Requiem for a Unicorn

Editor’s Note: Micah Rosenbloom is a Venture Partner at Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital fund. Marc Andreessen has said that there are 15 companies per year that generate 90% of the returns for VCs. Startups jockey for position in the “Billion Dollar Club.

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Hardware Crowdfunding: Where The Venture Dollars Flow

Crowdfunding dollars are only one source of capital for hardware startups. The other source, the one that gets even more attention, is venture capital. In the years since Kickstarter came into the world, venture investing in hardware has gone from non-existent to mainstream. Read More

Requiem for a Unicorn

Editor’s Note: Micah Rosenbloom is a Venture Partner at Founder Collective, a seed-stage venture capital fund. Marc Andreessen has said that there are 15 companies per year that generate 90% of the returns for VCs. Startups jockey for position in the “Billion Dollar Club.

Much Of Intel’s $740M Cloudera Investment Likely Went To Existing Shareholders

Yesterday's blockbuster news that Intel had invested $740 million in Hadoop-focused Cloudera was a surprise. The market hadn't expected Intel's investment to be so large.

Winter Is (Probably) Coming (Soon)

That’s the gist of a recent interview that venture capitalist Bill Gurley gave. His words matter because they cut to the simple fact that too many companies are burning too much money. Making money is better than losing money,

Raising More Than $750K In Hardware Crowdfunding

For months, investors have talked about how crowdfunding is changing the hardware investing landscape. The theory goes that the advent of Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow companies to test product-market-fit in a notoriously challenging category.

How Many Millions Should I Take From My Startup?

Dear Danny, I am a young founder currently finishing a fundraising process and have multiple term sheets at absurd valuations with no expectation of offering board seats. I am trying to find ways to distinguish between these offers,

2015 Is Shaping Up To Be The Key Year For Venture Capital

Eye-popping is the only word that comes close to describing the numbers we saw this year from venture finance. The valuations accelerated rapidly, with companies like Slack jumping past the billion dollar mark in less than a year of the launch of its enterprise social product.

Yummly Raises $15 Million At $100M Valuation For Its Recipe Recommendation And Food Delivery Busines

Yummly, the online recipe recommendation and food delivery service has raised $15 million in a new round of funding led by Bauer Venture Partners that values the company at $100 million. Read More

At 10 Years Old, True Ventures is Killing It

True Ventures turned 10 years old this month, and it has plenty to celebrate. The early-stage venture firm, with offices in San Francisco and Palo Alto, was the first investor in WordPress parent Automattic, a “unicorn” whose eventual public offering is widely expected.

The Surprising Bias Of Venture Capital Decision-Making

Stories of entrepreneurs launching innovative ideas, raising millions in venture capital and turning startups such as Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat into multi-billion dollar companies has catapulted venture capital investments, setting record numbers since the dot-com era. On the surface,

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you instantly replay scenes (for some reason)

Netflix loves to test new ideas, and its latest experiment is an odd new feature that lets viewers watch a scene again. A selection of Netflix subscribers noticed the new addition, which serves a pop-up asking if they want to “watch this scene again” after certain ‘highlight’ scenes in a show.

A former Ofo exec is launching his own scooter startup

With €20 million in VC backing, Dott plans to release a fleet of multi-colored e-scooters in Paris in early-2019.

LemonBox, which brings US vitamins to Chinese consumers, raises $2M

LemonBox, a Chinese e-commerce startup that imports vitamins and health products from the US, has raised $2 million to develop its business. The company graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent program in the U.S. and, fuelled by the demo day,

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with $100M at a $535M valuation

Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla, Alfred Lin of Sequoia and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed are backers of Faire.

Anki’s Vector is getting Alexa access next week

Vector’s already got the adorable bit down, courtesy of a team staffed by former Pixar and Dreamworks animators. But Anki’s grownup version of Cozmo can use a bit of help when it comes to smarts. Starting next week, the desktop robot will be able to tap into Amazon Alexa’s deep base of answers.

IMAX pulls the plug on its dream of VR arcades

The company behind the biggest screens in cinema is giving up on bringing VR screens within a few inches of users’ faces. The company announced today in a SEC filing that it will be shutting down its three remaining virtual reality centers including its flagship location in Los Angeles.

They scaled YouTube — now they’ll shard everyone with PlanetScale

When the former CTOs of YouTube, Facebook and Dropbox seed fund a database startup, you know there’s something special going on under the hood. Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane saved YouTube from a scalability nightmare by inventing and open-sourcing Vitess,

eBooks Could Finally Inch Past Print In 2018

PricewaterhouseCoopers analysts are predicting (again) that ebooks could soon edge out print as publishers’ most lucrative products. What does this mean? Essentially that a ebook popularity and pricing stabilizes, users will spend more on bits than they will on pulp.

Fitmob Gets More Funding As It Partners With Gyms And Looks To New Markets

Fitness marketplace Fitmob is growing fast and looking to grow even faster, and to do so it’s raised new strategic funding from Recruit Strategic Partners. The funding will be used as Fitmob adds more options to its fitness marketplace through partnerships with gyms,

Crowdsourced War

Roughly 5,000 gallons of blood has been spilled in Eastern Ukraine, if the United Nation’s estimates that at least 4,000 have perished are any indication. Much of this bloodbath was avoidable; in fact, in 90 percent of potentially survivable battlefield mortalities,

特斯拉筹建超级电池工厂 苹果或将从中获益


Apple Leads in Accessibility, But Can Third-Party Developers Follow?

Buried deeply within her mostly “provocative and poorly reported” story for Reuters on Apple and accessibility, author Christina Farr offers a nugget of truth: third-party apps on the App Store need to be much better at being inclusively designed. The concern is a legitimate one,


尽管Google Analytics的数据显示喜爱Linux的受众数量可能不像想象中的那么多,不过我知道你肯定是他们中的一员。

亚洲世界卫生纸展览会与研讨会 -- 亚洲卫生纸行业进退两难?

香港2014年10月20日电 /美通社/ -- 亚洲卫生纸市场已经历飞速发展的高光岁月,其版图甚至已延伸至此前不易受国际市场影响的外围国家。

Sharp 展出新研发的 IGZO 屏幕,736 ppi 创新高

虽然手机上的 QHD 甚至只是 FHD 屏幕的 ppi,通常已经高得大家不能用肉眼去分辨个别像素,不过这无阻厂商继续向更高点前进的。Sharp 最近展出了一款 4.1 寸的新研发 IGZO LCD...

Comcast, Stop Scamming Me So I Can Stop Scamming You

Have you ever heard anyone excited to get Comcast service? Of course not. That’s like being excited for a hernia operation. Here’s my hernia operation: every year or so I have to do a dance with Comcast. You know, feigning the intention to quit their service.

This Jet-Powered Race Car Nearly Won the Indy 500

While electric race cars and superbikes are all the rage these days, these wheeled power plants are hardly the first revolutionary engine technology. Why, back in 1967,

仅990g 惠普最轻Core M笔电EliteBook 1020

多年之前,移动 PC 似乎除了厚重的工作站和游戏笔记本电脑之外,性能基本和轻薄不沾边,但现在已经明显改善,而且即便是轻薄的游戏本也没有性能缺陷可言,至于传统的笔记本电脑亦是如此。  




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