The Lesson Of Monument Valley

I’m fascinated by the reviews left by Monument Valley players after learning that new content was going to cost an extra $2. Why does something so apparently ordinary generate such resentment? Read More

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VPN protocol WireGuard now has an official macOS app

WireGuard could be the most promising VPN protocol in years. It lets you establish a connection with a VPN server that is supposed to be faster, more secure and more flexible at the same time. The developers launched a brand new app in the Mac App Store today. WireGuard isn’t a VPN service,

YouTube under fire for recommending videos of kids with inappropriate comments

More than a year on from a child safety content moderation scandal on YouTube and it takes just a few clicks for the platform’s recommendation algorithms to redirect a search for “bikini haul” videos of adult women towards clips of scantily clad minors engaged in body contorting gymnastics or taking an icebath or ice lolly sucking […]

Apple could be looking for its next big revenue model

Apple has always been an evolving company. While it never really invented any product categories, it always seemed to make those product categories work better and smarter. It also found a way to make us want them, even when they were more expensive. Today, the WSJ reports,

Daily Crunch: Stop repeating this privacy lie

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Stop saying,

Netflix cancels ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Punisher,’ its last Marvel shows

Netflix is no longer in the Marvel superhero business, with the cancellation of “Jessica Jones” and “The Punisher.” The writing has been on the wall since last fall, when the streaming service canceled its other three Marvel shows — “Iron Fist,” “Luke Cage” and “Daredevil.” Plus,

Amazon aims to make half of its shipments carbon neutral by 2030

Perhaps hoping to distract from Greenpeace’s latest report on its “dirty cloud, Amazon this morning announced a new environmental commitment, focused on reducing its carbon footprint. The company says it aims to reach 50 percent of all Amazon shipments with net zero carbon by 2030.

Apple could release a 16-inch MacBook Pro and a a 31-inch 6K display

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is quite reliable when it comes to Apple’s roadmap. And he shared a ton of information over the weekend in a new report obtained by 9to5mac. In 2019, you can expect a bigger MacBook Pro, a new display and upgrades to iPhones, iPads and AirPods. Let’s start with the Mac.

A Gift Guide For The Core Gamer Who Wants It All

Do you like games? Do you also like playing them, regardless of surroundings, access to power, Wi-Fi or a clean water supply? We’ve got you covered, with a list of must-haves for those who’d rather play in virtual worlds than exist outside them.

Apple Adds UnionPay, China’s Largest Bankcard Network, To App Store Payment Options

App Store customers in China can now link their UnionPay debit or credit cards to their Apple IDs for purchases, Apple announced today. This is significant for Apple and Chinese consumers because China UnionPay,

Panasonic Partners With Photon To Build Smarter Signs In Stores

Photon Interactive, a company that’s been focused on building mobile experiences for large brands, is teaming up with Panasonic to bring what they say will be a more personalized experience to the digital signs you see in stores. The goal is to combine Photon’s software with Panasonic displays,



Storm brings much-needed rain drought-stricken California

Rain or snow is expected to fall on nearly all of California throughout Halloween weekend as a Pacific storm system drives a cold front across much of the state.While the storm does nothing to change the fact that the state is in the midst of the worst drought in at least a century,

Single-Serve Blender, $79 Windows Tablet, and More Deals

Nobody's going to mistake it for a Vitamix, but for single-serve smoothies and easy cleanup, the Nutribullet is tough to beat, especially at this price. [ Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, $70]Read more...


澳门2015年2月12日电 /美通社/ -- 《福布斯旅游指南》最新发布其年度星级排名,澳门金沙城中心康莱德酒店获评《福布斯旅游指南》五星级酒店,该酒店凭借其特色成为全球唯一一间获得《福布斯旅游指南》五星级殊荣的康莱德酒店。

Almond+和Almond 2015物联网路由器:可触控的智能家居中心

说到物联网,路由器毫无疑问是所有设备的中心。而今天要介绍的两款产品——Almond 2015和Almond+——则是自带彩色显示屏和高级管理功能的物联网无线路由器。Almond+的外形要稍大一些,自带高功率天线和千兆有线网络接口。

EntityFramework 5.0 CodeFirst 教程01-搭建环境和快速上手 - 麦田怪人

----------------------------目录------------------------------EntityFramework 5.0 CodeFirst 教程01-搭建环境和快速上手----------------------------目录----------------...

The Omnishopper: Meet the future of consumer commerce

Technological innovation affects and changes the way we do pretty much everything — and the way we shop is no exception.In fact, technology has helped create the "Omnishopper" — a brand new kind of confident consumer who uses technology to educate themselves on the purchasing choices they make.

重温Servlet学习笔记--session对象 - 醉眼识朦胧

session的类型是属于HttpSession,HttpSession是由javaWeb提供的,用来会话跟踪的类.session是服务器端对象,保存在服务器端. HttpSession是servlet三大域对象之一,其他两个是request和application(servletContext),


专栏开通一周多,已经有了三千关注,感谢大家的厚爱!在此给各位拜个晚年,祝大家羊年大吉!美国是个很奇怪的地方,你可以荷枪实弹满街走,但炮仗作为一种危险的爆炸物,在我州基本上只能在黑市买到。因此,我那些扛着AWP狙击步枪漫山遍野打梅花鹿的朋友们,听说我们几岁小孩就可以放二踢脚,都充满一副对战斗民族的钦佩之情。这次要讨论的案子,就是跟”持枪“有关,准确的说,是跟持枪的”持“在法律中是什么意思有关。美国联邦法律中有这么一条:任何人若在进行暴力犯罪或毒品交易犯罪过程中或相关过程中持枪(原文中用词为"Carry"),则在该犯罪刑罚基础上增加五年监禁“ 1998年,就有这么一个人,在贩毒时被抓了现行。


“我记得2003年的时候看过一篇文章,印象特别深刻,当时对博奥的经典评价是市场销售方面比较薄弱。” 但博奥颐和总裁王国青告诉我,他们2015年的收入是6.4个亿,比2014年整整增加了一倍,而2016年更是预计能够超过10个亿。显然在这个市场环境发生急剧变化的时期,有着十六年历史的老牌企业博奥生物正不断加快自己的转型速度。博奥生物成立于2000年,背景煊赫,是以清华大学为依托,联合华中科技大学、中国医学科学院、军事医学科学院注册成立,注册资本3.765亿。按照王国青的说法,在博奥生物创建后十多年的时间里,这家主要由科学家领衔创办的公司主要精力都在技术、产品的研发上。

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