Comcast's Uber-like app tells you when the cable guy will actually show up

Sometimes, technology really does solve our everyday problems.Comcast launched a new feature in its MyAccount app that tracks the company's technicians. You'll still have to wait around for the cable guy, but the days of hanging out for hours for that knock at the door may be coming to an end.

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Comcast files to start the TWC merger process. Here’s how regulators should view the deal.

Comcast kicked of the federal regulatory review of it's merger with Time Warner Cable. Regulators should view this deal through eyes that recognize how IP has changed communications, not through the old paradigm.

Comcast's Uber-like app tells you when the cable guy will actually show up

Sometimes, technology really does solve our everyday problems.Comcast launched a new feature in its MyAccount app that tracks the company's technicians. You'll still have to wait around for the cable guy, but the days of hanging out for hours for that knock at the door may be coming to an end.

Antitrust issues abound as Comcast explains Time Warner Cable deal in the Senate

U.S. senators are asking whether the biggest cable TV company in the country should be able to buy the second biggest. The antitrust issues are more subtle than they seem.

As the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger process gets going, expect more talk about peering

It's likely that the FCC will take a close look at the peering issue, and it will begin that process as part of its review of the Comcast purchase of Time Warner Cable.    

Hey FCC, Netflix thinks peering should be a net neutrality issue too

Like Level 3, Netflix is asking the FCC to make interconnection agreements a network neutrality issue as online video demand and the court decision gutting the Open Internet Order force the FCC to revisit how the web is regulated.    

Could the Comcast-Time Warner merger actually be a good thing for online TV?

Dish is getting ready to launch its online TV service this summer, thanks in part to regulatory conditions put in place when Comcast and NBC Universal merged in 2011.

BYOD goes TV: Fan TV starts selling its streaming box to Time Warner Cable customers

Move over, cable box, there is a new kid in town: Time Warner Cable customers can now buy Fan TV to access live television and online video services.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts: It’s time to pay the postman. (Just FYI: I am the new postman)

Comcast's CEO was not exactly on friendly ground Wednesday, as tech insiders pushed him to explain his pending takeover of Time Warner Cable and his commitment to fast broadband.

Surprise! Cisco data says we still use a lot of broadband (mostly for video)

Every year Cisco puts out its estimates for how the internet and IP traffic will grow. By 2018, it believes global IP traffic will reach 1.6 zettabytes, or 1.6 trillion gigabytes.

The problem with Apple’s peering is that we don’t know if it’s a problem or not

Apple is reportedly in talks to set up paid peering arrangements with U.S. ISPs, but before we compare Apple to Netflix in peering fights we need more information.

How to become a graphic designer without going to art school

Look, it doesn't matter if you can't draw to save your life. You shouldn't let your inability to illustrate anything beyond stick figures and random doodles impede your pursuit of becoming a graphic designer. You're trying to become a digital artist here, not emulate Pablo Picasso's career.Plus,

The thinnest wallet you'll ever own is on sale for Black Friday

Maybe you're sick of being unorganized. Maybe you're tired of constantly dropping your credit cards. Maybe your current wallet is so overstuffed that it forces you to sit on a slant whenever it's in your back pocket. (Who do you think you are, George Costanza?) Whatever the reason,

Did you catch the one 'Harry Potter' actor who shows up in 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelw

This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Read at your own risk!The 1920s setting of the Fantastic Beasts franchise is a great opportunity for younger versions of beloved Harry Potter characters to appear in their own stories. Most of them,

Adidas has launched its Black Friday UK sale in a very big way

The coming festive season, or party season, is a difficult time for those that like to hide from social settings and would honestly prefer to be in bed, alone.Christmas time means work parties, reunions, and drinks — so many drinks. So if you absolutely have to socialise,

Original Tamagotchi review: The reboot of the '90s classic is still addictive

Original Tamagotchi$19.99View ProductThe GoodChoose from either classic colors (Gen 1) or new colors (Gen 2) • Includes original addictive gameplay • Small size makes it super-portableThe BadNon-backlit display is antiquated • Battery isn't rechargableThe Bottom LineOther than some color updates,

Fed-up moms respond to 'Can I cook a turkey in the microwave?'

The "How do you microwave a turkey?" prank is breaking our mothers' hearts.With Thanksgiving just around the corner, young people are pranking their poor mothers by asking them for advice on one of the greatest sins against the holiday season: microwaved turkey.SEE ALSO:

Get a 12-month PlayStation Plus membership on sale for $40 at Amazon, the cheapest we've seen all ye

One of the good things about shopping for a gamer on Black Friday: it's really easy to find some stocking stuffers. This could include games, a basic headset, extra cables, or even a gift card.

What will drones look like in 10 years?

This discussion follows "An Illustrated History of the Drone," Mashable's first animated mini-documentary about the history of drone technology, published Nov. 19, 2014.The drone age is here — and as daunting, eerie or futuristic as it may seem, it's nothing short of realityOn Nov. 19,

New York hotel upset after city reserves rooms for homeless

When a New York City agency booked 100 rooms at a Radisson Hotel for a "government group," the hotel was happy to oblige.“When you say they have a government group, as hotel people, we like government groups,” the hotel's general manager Pierre Merhej told DNAinfo.See also: One less hurdle:

Half of the world's population will be online by 2018

The Internet is about to get a little more crowded.According to new data from market research firm eMarketer, the web will reach 2.89 billion users in 2015, or what equates to 42.4% of the world's population. This would mark a 6.


作者在这篇文章中会和大家一起来整理一下2013年自动化测试领域一些比较值得关注的变化,也展望一下2014年可能发生的变化,希望读者可以从中可以发现一些线索,进而做相关延伸阅读。 By 吴穹

VS2012 生成事件 - stoneniqiu


Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Trek Through Space

It's a hard knock life for a planetary probe. Launched Sept. 5, 1977, the stalwart Voyager 1 spacecraft has been Earth's most distant ambassador since 1998.And it's still going.See also: Eye Candy for Space Geeks:



(原)SpringMVC全注解不是你们那么玩的 - 衍悔


Apple Said To Team With Visa, MasterCard On iPhone Wallet

An anonymous reader writes with news about a possible partnership between Apple and major credit card companies. Apple plans to turn its next iPhone into a mobile wallet through a partnership with major payment networks, banks and retailers, according a person familiar with the situation.

UK companies surpassed by European counterparts in big data race

A survey produced by OnePoll has shown that UK companies are slow to embrace new types of big data compared with those companies based in Germany and France.Read more:


中国移动财报:2014年Q1-Q3中国移动净利润826亿元,同比降9.7% 您可能也喜欢的文章: 谷歌财报:2014年Q3谷歌净利润28.


近日,暴风影音(北京暴风科技股份有限公司)向证监会提交了首次公开发行股票招股说明书,准备创业板上市。根据招股书内容,暴风拟公开发行不超过3000 万股普通股,募资5.1亿元,占本次发行后总股本超过25%,主要用 ... ...

亚马逊“最值钱业务”AWS明年有可能遭拆分 估值达380亿美元

亚马逊可能是今年最失意的上市公司,市值缩水的市值接近一个eBay。因为低迷的股价,市场分析机构The Edge咨询集团给出报告,认为亚马逊将会在明年将云服务AWS拆分出来,估值为380亿美元。

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