Following Pressure From U.S. Senate, Uber Hires Data Privacy Experts To Review Company’s Policies

In light of growing concerns around Uber’s ethics and the way it manages customers’ personal data,

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Following Pressure From U.S. Senate, Uber Hires Data Privacy Experts To Review Company’s Policies

In light of growing concerns around Uber’s ethics and the way it manages customers’ personal data,

Review Of Uber’s Privacy Policy Shows Positive Signs, But Still Room For Improvement

Uber today released the results of a review of its privacy policies, which it had commissioned from independent law firm Hogan Lovells. The firm found that Uber had appropriate policies and disclosures in place and that it had invested significantly to enforce those policies. However,

Sen. Al Franken Not Happy With Uber’s Evasive Responses On Privacy

Senator Al Franken is critical of Uber’s response to the concerns he raised around privacy — specifically complaining that it lacks detail and that the company’s three page letter avoids answering some of his questions. Read More

CES will allow sex tech on a one-year trial bias, and finally bans booth babes

The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show, is slowly getting up to speed with the modern-day. Today,

Retail role play

Retail isn’t dying, it’s evolving. How democratizing data access is changing the rules -- and roles -- for both brands and merchants.

Final tickets to our 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party

One of Silicon Valley’s most fun and enduring traditions — the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party — takes place on July 25. If you don’t have a ticket yet, know this: We just released the last batch of tickets. Once they’re gone, that’s it. No party for you. Don’t miss out on a night of fun […]

Amazon Prime Day sees competition from more than expected number of retailers

Amazon’s Prime Day continues to gain competition from rival retailers piggybacking on the annual event with their own sales. Ahead of this year’s Prime Day, RetailMeNot had forecast that this year’s sale would see competition from 250 retailers. Today, the firm upped this figure to over 300,

Facebook reportedly hasn’t contacted the regulator it says will oversee Libra’s privacy and data sec

A Swiss regulatory agency that Facebook executive David Marcus said in Congressional testimony would be responsible for overseeing data and privacy protections for the company’s newly launched cryptocurrency, Libra, has not been contacted by Facebook, according to a report.

Minecraft Earth starts rolling out in beta in Seattle and London

If you’ve been waiting to check out Minecraft Earth (Mojang’s Pokemon GO-style augmented reality reimagining of its hugely popular game Minecraft) good news: it’s starting to roll out to some people now. The catch? It’s only available to a slice-of-a-slice of the world, at first.

Peter Thiel says Elizabeth Warren is ‘dangerous,’ Warren responds: ‘Good’

Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem too unhappy about being labeled “dangerous” by investor Peter Thiel . Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, Palantir and Founders Fund, made the comments in an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson,’s New App Called PriceJump Finds You The Lowest Price, Online, On Amazon Or In-Store

Amazon has a reputation for having low prices, but that’s not always the case. recently revealed via its price comparison tool that, half the time, Amazon had higher prices than its online competitors. Today,

The Basis Peak Will Get Notifications From Your Phone In Mid-December

While a fantastic device for those looking to track their workouts and sleep habits, the Basis Peak launched without the smart notifications you see on Android Wear gadgets or the Microsoft Band. Starting mid-December,

Apple Is Coming To The Aid Of Small Retailers

When Apple Pay launched on 20th October, Cupertino announced partnerships with big brands such as Whole Food, Macy’s and McDonalds. But what about all the mom and pop stores around the country – how are they going to benefit from it? Read More

Amazon Fire TV's voice search is one of its best features, but at launch it only played nice with Am

Amazon Fire TV 's voice search is one of its best features, but at launch it only played nice with Amazon stuff. That's about to change—last week it got support for Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime, and later this year Fire TV is going to work with Netflix, says CEO Reed Hastings. Read more...

Apache Log4j 2.0值得升级吗

Apache软件基金会最近发布了Log4j 2.0通用版本,相比之前Log4j的1.x版本有了很大的性能提升。本版本的灵感来自于诸如Log4j 1.x和java.util.logging之类的已有日志解决方案,它是经过了数年的努力从头开始编写完成的。

Taco Bell hasn't abandoned Twitter. It's just launching a new app.

No, Taco Bell hasn't been hacked or given up on social mediaThe fast food chain blacked out its Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube accounts on Tuesday in an effort to promote the launch of its new mobile ordering and payment appSee also: Stop Hating:

AngularJS html5Mode与ASP.NET MVC路由共存 - i鱿鱼



据美国《汽车新闻》1月14日报道:近日,在底特律车展上,日产汽车公司首席规划官(CPO)菲利普·克莱恩(Philippe Klein)宣布,日产公司新一代电动汽车将解决电池续航问题。

Musicyou Raises A Seed Round For Its Private Music Sharing Platform

The value proposition of apps which allow you to share music though messaging, like PingTune or MusicMessenger is, largely, to chat about music. Meanwhile, apps like TunePics, Mindie and Flipagram are more about sharing music in a public, Twitter-like, feed. While Music Messenger, PingTune,


广州2015年6月13日电 /美通社/ -- 近年来,随着人们生活水平和健康观念的提高,“预防性营养”的概念越来越流行,特别是“营养美容”产业发展迅猛,其中应用最广的胶原蛋白行业发展有了很大突破。



掌阅iReader发布了一款“Kindle没有办法比”的电子书阅读器 售价899元



最近一直在做APM报表的重构,记录和分享一些看法。希望可以坚持,今天先做Web用户体验设计的总结。因为重点再重 ...

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