Homescreen Is Betaworks’ Latest Experiment-Turned-Product

When someone picks up their phone to take a peek, I can’t help but take a peek, too. Whether it’s a perfect stranger on the train or the girl I’ve had a crush on for months, I can’t help but look.With the latest product out of betaworks, you can take that curiosity to a whole new level.

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National Geographic is working with YouTube and DayDream on its latest VR series

National Geographic and YouTube are launching a new series of virtual reality experiences starting today with a virtual exploration of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Lydia introduces credit lines

French startup Lydia announced a partnership with Banque Casino today for small credit lines. Starting tomorrow, Lydia users in France will be able to borrow as much as €1,000 in just a few seconds. While Lydia started as a peer-to-peer money transferring app,

Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks Android users know how much their phones are tracking them

Google CEO Sundar Pichai thinks Android users have a good understanding of the volume of data Google collects on them, when they agree to use the Android mobile operating system. The exec, who is testifying today in front of the House Judiciary committee for a hearing entitled:

Digital Ocean launches its container service

It’s KubeCon/CloudNativeCon this week, the world’s largest confab for all things cloud-native, containers, Kubernetes and DevOps. Every company that’s doing anything remotely related to those topics is announcing news at the sold-out event.

Daimler is buying nearly $23 billion of battery cells to power its electric vehicle offensive

Daimler plans to buy $23 billion worth of battery cells by 2030 as the maker of Mercedes-Benz vehicles and commercial trucks prepares to bring dozens of electric and hybrid vehicles to market. The German automaker didn’t disclose which companies would supply them with batteries. However,

Huawei, Google, and the tiring politics of tech

The defining question of the 21st century is pretty simple: who owns what? Who owns the telecommunications infrastructure that powers our mobile devices? Who owns the OS that powers those devices? Who owns our data? Today,

Verizon to take a charge of up to $6.7B due to Oath and redundancies

Verizon, the telecoms giant that is the parent of Oath (and therefore owns TechCrunch), has been through the re-organizational ringer in recent quarters and today it announced the full financial effect of that process. According to an SEC filing, the company will take charges of up to $6.

Tesla Has Discussed Sharing Electric Car Tech With BMW

A future where the electric car is ubiquitous cannot be built by one company alone, regardless of the hype around Tesla and its progress in consumer automotive space. That’s why it’s exciting to hear from Elon Musk himself about talks between BMW and Tesla, even if they’re only informal,

In Recession’s Wake RelianceCM Rebuilds A Tech Brand

Editor’s Note: Fara Warner is the editorial director for This Built America and Aol Tech, which includes TechCrunch and Engadget. She has worked for the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company and was the 2007-2009 Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan.

Goldbely Debuts An App That Lets You Order Gourmet, Regional Cuisine From Anywhere In The U.S.

Goldbely, the Y Combinator-backed startup that lets you order gourmet foods from around the U.S. is now on mobile. The company just launched its first app with Goldbely for iOS,

Why This Red Smudge Is the Most Valuable Stamp in the World

It may be hard to believe, but that faded bit of paper you see above is actually the most sought-after and revered stamp in the world. Or at least, it will be this June, which is when it's poised to pull in a whopping $10-20 million at auction—the most money ever spent a dirty piece of paper.

Snap, chat, play: Microsoft to bring screenshot function to Xbox One

What with PlayStation 4's screenshot function, Microsoft has revealed that it will add the feature to its own console, the Xbox One. Read more:






一.概览 体验产品:网易云音乐Android版本 软件版本:V2.6.1 设备型号:Samsung S5 操作 ...


北京2015年11月23日电 /美通社/ -- 由《英才》杂志、新浪财经、北京青年报共同主办中国年度管理大会于2015年11月13日在北京举办。主题:资本智道。联想中国区总裁童夫尧出席并演讲。


杭州2015年11月30日电 /美通社/ -- 近期,杭州斯沃德电梯携手合作伙伴容创团队与《杭州日报》共同举行“10台杭州住宅电梯免费更新改造升级”公益活动,这项创新维保服务受到了社会各界的关注。


2016年第一个月还没过完,小米便收到了今年的第一张罚款单,原因是小米4C涉嫌虚假宣传。但实际上, 从2015年以来小米在广告宣传方面已经收敛了很多。查看北京工商局公布的处罚信息以及公开报道,小米因为虚假宣传被罚款共有四起,并且主要集中在2013年下半年和2014年初,之后便很少被提及。下面来看看那些年小米被罚过的款,以及吹过的牛逼。(按时间倒序)因小米4C虚假宣传专利,罚款3万元2016年1月25我们总该用点什么,不然就错过了这个丰腴的时代,如果你正在想着应该用点什么来改变自己的生活,那你已经找对地方了,点击下载独物,或者在应用市场搜索“独物”下载,我们来聊一聊!更有免费众测待你参与


作为一款知名的社交网络,虽然 Facebook 在我国大陆并没有能够开拓市场,然而其在全球范围内依然拥有多达 14 亿人的活跃用户。而对于他们来说,这就是一个最大的资源。现在,他们已经打算利用这种资源来做一些事情了。根据外媒的报道,在近期,Facebook 已经申请了一项新的专利,他们将利用其社交网络亲朋好友之间信息聚合的优势,推出拼车服务。在拥有这项服务之后,Facebook 的好友之间在参加类似音乐会或体育赛事这样的活动时,可以相互之间更加容易蹭车。



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