.9 GHz Haswell processor (with bursts up to 3.5 GHz with Turbo boost) with up to 36 virtual CPUs and up to 60 GiB of RAM. Intel exclusively developed the Haswell processor for Amazon.

Push For Pizza Is Yo For Food Delivery

While apps like Seamless and Postmates have made it easier than ever to order food with almost no hassle, sometimes having to look through options is just too much of a pain. With Push For Pizza,

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Bill Clinton mastered the art of the photobomb

It's cold outside, your Kindle is dead and you just want to go home.This poor child — who clearly just wants to go home — was dragged to a political rally in Texarkana, Arkansas, on Sunday where Bill Clinton rallied for Democrats in Tuesday's midterm elections.See also:

Codecademy Teams Up With Online And Offline Coding Schools To Create ReskillUSA

A lot of people probably see Codecademy as well as a place to build up your programming skills before hitting the job market, but now the company is teaming up with similar organizations (like Thinkful, The Flatiron School, and Dev Bootcamp) to create a broader initiative called ReskillUSA.

過馬路好好玩 交通燈都有機打

過馬路等待公仔轉綠時,你會做些什麼呢?在德國 Hildesheim 街頭,市民就可以一邊等待一邊和馬路另一邊的行人對戰打機;因為交通燈安裝了有兩名德國人設計的 ActiWait。


非常幸运地能够读到吴军的这本《浪潮之巅》,这是本关于美国IT和互联网发展史的巨作,也是无数IT从业者极力推荐的 […]

[图]或售1500元 新Moto G获入网许可

在今年CES大展上摩托罗拉正式宣布回归中国市场,日前已经向国内多家媒体发布邀请函确认将于今年1月26日在北京国家会议中心召开新品发布会,届时将会推出新Moto X、新Moto G(双卡双待4G版)、新Moto X Pro三款新品。

BI领军者之一Tableau试用浅谈 - Xpivot

下图是最新的Gartner BI Magic Quadrant,其中领军者之一的Tableau表现的异常突出,执行力象限上直接甩开其它产品一条街,前瞻性象限上略微超越了MSBI,怀着无比的好奇心,特意去Tableau官网下载了Desktop试用版体验一把,从种种细节中能够感受到浓浓的情怀,产品的确极.

「Mario Maker」关卡设计工具将会在 9 月正式推出

「Mario Maker」这个设计 Wii U 版玛利欧游戏关卡的工具,在去年年中首次亮相,当初主站认为它的功能限制有点大,但后来却有资料显示它的自由度原来很大呢。



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