Comcast's Uber-like app tells you when the cable guy will actually show up

Sometimes, technology really does solve our everyday problems.Comcast launched a new feature in its MyAccount app that tracks the company's technicians. You'll still have to wait around for the cable guy, but the days of hanging out for hours for that knock at the door may be coming to an end.

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Comcast files to start the TWC merger process. Here’s how regulators should view the deal.

Comcast kicked of the federal regulatory review of it's merger with Time Warner Cable. Regulators should view this deal through eyes that recognize how IP has changed communications, not through the old paradigm.

Comcast's Uber-like app tells you when the cable guy will actually show up

Sometimes, technology really does solve our everyday problems.Comcast launched a new feature in its MyAccount app that tracks the company's technicians. You'll still have to wait around for the cable guy, but the days of hanging out for hours for that knock at the door may be coming to an end.

Antitrust issues abound as Comcast explains Time Warner Cable deal in the Senate

U.S. senators are asking whether the biggest cable TV company in the country should be able to buy the second biggest. The antitrust issues are more subtle than they seem.

As the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger process gets going, expect more talk about peering

It's likely that the FCC will take a close look at the peering issue, and it will begin that process as part of its review of the Comcast purchase of Time Warner Cable.    

Hey FCC, Netflix thinks peering should be a net neutrality issue too

Like Level 3, Netflix is asking the FCC to make interconnection agreements a network neutrality issue as online video demand and the court decision gutting the Open Internet Order force the FCC to revisit how the web is regulated.    

Could the Comcast-Time Warner merger actually be a good thing for online TV?

Dish is getting ready to launch its online TV service this summer, thanks in part to regulatory conditions put in place when Comcast and NBC Universal merged in 2011.

BYOD goes TV: Fan TV starts selling its streaming box to Time Warner Cable customers

Move over, cable box, there is a new kid in town: Time Warner Cable customers can now buy Fan TV to access live television and online video services.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts: It’s time to pay the postman. (Just FYI: I am the new postman)

Comcast's CEO was not exactly on friendly ground Wednesday, as tech insiders pushed him to explain his pending takeover of Time Warner Cable and his commitment to fast broadband.

Surprise! Cisco data says we still use a lot of broadband (mostly for video)

Every year Cisco puts out its estimates for how the internet and IP traffic will grow. By 2018, it believes global IP traffic will reach 1.6 zettabytes, or 1.6 trillion gigabytes.

The problem with Apple’s peering is that we don’t know if it’s a problem or not

Apple is reportedly in talks to set up paid peering arrangements with U.S. ISPs, but before we compare Apple to Netflix in peering fights we need more information.

Who the Hell Is This Lady?

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Lin-Manuel Miranda in talks for 'Moana' sequel

Sources say the sequel would revolve around a Latina princess for the first time in Disney history. Read more...More about Music, Disney, Mashable Video, Lin Manuel Miranda, and Hamilton

"Black Panther" makes history with Oscar nom for Best Picture

"Black Panther" is the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The film was also nominated for Best Original Score, Best Costume Design, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Song for Kendrick Lamar's "All the Stars." Read more...More about Mashable Video,

Stop everything and save up to $150 on Apple iPad and iPad Pro at Walmart

Stop what you're doing! Need a new iPad? Walmart has several deals on iPad and iPad Pro models. You can save up to $150 on previous generations of Apple's premiere mobile tablet.

Take $472 off a *curved* 55-inch 4K TV from Samsung with free 2-day shipping at Walmart

It may be cold outside, but TV content is hot in the coming weeks.Whether you're counting down the days to that big football game on Feb. 2, the Oscars on Feb. 24, or just count down the days every week until Bachelor Mondays, there's at least one thing you're currently obsessing over.

Watch 'Bohemian Rhapsody' online: Here's where to stream the Oscar-nominated movie

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?"We can't know for sure, but that's probably what Rami Malek was thinking when he was nominate for Best Actor in a Leading Role for the 2019 Academy Awards, and what the rest of the crew said when Bohemian Rhapsody was nominated for Best Picture.

The Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill/Griddle is on sale for $35.99 at Walmart — that's cheaper than

It might not be warm outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s not grillin’ season. Indoor grills can channel the feeling of summer even on the coldest, snowiest days.Get cooking with the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Grill/Griddle on sale for $35.99 at Walmart — that’s $24 off the original price.

What will drones look like in 10 years?

This discussion follows "An Illustrated History of the Drone," Mashable's first animated mini-documentary about the history of drone technology, published Nov. 19, 2014.The drone age is here — and as daunting, eerie or futuristic as it may seem, it's nothing short of realityOn Nov. 19,

New York hotel upset after city reserves rooms for homeless

When a New York City agency booked 100 rooms at a Radisson Hotel for a "government group," the hotel was happy to oblige.“When you say they have a government group, as hotel people, we like government groups,” the hotel's general manager Pierre Merhej told DNAinfo.See also: One less hurdle:

Half of the world's population will be online by 2018

The Internet is about to get a little more crowded.According to new data from market research firm eMarketer, the web will reach 2.89 billion users in 2015, or what equates to 42.4% of the world's population. This would mark a 6.

Ads are the new black: AOL starts streaming classic Miramax movies

Miramax classics are coming to AOL, free of charge. The partnership is just the latest example of video platforms turning to movies to show more ads.

7 Charts That Show How Climate Change Is Already Altering Life in the U.S.

The White House released the most comprehensive U.S.-focused climate science assessment ever conducted on Tuesday. It makes clear that global warming is no longer a phenomenon that will rear its ugly head in a far-off time and place. Instead, it is affecting everyone in the U.S. already,





Amazon Launches a Mobile Card Reader to Undercut Square

Amazon has announced its entry into the mobile payments market with Local Register, a card reader and mobile app for small businesses.The new product competes directly with companies like Square and PayPal in the fast-growing market for payment transactions.

The 40 Most Musical Universities in the U.S.

College is a time for getting your act together, both academically and sociallyAnd the soundtrack to your college experience is just as important as whatever it is you're actually doing, whether it's finishing your paper at 7 a.m. or sidestepping puddles of vomit at the nearest frat party.See also:

Management Studio 插件生成安装包要点(以ProjkyAddin为例) - ProJKY

揭秘将SSMS 2005-SSMS 2014插件融入一个安装包使不同计算机上Management Studio加载各自版本插件的实现要点。




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“黑客的噩梦”:微软这样描述Xbox One的安全岗位

看起来近来的黑客攻击事件已经给微软在Xbox One的安全问题上敲响了警钟,微软前几天在Linkedin发布的 […]

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