IBM wants to re-invent email, too

Following in the footsteps of Google Inbox and Microsoft Clutter, IBM wants to re-invent email, too. The company has announced IBM Verse, a "social mail" system for businesses that aims to help employees spend less time curating their inboxes.

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社交一直是互联网的一块大蛋糕,并且这个领域从来不缺概念:熟人社交、陌生人社交、碎片社交、职业社交、位置社交、兴 […]

After A Crazy 2014, Zeroes In On Mobile

Two years ago Tony Conrad spun his startup out of Aol after a rumored $35 million acquisition. The service, which offers users a single unified profile page for their digital identity, has grown tremendously in the last year, with over 2.1 billion profile views over the course of the year.

The Backstory Reimagines The Resume For A New Generation Of Users has always been about helping users to create a personalized profile page that shows them off in the best light. Today the company is launching a new feature, called Backstory, that will allow them to share their professional and educational background. Read More


个性化名片服务网站About.me日前宣布完成1100万美元B轮融资,由Foundry Group领投,其它参与投资的还有True Ventures, SoftTech VC, CrunchFund 以及Bullpen Capital,Foundry Group的总裁Brad Feld也将加入董事会。About.

Everything You Need to Know About Ebola in Four Minutes

Ebola has been hitting the headlines hard recently . But while you shouldn't be freaked out about it , now is a wonderful moment to learn more. This video tells you everything you need to know about the deadly virus in just four minutes.Read more...

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: It's not about market share, it's about mobility and people

At the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce annual luncheon today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke about his company's vision. While taking on questions and dishing out answers, Nadella was questioned about Microsoft's lack of market share when it comes to smartphones. More specifically, CEO Neil Vogel Discusses The Challenges Of Evolving An Established Brand has never been the coolest website on the internet. With a grayish background and an ugly logo, it was the place you landed when you searched for help with something, but you rarely went there on your own. This is the product that Neil Vogel took over one year ago,

Windows 10 In-Depth: Everything there is to know about the Weather app

The Weather is something that is always useful to know about. Unless you like surprises, in the form of depressing rainfall, keeping up-to-date with the weather forecast is a priority.Microsoft’s weather app has come a long way, and in Windows 10, the app has gone through a major overhaul.

You can't speculate about technology without speculating about society

We're living in a time of extreme technological change. Gadgets that didn't exist a decade ago are shaping your existence. So we need science fiction, more than ever, to speculate about the future of technology. But here's the hard part:

CEO Satya Nadella: Microsoft's future is not about past success, it's more about reinvention

Black Friday 2018: Best Instant Pot deals and where to get the cheapest price

Step aside, Xboxes and giant TVs: Instant Pots are taking up space on page one of Black Friday ads now. These little multi-cookers have been dominating the kitchen gadget conversation for the past year or so,

How the environment is connected to economic growth — and how to boost both

Earth’s natural resources largely determine the global economy’s ebb and flow. As such, the effects of climate change continue to cause concern among economists and environmentalists alike. In 2018,

Michael B. Jordan demonstrates how fast he can move his hands and it's pretty fast

Having starred in two Creed movies and probably endured some pretty rigorous physical training, Michael B. Jordan is pretty quick on his feet — and fast with his hands. On The Late Late Show, Jordan demonstrated to host James Corden just how quick he can actually move them.

George RR Martin hints there may be some Westeros 'erotica' in his new book

If you were wondering what exactly is contained within George RR Martin's new 736-page epic Westeros history Fire and Blood, we now have a few more clues.We already knew there were going to be dragons,

James Corden tries to impress Eddie Redmayne with muggle magic, fails

James Corden, though a very funny and talented host, is just a muggle. But that's not stopping him from trying to get licensed to do magic in the U.S. In a sketch on The Late Late Show, Corden showed up to a magic licensing test in his best muggle magician outfit,

Black Friday 2018: Save $80 on the latest Apple iPad at Walmart

Sometimes, Black Friday deals are on older products that retailers are trying to push out of their inventory. These products are still very good, but not necessarily the latest and greatest. This isn't one of those deals.Walmart has the newest model of the Apple iPad on sale for just $249,

Pinch us, we're dreaming: The 8-quart Instant Pot LUX is on sale for $59 for Black Friday

If you missed out on Walmart's great deal on the 6-quart Instant Pot LUX back in July, we'll do you one better: The 8-quart model is on sale for Black Friday and it's only $59.The 6-in-1 Instant Pot LUX usually goes for $99.99, which means you'll be saving $40 on the largest model in the LUX line.

Nokia's N1 Android tablet is a dead ringer for the iPad mini

This may come as a surprise, but Nokia is still producing hardwareThe company sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft in 2013, but it still has its technologies division (the first product from there was the Z Launcher, a home screen launcher for Android devices).See also:

NFL suspends Adrian Peterson for the rest of 2014 season

The NFL has suspended star running back Adrian Peterson for the remainder of the 2014 season.The ruling follows Peterson's plea of "no contest" to charges of misdemeanor reckless assault relating to a child abuse case involving one of his sons.

Japan wants to resume its whale hunt

Japan has slashed its whale catch target in the Antarctic by two-thirds in a bid to resume its annual whale hunt, which an international court ruled must stop.



Linio, Rocket Internet’s Amazon Play In Latin America, Rakes In Another $79M

Rocket Internet, the Berlin-based e-commerce incubator, is today announcing the latest chapter in its strategy to build out businesses in emerging countries. Linio, an Amazon-style e-commerce marketplace active in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru,

為 Firefox OS 打造 Firefox 瀏覽器 (上)

在你聽著 Mozilla 眉飛色舞的提及「Firefox OS」這麼久,你是否知道當初建構 Firefox OS 的概念與過程呢?我們透過 Ben Francis 輕鬆說故事的口吻,讓大家能初步了解期間發生的許多小插曲。



Groupon's ex-CEO launches audio tour app in San Francisco

Audio tours, often associated with museum field trips, are taking to the streets.A new app called Detour is the latest contender trying to bring the traditional walking tour into the technological age. Andrew Mason, formerly of Groupon, started the audio tour company.See also: Frida,



国家知识产权局:2015年中国发明专利申请量突破100万件 同比增长18.7%

国家知识产权局14日在京发布了2015年我国发明专利授权量的数据:中国发明专利申请量突破100万件,同比增长18.7%,连续5年位居世界首位,企业知识产权创造主体地位持续巩固。 您可能也喜欢的文章: 国家知识产权局:2015年中国发明专利申请受理量达110.2万件 同比增长18.


网上流传着一句话,不要和乐视比发布会。从推广创意来讲,下一次如果我要做一场发布会,我可以做一系列海报了,标题有 ...

ElasticSearch 2 (9) - 在ElasticSearch之下(图解搜索的故事) - Richaaaard

ElasticSearch 2 (9) 在ElasticSearch之下(图解搜索的故事) 摘要 先自上而下,后自底向上的介绍ElasticSearch的底层工作原理,试图回答以下问题: 为什么我的搜索 foo bar 无法匹配 foo bar ? 为什么增加更多的文件会压缩索引(Index)


上海2016年3月1日电 /美通社/ -- 英国豪迈的电梯部件品牌“欧捷”(将在2016 年印度国际电梯展览会(IEE 2016)上展出新款电梯光幕、电梯显示器和电梯监控软件。本次IEE 2016展会将于2016年3月17日至19日在印度孟买的孟买展览中心举办,欧捷的展位号是A05和A06。 印度国际电梯展览会(IEE 2016)。 欧捷将推出其全新的E系列和L系列电梯光幕,这两款电梯光幕符合欧盟新立法(EN81-20)规定。该立法将于2016 年在中国正式履行,预计未来几年内也将相继被其他国家所采用。

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