The Lesson Of Monument Valley

I’m fascinated by the reviews left by Monument Valley players after learning that new content was going to cost an extra $2. Why does something so apparently ordinary generate such resentment? Read More

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Meet the Magecart hackers, a persistent credit card skimmer group of groups you’ve never heard of

There have been few hacker groups that have been responsible for as many headlines this year as Magecart. You might not know the name, but you probably haven’t missed their work — highly targeted credit card skimming attacks, hitting Ticketmaster and British Airways,

This $199 PS4 and ‘Spider-Man’ Black Friday bundle has my bargain-sense tingling

I'm calling it — this is the best deal of this year's Black Friday season. It's bonkers. Sony is selling a PlayStation 4 Slim with the new "Spider-Man" game for $199. That's way too little money.

Blue Apron lays off 4 percent of employees as it seeks profitability next year

Meal kit company Blue Apron announced small layoffs today as part of its Q3 2018 financial results. The layoffs, which affected four percent of Blue Apron’s workforce, are part of Blue Apron’s path to profitability.

Facebook Lasso app lead Brady Voss leaves for Netflix right after launch

Facebook Lasso has a steep uphill climb ahead as it hopes to chase the musical video app it cloned, China’s TikTok (which merged with Musically). Lasso lets you overlay popular songs on 15-second clips of you lip syncing, dancing, or just being silly — kind of like Vine with a soundtrack.

Why the future of Chinese e-commerce is in its rural areas

China announced a mere 6.7 percent economic growth in July 2018, the lowest growth rate since 2016. Despite a slowdown in overall economic growth, Chinese e-commerce has only increased, accounting for 40 percent of all worldwide e-commerce today.

Metacert’ Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

Metacert, founded by Paul Walsh, originally began as a way to watch chat rooms for fake Ethereum scams. Walsh, who was an early experimenter in cryptocurrencies, grew frustrated when he saw hackers dumping fake links into chat rooms, resulting in users regularly losing cash to scammers.

Senators urge FTC to look into shady ad practices in apps for kids

For us jaded adults, the long-running trend towards making apps and games free to download but stuffing them with paid options is just an annoyance or perhaps a logical progression of the business model.

A Gift Guide For The Core Gamer Who Wants It All

Do you like games? Do you also like playing them, regardless of surroundings, access to power, Wi-Fi or a clean water supply? We’ve got you covered, with a list of must-haves for those who’d rather play in virtual worlds than exist outside them.

Apple Adds UnionPay, China’s Largest Bankcard Network, To App Store Payment Options

App Store customers in China can now link their UnionPay debit or credit cards to their Apple IDs for purchases, Apple announced today. This is significant for Apple and Chinese consumers because China UnionPay,

Panasonic Partners With Photon To Build Smarter Signs In Stores

Photon Interactive, a company that’s been focused on building mobile experiences for large brands, is teaming up with Panasonic to bring what they say will be a more personalized experience to the digital signs you see in stores. The goal is to combine Photon’s software with Panasonic displays,

Twitter Is No Longer Banned In Turkey

After weeks of being blocked, Twitter will soon be accessible in the country following a court ruling stating that the ban was a breach of freedom of expression. It may take a couple of hours to restore the service after the TIB, the governmental administration in charge of internet regulations,

盛大财报:2014年Q1盛大游戏净利润5430万美元 同比下滑16%


'Super-Earth' Looks Promising, But Likely Too Hot for Life

One of the key incentives behind hunting down exoplanets is to find alien worlds with qualities similar to Earth. But in the case of a newly discovered exoplanet orbiting a star only 16 light-years away, although astronomers may call it 'habitable' and a 'super-Earth,' it’s likely anything but.


威智网 8 月 26 日消息,根据外媒 NPU 报道称,瑞典著名汽车制造商沃尔沃(Volvo)日前宣布,该品牌旗下所有 2015 年新版车型都将搭载 Volvo 在线通话(Volvo On Call)以及 Sensus 连接(Sensus Connect)等技术套件作为基本配置,这意味着车载系统中的多项内嵌技术将可以能够受控于用户的智能手机,这当然包括 Windows Phone 设备。  


在Xbox One与索尼PS4展开竞争的过程中,Xbox One相对较高的价格确实会让许多游戏玩家的更倾向于购 […]


好的文案会说话。好文案加上好设计,更是掷地有声。文案人在成长的过程中要学会非常重要的一件事就是:视觉化思维。那 […]

全世界最好的 DAC ? Chord Electronics DAVE

這個機器似唔似一個骨頭?各位 unwire 讀猜一下這是甚麼 ? 其實佢係 Chord Electronics 新推出的 DAVE ( Digital to Analogue Veritas in Extremis)DAC,使用最新的 WTA Filter 支援高達 256 FS,並用了 166 個 DSP 核心去處理龐大的聲音數據。


6月30日消息,十年前的今天,谷歌在其页面发布了声明:谷歌正式推出免费的3 d地图和搜索产品——谷歌地球!谷歌地球今天十周岁了,为了庆祝,工程团队在Earth View网站更新了1500张卫星采集来的精美图片。

Sam Smith and Disclosure give Drake's 'Hotline Bling' a upbeat vibe

Just when you thought Drake's songs couldn't get any more melancholy, enter Sam SmithSmith and Disclosure covered Drake's new slow jam "Hotline Bling" for BBC's Radio 1 Live Lounge,


10月12日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯:  1.【下次老板让你重构系统,让他看看这篇文章】上个月,有个以前的同事问我:“你在的时候,为什么不把原来的系统都重做了,我们明明有实力...2.【想进阿里?

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