British jihadists who travel abroad will have passports seized under new law

British jihadists who travel abroad to fight in countries such as Iraq or Syria could be banned from returning to the UK, according to new anti-terror laws outlined by David CameronAddressing Australia's parliament Friday,

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British jihadists who travel abroad will have passports seized under new law

British jihadists who travel abroad to fight in countries such as Iraq or Syria could be banned from returning to the UK, according to new anti-terror laws outlined by David CameronAddressing Australia's parliament Friday,

Prime Minister David Cameron’s BlackBerry is always ‘a few feet’ away

Cameron relies on the smartphone to run the country whilst he is away from Westminister as he doesn’t trust his deputy Nick Clegg enough to leave him in charge.Read more:

Scotland Votes No To Independence

An anonymous reader sends this news from the BBC: Scotland voters decided to remain part of the United Kingdom on Friday, rejecting independence in a historic referendum. The decision prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England,

Britain's Labour Party faces big rift over airstrikes in Syria

LONDON — Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's vocal opposition to Prime Minister David Cameron's proposal for airstrikes in Syria against the Islamic State (ISIS) has set up divisions within the party, notably with the shadow foreign secretary, according to reports.

UK Elections Get A Partisan Spin From The Startup World

“Startup businesses back the Conservatives,” screamed last week’s headline in The Guardian newspaper. In a move that feels somewhat unprecedented for the U.K.’s startup scene, which isn’t especially known for ‘doing politics’,

Hire Someone Already! Google Ventures Mulls Its European Moves

As the cream of Europe’s entrepreneurs filed into the beautifully lit room at a European tech conference late in 2012, picking up their champagne as they went, a VC leaned over to Welsey Chan of Google Ventures and asked: “Why one earth are you guys sponsoring these drinks?

Can Congress Grant Private Companies The Right To Mine Asteroids?

U.S. companies are eyeing asteroids as the next frontier in lucrative mining ventures. But, they say, their plans are stymied by the vague status of private ownership in space. Earlier this summer,

The 10 best returning TV shows of 2019 (so far)

Television in 2019 sure is an embarrassment of riches. That makes it near-impossible to choose the year's best shows so far, but we still tried. These are the returning shows that left their mark on 2019 (so far).

Apple's 16-inch MacBook Pro could come as soon as September

Now that the new Mac Pro and iMac Pro are here to cater to the needs of professionals, is it finally time for Apple to launch a laptop that's, you know, actually made for pros? It might be. According to a report by Forbes, which cites IHS Markit Associate Director Jeff Lin,

This trans teen wants to change the world through storytelling

Every day of Pride Month, Mashable will be sharing illuminating conversations with members of the LGBTQ community who are making history right now.Teenage activists are often some of the most powerful organizers out there.Take Sage Grace Dolan-Sandrino, an 18-year-old Afro-Latinx artist,

Chernobyl Blu-ray announced and available for pre-order now

TL;DR: The hit television five-part miniseries Chernobyl is now available for pre-order from Amazon, releasing on July 29, 2019. The massive television phenomenon Chernobyl will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on 29 July, 2019.

Samsung 4K TVs, De'Longhi coffee machines, Bosch power tools, Philips Hue systems, and more on sale

Another week, another set of amazing deals. With the heat set to soar in the coming days, now couldn't be a better time to kit out your garden, and we've got the deals to help. Get your garden looking its best with a robust mower, or a powerful pressure washer. 

The best place to discover new music? Instagram.

When 19-year-old pop artist Maude Latour released her summer 2019 song "Superfruit," her fans quickly posted it to their Instagram stories. She encouraged it. “My audience is my publicity team, and when people share songs on Instagram, it helps so much,” she says. “With 'Superfruit,

Storage devices sale, plus Alienware M15, Netgear Orbi, Samsung 4K TV, and more for June 24

Does it ever feel like your life is falling apart when you lose your phone? All the valuable pictures you kept, thinking they would be safe on the phone, are now all gone.If this has happened to you before, don't repeat the same mistake, back-up your data. For as little as $24,

5 habits that can turn interviewers against you

Having spent the last decade recruiting, I've had many a conversation with hiring managers after a candidate exits the interview. And, while I always hope for exceptional feedback, sometimes the news is not so glowing.Sometimes, the candidate has done something so annoying to the interviewer that,

15 celebrities who let fame go to their forehead

It's time to get real weird, InternetWe scour the depths of the Internet to find the weird, strange and creepy, but we may have hit rock bottom with the subreddit r/quasimoderp.See also: A Disturbing Look at Today's Celebrities, 60 Years in the FutureMuch like its noseless big brother,

'Open Windows,' 'Unfriended' boot up a new movie genre: the laptop thriller

LOS ANGELES — You don't have to look too far back in history to find filmmakers horrified by the idea that their creations would be viewed on a laptop. Until just a few years ago, it was bigscreen-or-bust — directors openly sneered at the idea of watching movies on personal screens of any size.

【javascript基础】new与构造函数 - Allenxing



据国外媒体报道,昨日晚间,媒体意外发现苹果官网的高管介绍区块中没有了高级副总裁、首席设计师乔治·艾维(Jony Ive)的身影,这立即引发了外界的猜测。

受iPad销量推动 鸿海精密2013利润同比增长13%

苹果产品最大的代工厂商鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.)周五宣布,由于受到iPad和iPhone销量的推动,去年其利润增长了13%。



GitHub初体验(小菜新手github用起来) - 大额_skylar

记得自己刚认识github的时候觉得他好高端,只知道好多牛人托管代码在上面,但是还觉得离我好遥远。其实不然,用起来,哇塞,真强大。 如果你现在像我当时一样茫然,那希望我的分享能帮助到你。

Android UI 设计工具 (Photoshop, Android 4.4, Nexus 4)

Nexus 4 作为我最喜欢的 Android 设备, 我的所有设计图都是以他为模板完成的. Taylor Ling 曾经为他出过一套 Android 4.3 设计模板, 但是在 Android 4.4 时就停止更新了. 于是我自己做了一个 Nexus 4 上用的 Android 5.0 设计模板.

10TB是这样炼成的!HGST SMR HelioSeal硬盘即将上市

在波士顿召开的面向Linux和开源存储开发者的“Linux Foundation Vault Tradeshow”上,成百上千的与会者们有幸见到了即将上市的HGST 10TB硬盘的真容。尽管外观看起来有些普通,但它却能够在单个驱动器位上提供高达10TB的数据存储量。

Taylor Swift makes a 12-year-old cancer patient's wildest dreams come true

Twelve-year-old Stella Usiak, an aspiring pop star, did some important networking with her idol Taylor Swift on Tuesday night at her Miami concertStella was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2011. Her cancer went into remission, but returned in 2014.


英文原文:80% of Your Culture is Your Founder  当茉莉格雷厄姆在 2008 年加入脸书公司之时,这个公司还十分充满朝气。仅有四百名员工负责向八千万用户提供服务,人们忙着快速行动,破坏规则,因而公司文化 ... ...

PS4网速起飞 - 电信专线加速来了:完全免费


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