Nvidia’s Shield Tablet Is A Whole New Device With Android 5.0 And Grid Streaming Games

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is among the first non-Nexus devices to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it starts rolling out today. I had a chance to spend some time with both the update and with Grid, Nvidia’s streaming Netflix for games that also launches in North America toad,

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Nvidia’s Shield Tablet Is A Whole New Device With Android 5.0 And Grid Streaming Games

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is among the first non-Nexus devices to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, and it starts rolling out today. I had a chance to spend some time with both the update and with Grid, Nvidia’s streaming Netflix for games that also launches in North America toad,

Nvidia Shield Tablet Gets Lollipop Nov. 18, Grid Streaming Game Service Coming This Month

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet will be one of the first tablets beyond the Nexus 9 and Nexus 7 to get Android 5.0 Lollipop, with an update that arrives November 18. Nvidia isn’t stopping there, however,

The Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 Is A Gamer’s Dream That Won’t Break The Bank

What if you’re a gamer at heart and want a tablet? The latest iPads have been powerful tablets with some great games. But Nvidia has been trying to go one step further with its Shield Tablet, a device specifically made for gamers.

Nvidia’s Shield Set-Top Box Could Finally Make The Stream Dream Real

This new gadget is called simply the Nvidia Shield, which means the company probably wants it to lead the lineup that also includes the Shield Tablet and Shield Portable, and it’s powered by the new Tegra X1 processor Nvidia debuted at CES this year. More important than all that, however,

Why Nvidia’s Shield Tablet is a real winner

Nvidia has stepped its game up with the upgraded Shield Tablet – and the low latency Wi-Fi controller is very impressive too.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/30/why-nvidias-shield-tablet-is-a-real-winner/

Nvidia Shield Console Hands-On: Yep, That's One Sleek Set Top Box

The first Nvidia Shield was a gaming handheld. The second was a powerful Android tablet . Now, Nvidia's going full game console . The new Nvidia Shield is a $200 set-top-box running Android TV , but it's more than that. It's a game console poweful enough to play a port of Crysis 3.

Nvidia's Shield Tablet Gets a Little Sweeter

The Nvidia Shield Tablet isn't for everyone, but it's a pretty solid Android machine. It's about to get even better in three distinct ways: Android 5.0 Lollipop, Half-Life 2: Episode 1, and a whole bunch of absolutely free streaming games.Read more...

Nvidia Shield Tablet: An Android Tablet With a Game Console Inside

Last year, chip-maker Nvidia entered the hardware dojo with Shield, a weird but interesting Android gaming machine . Its successor has arrived, taking a form that's a little more familiar. This is the Shield tablet, the first Android tablet straight-up made for games. We spent some time with it,

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet And Shield Controller Look To Offer No-Compromise Mobile Gaming

The Nvidia Shield was a first attempt by graphics chip- and card-maker Nvidia, but it gave the company a taste for building gadgets that wouldn’t go away, so now they’re back with the Shield Tablet, a gaming monster that doubles as a $299 Android slate.

Nvidia Shield Review: The Best Way To Experience Android TV

The new Shield (not to be confused with the old Shield, which is now the Shield portable) is an over-the-top box that uses Android TV to provide access to a range of mobile apps and games formatted for the big screen. But it does more than that,

What an American artificial intelligence initiative really needs

The American AI Initiative as it stands does little to blunt the fears that America will fall behind in its technological edge. In fact, its lack of particulars sends exactly the opposite message.

Oculus co-founder shipping free Rift repair kits to users with VR headset audio issue

Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey isn’t in the VR hardware business these days since getting canned by Facebook (he’s focused on smart border security at his new company Anduril) but he still wants people to like the product he helped design.

TCL leaks foretell a weird future for foldable phones

Foldables are going to get weird. And I’m here for it. Just check out these leaked TCL renders from CNET. All manner of strange and wonderful folding devices — two tablets and three smartphones, including one that flips all the way around into a Futurama-style bracelet.

HiHello raises $2.5 million to finally fix contact management

HiHello, the latest startup to take aim at business cards with its own digital alternative, has now raised a $2.5 million seed round to continue its efforts in building a better contact management solution designed for the mobile era. The new financing was led by August Capital,

Instagram’s fundraiser stickers could lure credit card numbers

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that commerce is a huge part of the 2019 roadmap for Facebook’s family of apps. But before people can easily buy things from Instagram etc, Facebook needs their credit card info on file.

Google Assistant Actions up 2.5x in 2018 to reach 4,253 in the U.S.

In addition to competing for smart speaker market share, Google and Amazon are also competing for developer mindshare in the voice app ecosystem. On this front, Amazon has soared ahead – the number of available voice skills for Alexa devices have grown to top 80,000 the company recently announced.

SoftBank and Mubadala grow closer

The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank and Mubadala, the Abu Dhabi state investment company, have a closely intertwined relationship, and it’s one that the two are further cementing. According to the Financial Times,

Why Does This Diamond Hashtag Ring Exist?

It would appear that Intel isn’t the only company interested in adding a touch of technological flair to the fashion industry. Bloomingdale’s is now selling a ring by a designer called KhaiKhai that costs about $800. That’s right: $800 for an 18K yellow gold ring set with diamonds.

AllUnite Pulls In $3.7M For Its iBeacon Alternative For In-Store Mobile Ads

Danish startup AllUnite, which uses the lure of free Wi-Fi to drive local adverts to people logging on within retail locations such as shopping centers, has closed a €3 million Series A funding round. Read More

WeMail Raises $1M From Twitch, Reddit Founders For Intelligently Designed Mobile E-mail

Sure, there have been plenty of attempts at re-thinking e-mail on mobile devices. But that’s no reason not to try, try again. A pretty experienced team of founders who have sold companies to or been acqui-hired by both Amazon and Zynga are tackling e-mail with a new mobile app called WeMail.

友盟报告:ACG不分家 手游核心玩家多是动漫迷

移动应用统计分析平台友盟近日对手游核心玩家进行了分析,更多关注这些玩家在游戏之外的表现,了解他们在移动互联网上 […]

Facebook VS 腾讯,谁才是真正的“连接型”公司?




Veteran Regains Prosthetic Leg After NFL Fan Steals it Outside Stadium

The NFL is weird. America is weird. Philadelphia is weird. People are weirdAll of these facts congealed into one narrative on Sunday night in what we'll call the Case of the Missing Prosthetic Leg:

Better call it a hit: 'Better Call Saul' series premiere breaks ratings record

Ratings for the Grammys this year were less than stellar. And Better Call Saul may be part of the reason it took such a hit.AMC announced Monday that the series premiere of the Breaking Bad spinoff was the biggest series premiere in cable history among adults ages 18 to 49, drawing 4.


嘘。我能跟你说点事情吗?一些私密的事情?完全不担心泄密? 这就是最近我最喜欢的消息应用 Zendo。 你也许会问,谁还想再来一个点、赞、刺或困扰朋友的应用啊?答案很简单:任何关心隐私的人。… Read More

Pebble Time 评测:软件很好,可是硬件……

今年 2 月 25 日,Pebble 在苹果春季发布会前开启了下一代智能手表 Pebble Time 的众筹活动。

8 times Instagram policed women's bodies

Note: The following article contains content that may be considered NSFW.For women, Instagram can get a bit like an overprotective parent, begging you to cover up or be punished.The past year has been especially harsh, with several women receiving Instagram time-outs for "inappropriate content.


全新沟通平台助力策略业务优化,积极推动员工职业发展承诺 香港2015年8月6日电 /美通社/ -- 作为大中华区优质产品市场营销及分销管理的领导企业,捷成集团(捷成)今日宣布推出全新官方网站(http:


苹果音乐流媒体服务苹果音乐上线才几个月,却传出了一个重大的高管离职消息。据英国金融时报等媒体周五报道,苹果音乐产品的重要高管、前 Beats 音乐公司的首席执行官罗杰斯(Ian Rogers)已经离开了苹果公司。 ... ...

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