Xbox One reportedly sells one million units in the UK

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Xbox One reportedly sells one million units in the UK

Microsoft launches Xbox Store Countdown Sale offerings hundreds of games and apps at discounts

With the year 2015 coming to an end, Microsoft has still has gifts in store for Xbox users. The Xbox Store Countdown sale will offer users with hundreds of games and apps at discounted prices over...

Xbox Entertainment Studios to close by the end of 2014

The dream of competing with major streaming players like Netflix would seem to be over for the Xbox One, with Microsoft clearly focusing more on the gaming side.Read more:

Xbox boss admits Sony’s PS4 has a “huge lead” over Xbox One

The how’s and why’s of PlayStations 4 uncanny ascension this console generation are wide and varied. Gamers and pundits point to everything from hardware prowess to game lineups for PlayStations 4’s number one spot,...

Microsoft divorcing Xbox One and Kinect: The reasons why this split hurts

Come June, you’ll be able to buy yourself an Xbox One console without a mandatory Kinect coming along with it – but there are downsides to this move.Read more:

Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition bundles and hardware showcased

Microsoft and development studio 343 Industries are cranking the hype up a notch for Halo 5: Guardians; which is due for release in just over a week on October 27. Up until now, there have been numerous videos detailing the...The post Halo 5:

Apex Legends’ first season is now live on Xbox One consoles

The first season event for the hit Apex Legends video game, Wild Frontier, is now live on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles.

Disney Magic Kingdoms video game updates on Windows 10 with new characters and more

The Windows 10 video game, Disney Magic Kingdoms, received an update today that added a variety of new characters, several new attractions, and some new land for players to use for all of their unlocked content. The main focus of this update was the addition of Dumbo, Timothy Q. Mouse,

Mozilla Firefox browser adds Windows Hello authentication support

The Mozilla Firefox internet browser updated to Version 66.0 and, with this update, added support for Microsoft’s Windows Hello authentication. This means that after installing the latest update, Firefox users on a compatible Windows 10 device will be able to use their face, fingerprint,

Microsoft releases new patch for Windows 10 version 1803

Microsoft has just released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version 1803 with a long list of fixes.

Outlook for iOS gets redesigned icon with latest update

Microsoft’s Outlook app on iOS is the first Office app on the platform to get the redesigned icons that Microsoft unveiled a couple of weeks ago.

343 Industries shares many more details about Halo:MCC on PC during Reddit AMA session

This morning, Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard and lead producer Michael Fahrny answered many fan questions about the PC version of Halo: MCC during a Reddit AMA session.

Bing rebuilds Home page on Amazon tablets using React/Redux

The combination of React + Redux results in a hyper responsive design of the Bing homepage experience on Amazon Fire tablets.

Microsoft makes it less attractive for developers to create apps for Windows

Microsoft Office Mobile for Android updated with Dropbox Support and OneDrive sharing

Wunderlist for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 updated with Snapped View, Live Tile Support, and more



Adobe 推出 Flash 安全性更新,修補與 IE 出包「無關的」零時差攻擊漏洞


Nginx 1.5.2 + PHP 5.5.1 + MySQL 5.6.10 + Phalcon + Thrift + Composer在 CentOS 下的编译安装 - 黑幽默

Nginx 1.5.2 + PHP 5.5.1 + MySQL 5.6.10 安装参考了大神的资料,这里就直接贴出了1、安装Nginx:mkdir -p /Data/tgzcd /Data/tgzyum install wgetyum inst...

苹果希望iPhone 6 NFC功能不仅仅用于支付

威锋网讯 10 月 27 日消息,根据 The Information 的报导,苹果正在积极寻找可以快速扩展 iPhone 6/6 Plus 内置 NFC 芯片功能的合作伙伴。

android 模拟2048 - zhu_xj

利用节日休息时间在ANDROID上进行学习并模拟2048游戏。效果如下图:制作思路:1、画出2048游戏主界面,根据手机屏幕宽高度进行计算并画出每个方块的大小。 1 @Override 2 protected void onSizeChanged(int w, int h, int oldw...

谷歌被迫改版谷歌钱包 因受Apple Pay所压


javascript模式(1)--私有成员 - 全全的前端浆糊

javascript 私有成员 闭包作用

​United gave millions of reward miles to hackers who found security holes

Two hackers have scored a million frequent-flier miles each on United Airlines for finding security holes in the airline's computer systems.The awards were made under a "Bug Bounty Program" that United started in May. Technology companies have offered so-called bug bounties,

【程序员眼中的统计学(9)】总体和样本的估计:进行预测 - 伏草惟存



编者按:Buffer的联合创始人兼CEO Joel Gascoigne分享了他的创业经验和学习到的教训,以及他们为什么还没有卖掉其创业公司的首要原因。在Buffer,我们很幸运从创业开始到现在收到了大量准备收购Buffer的收购报价。

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