NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a legislative priority, likely ending up shelved until the next congress.

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NSA Surveillance Faces Senate Test

The United States Senate could vote on the USA FREEDOM Act as soon as next week, pushing the surveillance reform bill ahead this year. That would buck prior conventional wisdom that the Act was not a legislative priority, likely ending up shelved until the next congress.

Tech Giants Press Senate On NSA Reform

The NSA reform bill passed by the House has an uncertain future in the Senate. The USA FREEDOM Act will receive a vote in the upper chamber, likely later this week, but whether it has the 60 votes required to pass isn’t clear. Tech giants want it to pass.

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President Barack Obama signed the USA FREEDOM Act into law late on Tuesday. The law will temporarily restore the nation’s phone bulk metadata collection program until it transitions to telephone providers in six months.

Tech Companies Throw Their Support Behind Strengthened NSA Reform Bill

As expected, Sen. Patrick Leahy introduced the USA FREEDOM Act to the upper chamber of Congress on Tuesday. The bill comes on the heels of a similar, weaker measure passed in the House that was widely condemned as denatured and passed by brute force. “If enacted,

Surveillance Reform Bill Clears House Only To Face Obstacles In Senate

The House of Representatives today passed the USA FREEDOM Act on a 338-88 vote. Despite receiving overwhelming support in the lower chamber, the bill will have to overcome considerable hurdles as it moves to the Senate.

Tech Companies Line Up Behind Surveillance Reform Bill

A wide range of companies today released their support for a surveillance reform bill that would effectively end the NSA’s bulk collection of Americans’ phone records.Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Reform Government Surveillance,

Senate Votes 67-32 To Reform The NSA’s Phone Record Program

On a vote of 67 to 32 today, the Senate passed the USA FREEDOM Act. The bill, which will now race to President Barack Obama’s desk, marks the first time Congress has moved to reform the National Security Agency (NSA’s) surveillance programs since Edward Snowden’s revelations.

The Senate Advances NSA Surveillance Reform Legislation As Deadline Approaches

The Senate voted 77-to-17 to take up the USA Freedom Act, a bill already passed in the House that would reform National Security Agency (NSA), in a rare Sunday session. The procedural vote came just hours before key provisions of the Patriot Act are set to expire at midnight.

Congress Just Took a Baby Step Towards Limiting Government Spying

After a tense battle over renewing key provisions of the Patriot Act, the US Senate just passed the USA Freedom Act , a bill meant to limit the government’s surveillance apparatus. Now the the bill will go to President Obama’s desk.Read more...

NSA Reform Gathers Momentum In Congress After Late-Night Vote

After a somewhat desultory year of little to no change, reform of the United States surveillance state appears to have finally found momentum.Recently the USA FREEDOM Act was gutted and rammed through the House,

12 years in, TechStars doubles down on corporate relationships

The goal of any accelerator is to back startups that are reaching exponential growth. Sometimes, though, the accelerator itself hits that inflection point. TechStars, which was founded in 2006, has expanded aggressively over the past twelve years.

Zumper raises $46M more to take on Zillow and the rest with its apartment rental platform

While the property market in the US appears headed for a slowdown, a startup that’s honing in on rentals is doubling down on growth. Zumper, a San Francisco-based startup that has built an end-to-end platform to source, rent out and help service apartments across the US,

Buy tickets for concerts on TV with the new Comcast and Ticketmaster feature

Comcast and Ticketmaster are rolling out a feature to let Xfinity X1 customers search tour dates and begin the ticket buying process directly through their televisions — using voice search on their remotes.

Marketing data startup Singular raises $30M

Singular, a startup working to unify data for marketers, is announcing that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. The company was founded by former Onavo executives, including Gadi Eliashiv, Eran Friedman and Susan Kuo — who now serve, respectively, as Singular’s CEO, CTO and COO.

Captain Marvel is here to save the 90s in first trailer

Brie Larson’s cosmic superhero couldn’t have asked for a better setup than Avengers: Infinity War (Caution — minor spoilers ahead, naturally). Revealed via Nick Fury’s (Samuel L. Jackson) period-inappropriate pager in the end credits, the scene showed off very little in the way of detail,

UIpath lands $225M Series C on $3 billion valuation as robotics process automation soars

UIPath is bringing automation to repetitive processes inside large organizations and it seems to have landed on a huge pain point. Today it announced a massive $225 million Series C on a $3 billion valuation. The round was led by CapitalG and Sequoia Capital. Accel,

WayRay raises $80M at a $500M valuation led by Porsche for its holographic AR display tech

The large, legacy car industry has pinned a lot of hopes and dreams on innovative startups to build the next generation of automotive technology, and today the latest chapter in that story was revealed. WayRay,

Reddit CEO Resigns, Alexis Ohanian Returns As Chairman

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change, and the fourth quarter of 2014 has brought quite a bit of change for Reddit, the massively popular aggregation site that could. So here’s some more news: Reddit CEO Yishan Yong has resigned,

Google To Stop Letting Developers Use Google Wallet To Sell Digital Goods

Back in 2012, Google launched an API that allowed developers to use the Google Wallet service to sell digital goods — things like music, or levels in a web game, or subscriptions to online magazines. If you’re using that API, it’s time to find a replacement.

Amazon Launches Its Fastest EC2 Instances Yet

Amazon today announced its fastest EC2 instances for compute yet. The new so-called c4 instances will feature a 2.9 GHz Haswell processor (with bursts up to 3.5 GHz with Turbo boost) with up to 36 virtual CPUs and up to 60 GiB of RAM. Intel exclusively developed the Haswell processor for Amazon.




南京2014年6月30日电 /美通社/ -- 6月27日,施坦威在中国的首家钢琴展示中心 Steinway Piano Gallery Nanjing 在南京市金陵协和神学院旧址盛大开幕。

关于ASP.NET的“Forms身份验证” - 临窗观景

目录结构如图如示:如果用户没有通过身份验证则跳转到登录页面让用户登录,在配置文件的结点下添加如下代码: 登录的后台代码为(在这里用户名和密码都设置为admin,chkPWD:是否记住密码):首先导入命名空间:usingSystem.

Smartphone App To Be Used As Hotel Room Keys

An anonymous reader writes Starwood Hotels and Resorts has became the first chain to let guests unlock doors with their phones at 10 Aloft, Element and W hotels. They hope to expand the program to 140 more properties in those brands by the middle of next year. From the article:


特斯拉将于12月9日正式进入土澳,向订购者交付 Model S。同时,还会宣布当地第一批充电站、展示厅的位置——据悉,公司会在雪梨某大型购物中心开设展示厅。有了硬件,软的也要跟上——招招招。

FlexTrade被Markets Media评为“最佳多资产交易管理系统”和“最佳外汇交易成本分析”提供商

在2015市场选择大奖中连续第三年斩获交易管理系统殊荣 纽约--(美国商业资讯)--全球领先的多资产交易和订单管理系统FlexTrade Systems, Inc.

双屏互动怎么玩:丰田皇冠Smart Wall上“摇”起来

北京2015年5月12日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年5月正值一汽丰田全新 CROWN 皇冠大规模上市推广期,作为皇冠家族第十四代车型的新皇冠,在外观和性能上有着绝对大胆的革新突破,值得瞩目,借此,全新 CROWN 皇冠在电视、网络等各类媒介上持续展开营销推广。

Taylor Swift Confirms 1989 Will Now Be On Apple Music

Taylor Swift has confirmed on Twitter that after Apple decided to pay artists for music streamed during their Apple Music three month free trial period, she will indeed be offering 1989 (her latest album release) on the streaming service.After the events of this week,





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