Mexico protesters confront police in mass protest for missing students

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across Mexico and around the world Thursday night in what may be the biggest protest yet over the kidnapping and presumed murder of 43 students.The demonstrators sought the return of the students,

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Thousands Protest in Mexico as Investigation Reveals Depth of Corruption

Protesters in Mexico set fire to government buildings during demonstrations on Wednesday as the anger surrounding the disappearance of 43 students from a rural teaching college continues to mount.See also:

'We are all Ayotzinapa': Mass student kidnapping sparks outrage in Mexico

Protests surrounding the disappearance of 43 students from a rural teaching college in Mexico have raged on for weeks with no signs of slowingOriginally centered in Mexico's southern state of Guerrero, the demonstrations have now expanded nationwide,

Questions Remain Over Missing Students as Protests Escalate in Mexico

Unrest escalated in Mexico on Tuesday as students and teachers took to the streets calling for justice over the disappearance of 43 college students in the country's south late last month.Dozens of students were rounded up by police on Sept. 26 during deadly clashes in Iguala, Guerrero.

Mexico’s Resources Fuel The Texas Startup Economy

Everything is bigger in Texas, and thanks to Mexico, that may be also soon be true of the state’s growing tech sector. Flush with cash, Texas’ proximity to Mexico gives the state’s tech companies distinct advantages over other regions,

Remains found in burned van in Mexico may be missing Australian surfers

Fears are growing for two Australian men who have gone missing in Mexico.On Monday, Mexican officials said they were administering DNA tests on a pair of burned bodies found along with the remains of a van, the Guardian reported. The van is said to belong to one of two missing Australian surfers,

Amazon Launches Full Retail Operations In Mexico

Amazon today formally announced its expansion into physical goods sales in Mexico. The company had previously only offered Kindle e-books on its online site which opened for Mexican customers in 2013. Today on,

The Next Great Startup Will Be A ‘Unicornio’

“The minute a major Silicon Valley VC sets up a branch in Mexico, you will be out of business,” a Mexican founder told me over dinner at last year’s Mexico VC Day in San Francisco. I did not respond, because I actually think our risk of going out of business is higher if they don’t come.

Mexico protesters confront police in mass protest for missing students

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across Mexico and around the world Thursday night in what may be the biggest protest yet over the kidnapping and presumed murder of 43 students.The demonstrators sought the return of the students,

AT&T is buying Nextel Mexico for $1.88 billion, minus debt

DALLAS — AT&T is buying Nextel Mexico from NII Holdings for about $1.88 billion, minus the company's debt.The deal will give AT&T Inc. companies that operate under the name Nextel Mexico and hold all of the wireless properties in Mexico held by NII Holdings Inc. That includes spectrum licenses,

Ferocious Hurricane Odile Hits Mexico

A monster storm struck Mexico's vacation paradise overnight as Hurricane Odile made landfall on the southern Baja California peninsula,

The best UK deals for Thursday: Philips toothbrushes, Berghaus backpacks, Canon cameras, and more

Where else could you find a deals roundup that includes fantastic opportunities to save on electric toothbrushes, backpacks, fitness trackers, and digital cameras? We're not saying this is the first and only list to include that eclectic mix of products but if there are others,

Why we binge-watch stuff we hate

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal.Two episodes into Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I knew I hated it. Then I watched two more episodes —in the same sitting. Somehow,

I don't like horror. Unless it's in a video game.

I don’t really like horror. That is, unless it’s happening in a video game like Resident Evil 2.I haven’t watched much horror in my life for the simple fact that I don’t particularly enjoy being scared. I don’t like watching characters that I’m supposed to root for go through harrowing,

Kristen Bell knows how 'The Good Place' will end, but there's 1 issue

The Good Place is a show that thrives on its twists and turns, but have you ever wondered how the whole thing is going to end? Well, Kristen Bell knows. In the interview above with Conan O'Brien, she reveals that creator Mike Schur actually told her.The problem? She's forgotten.

People have the weirdest nicknames for their pets and yep, it's a meme now

Pets are like family, only furrier and cuter.Just like we'd never call our grandmothers by their real names, calling pets by their given names is just unnatural.SEE ALSO: The 'you may know me from' meme is for all the annoying questions people have about your jobOn Twitter,

Stephen King creates a Twitter play to brutally mock Donald Trump

There's no way you'd be able to fit a Stephen King novel into a single tweet, but it turns out you can squeeze in a play. A very short one, at least.On Wednesday night,

The only place to watch Oscar-nominated 'Roma' online (for now) is this one site

Netflix is notorious for doing the opposite of traditional film distribution — or at least they were, until they realized that awards would be involved if they debuted movies in cinemas for a few days.And that was a damn good move: After playing in select theaters for a few weeks,

Silicon Valley gets slim pickings from Obama on immigration

Silicon Valley leaders watched U.S. President Barack Obama's immigration reform speech on Thursday,

One Direction's 'Night Changes' video will make you swear off dating

Self-proclaimed "Directioners" have dreamed of one day finally embarking on a romantic date with one (or all) of the One Direction bandmatesWith the group's new music video for "Night Changes," Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall make those dreams a virtual reality.

Adorable giant panda is having a better snow day than you

As winter creeps up and leaving the house becomes progressively more treacherous, we all need a pick-me-up. Da Mao, a giant panda at the Toronto zoo, is here to save the dayHe could hardly contain his excitement and took full advantage of his #Snovember snow day. Check out Da Mao above, slipping,

Lively App Brings Back Your Favorite SXSW Music Performances

AUSTIN, Texas — Every year, hundreds of bands play live shows at South By Southwest. The music is good and memorable though when the conference is over, memories are pretty much all we have left. This year, however, might be a little different. Lively, a multi-platform, music app,

Google Chrome或很快登陆WP平台

据Channel5网站报道,当谷歌将其应用软件(特别是YouTube)移植到Windows Phone 8平台的时候,似乎显得很不情愿,但现在谷歌的Chrome浏览器或许很快将登陆微软的移动操作系统。

内部人士称下一个OS X版本的名称为 Napa

威锋网讯 4 月 10 日消息,根据国外科技网站 T-GAAP 的报导,他们已经得到内部人士提供的消息,下一个 OS X 版本的正式名称将会是 Napa Valley,又或简称为 Napa。



"Having a girl founder would devalue the company": Tinder caught up in huge sexism firestorm

Popular dating app Tinder is facing a sexual discrimination charge from its former vice president of marketing and co-founder, Whitney Wolfe. Read more:

Lumia Cyan更新推送已覆盖至欧洲35国市场

微软/诺基亚已从 7 月 15 日开始正式向全球范围推送 Windows Phone 8.

PLSQL_Oracle物化视图Material View的基本概念和用法 (概念)(以物化视图的方式同步两个数据库间的表或实时备份重要表) - 东方瀚海

2014-06-08 BaoXinjian1. 用法物化视图是包括一个查询结果的数据库对象,它是远程数据的的本地副本,或者用来生成基于数据表求和的汇总表。物化视图存储基于远程表的数据,也可以称为快照。


你相信3D打印技术会改变世界吗? 虽然还未正式进入大规模消费级市场,但3D打印机已经在诸多领域逐渐被验证了可行 […]

BBC creates 'Game Of Thrones'-style Six Nations rugby promo video

LONDON — "Which one of six will wear the crown?"That's the question posed by the BBC's new Game of Thrones-style Six Nations video, which marks the commencement of the fiercely fought rugby tournament.England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales begin playing for glory on Friday,



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