Going into 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale, we're worried about almost every character

The Walking Dead is a show that kills characters; that we know. But Sunday's episode played a big part in compounding these already present worries, especially considering that next week is the show's midseason finaleSee also:

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Going into 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale, we're worried about almost every character

The Walking Dead is a show that kills characters; that we know. But Sunday's episode played a big part in compounding these already present worries, especially considering that next week is the show's midseason finaleSee also:

10 Ultra-Weird Science Fiction Novels that Became Required Reading

You want a really weird ride? A science fiction or fantasy epic that stretches your brain like taffy and ties it into strange irregular shapes? Forget television or movies: books are where the really off-kilter stories are told in speculative fiction.Read more...

Fall TV Preview: All The New And Returning Shows To Start Obsessing About

Fall movies? Fall movies are nothing. (Well, except maybe that The Force Awakens one. I have a good feeling about it). Everyone knows we’re currently living in the Golden Age of television, and the 45 or so TV shows in this guide prove it.

Every Single Doctor Who Story, Ranked from Best to Worst

This weekend, Doctor Who returns, continuing a rich history of time travel and wild adventures. But which of the over 250 Doctor Who stories is the best, and which is the worst? Here’s our stab at ranking every single Doctor Who story, in order of quality.Read more...

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Review: Better sound and battery, but these are no AirPods Pro

Galaxy Buds+$149View ProductThe Good22-hour battery life • Noticeably better sound quality • Ambient mode is surprisingly goodThe BadBuggy pairing on iOS • Touch pads are too sensitive • Still uncomfortable for smaller earsThe Bottom LineSamsung's Galaxy Buds+ are a noticeable improvement from the original Galaxy Buds,

We can finally open and close our blinds, shades, and curtains with our phones

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can control your blinds without even getting up with the AXIS Gear Smart Blinds Controller for $224.99, a 9% savings. Blackout shades are a dream for anyone who's looking to sleep like a baby every single night.

Industry pros share the 10 most crucial tips for landing your dream job

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can get pro tips to get through the job search process with the 2020 Job Seekers Playbook guide for $29.99, a 98% savings. Job hunting in the digital age poses a serious catch-22:

This round blow dryer brush is the hair styling hack we all need

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, you can get a blowout at home with the Adagio Blower Brush  for $49.99, a 74% savings. There are but a few magical people among us who are capable of using a brush and a blow dryer simultaneously to blow out their hair like a professional stylist. So, naturally,

Use these innovative inkless pens for the rest of your life (seriously)

TL;DR: Believe it or not, the Omega Series pens write without any ink, and as of Feb. 22, you can get them for up to 40% off — making their Series 5 pen just $29.99.Most of us spend our time communicating through texts, emails, and other digital means.

This is the best deal you're going to find on this LG 4K TV right now

TL;DR: As of Feb. 22, this LG OLED 4K TV is at the lowest price we've ever seen it, and it's in the PCMag Shop — get one for $2,100.99 off with the code SAVE300. If "fancy 4K TV" is patiently waiting to be crossed out at the top of your wishlist, now is the time to finally check off that box.

The best camping gear for beginners in the UK

Whether you’re planning to travel across the continent in a motorhome or you prefer an old-fashioned tent in the great outdoors, we can all agree that there are some camping essentials you need to get through an adventure in the wilderness.

'The Good Wife' fans were not prepared for that devastating cliffhanger

This week on The Good Wife, we finally began Cary's trial for a crime of which we know he is innocentThough Cary and Diane went to court this episode, it feels like Cary has been on trial for this entire season. "The Trial," the Good Wife's tense and masterful winter finale,

Abandoned baby survived in Sydney drain for five days

A 30-year-old Sydney mother has been charged with trying to kill her newborn son by abandoning him in a roadside drain for five days before passers-by heard his cries, police said Monday.

'Mockingjay' box office is best of the year, worst of the franchise

LOS ANGELES — A little Hunger Games fatigue was to be expected, but a 23 percent slide? That was not.The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 bullseyed the biggest U.S. box office opening of 2014, with the June 27 release Transformers:

要成为 Quant,学 Java 和 C++ 哪个更好?

我认为是C++。C++, R, MATLAB,PYTHON,VBA,JAVA,C#应该算是quant界主流语言了。JAVA没用过,但是JAVA跟C#应该差不多,主要是用来做开发的。这里说的开发指的是开发软件平台一类的。C++的优点在于,1、适合面试。

LADEE Probe Ends Its Mission On the Far Side Of the Moon

The mission of NASA's LADEE probe was brought to an intentional violent end yesterday, when it smashed into the far side of the moon. As the Ars Technica report explains, "NASA's policy is to treat the locations of the Moon landings as historical sites,

Belief In Evolution Doesn't Measure Science Literacy

cold fjord writes: "Dan Kahan at the Yale Law School Cultural Cognition Project says, 'Because imparting basic comprehension of science in citizens is so critical to enlightened democracy, it is essential that we develop valid measures of it,

Whitepaper: HP Moonshot System family guide

Designed for the data center and built for the planet. Offering breakthrough, scale-out performance for lightweight workloads—delivered in a compact, energy and cost-efficient package.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/16/whitepaper-hp-moonshot-system-family-guide/


苹果在今年 4 月为其地图服务添加了推送功能,主要是允许用户提交地图缺陷报告,随后可在通知中心中获得问题已经解决的推送信息。

Skype revises the way it charges VAT in EU region

There's a surprising news for Skype users residing in the European Union or Switzerland. It seems Skype has revised the way it charges VAT in the region. If you didn't know, Skype charges 15 percent VAT in the EU region, while its 8 percent for those in Switzerland. Previously,

iPhone 6 & Plus 第二批预订开始,大陆仍不在名单之列

苹果公布了第二批 iPhone 6预订市场名单,正式预定将于9月26日(大部分地区,除阿联酋外)开始。

尼尔森:黄金时段电视收视率暴跌 第三方设备功不可没


运动社交青睐咕咚健身房 新设备让跑步机上网

成都2014年11月24日电 /美通社/ -- 最近运动社交App咕咚“召唤”健身房的手段很不一般 -- 11月中旬咕咚推出蓝牙跑步机模块,量身定做了“咕咚健身房”概念。

你算一个吗?Apple Watch四类潜在用户群体

往年年初,苹果下一代iPhone的消息便会开始流传,但今年似乎是个例外。其中一个原因,可能是苹果的首款智能手表Apple Watch即将上市,吸引了业界和消费者的关注。  

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