Priceline Buys Israel’s Qlika For $15-20M To Boost Global Expansion With Rocket Science-Powered Ad T

Qlika launched out of UpWest’s fourth batch of Israeli-American startups in March to tackle a big problem in online marketing: Localization. In other words, what’s the point of spending millions of dollars on marketing campaigns — across search,

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How The Sharing Economy Will Impact Marketing

It’s hard to find a space the sharing economy hasn’t touched. We find people “sharing” accommodations and cars, dog sitters and personal assistants, bikes and even wardrobes. The sharing economy allows people to conveniently access goods and services in sustainable ways,

Square Brings Accountability To Email Marketing

Square is in the process of building up a series of products and services that use its payments platform as a foundation. The latest, launching today, is an email marketing tool gives physical businesses the same advantages of online stores.

Local ID Raises $1.9M To Help Big Chains Get Smarter About Their Local Marketing

Marketing startup Local ID is announcing a $1.9 million seed round.The company was founded last year and, according to CEO Alex Nocifera, aims to help large businesses manage their marketing across many individual locations. He said that even for a large chain,

Mobile Messaging For Marketers 101

If you’re a consumer-brand marketer, you’ve no doubt given thought to running a marketing campaign or having a presence on a mobile messaging app. After all, every consumer is increasingly using mobile messaging as their portal to mobile. It’s sticky and lends itself to repeat sessions,

3 Twitter Lessons From Brands That Have a Grip on Their Followers

Twitter users: Have you noticed a trend? Has anything about the way companies are tweeting these days caught your eye? It seems that brands are doing a Twitter marketing about-face.In other words, brand communications on Twitter are looking up.

Influencer Marketing Is Killing Santa

It’s the final week of the Christmas season, and the holiday shopping advertisements are flowing through my inbox faster than startup pitches. While endorsements from celebrities occasionally show up, there is one uber-influencer that seems to appear more than any other. Jolly St. Nick,

Captora Raises $22M To Help Marketers Increase Their Reach

Captora, a company led by former Marketo and SuccessFactors executive Paul Albright, announced today that it has raised $22 million in Series B funding. Albright said he co-founded the company to address some of the challenges he'd faced in his previous roles,

Ello's New "Fuck the Status Quo" Ads Are Hilariously Hypocritical

Remember ello? It’s the social network that advertised itself as the indie alternative to Facebook, but was then unmasked as VC funded by XOXO founder Andy Baio. Now they’re back, with more VC money, and their new ad campaign is just as hilariously hypocritical as their last one.Read more...

Why You Should Advertise Your App On Television

From ad networks and exchanges to demand-side platforms and other app publishers, app marketers have left no stone unturned when it comes to finding new mobile channels on which to advertise their apps. And yet, as the market matures and evolves,

10 predictions for content marketing in 2015

If 2014 was the year content became the connective thread for all marketing, 2015 is poised to be the year that brands actually understand their audiences, and finally prove return on investment.

And now, here’s a ‘Trumpy Cat’ augmented reality app from George Takei

Anyone who follows George Takei on Twitter can tell you that Star Trek‘s original Sulu is not a fan of President Donald Trump. But he’s found a new way to express that criticism — not just in tweets, interviews and op-eds, but also in an augmented reality app called House of Cats. The app was […]

Worried about a slowdown? It already happened in 2016, says one new venture study

In today’s market, it’s hard to make sense of what’s what. Deals have grown incestuous for the first time, with outfits like GV investing alongside Uber last week — just months after its parent company, Alphabet, was at Uber’s throat. A $10 million-plus round of seed funding is no longer a joke.

Midwest rising

Emerging venture capital firms in smaller American cities from Indianapolis to Princeton, NJ are attracting increasingly larger funding as investors see opportunities for returns beyond the coastal confines of the nation’s largest cities and the innovation epicenter of Silicon Valley.

‘Underwater Pokéball’ snatches up soft-bodied deep dwellers

Creatures that live in the depths of the oceans are often extremely fragile, making their collection a difficult affair. A new polyhedral sample collection mechanism acts like an "underwater Pokéball," allowing scientists to catch 'em all without destroying their soft, squishy bodies in the process.

Senate wants emergency alerts to go out through Netflix, Spotify, etc.

An emergency alert goes out, trying to let you know about incoming bad news — a missile, a tsunami, or something else terrifying. Your phone starts shouting..but it’s downstairs. A warning ticker pops on TVs, if you’re watching cable… but you’ve got your eyes glued to Netflix, or Hulu,

Hyundai teams up with Amazon to offer virtual showroom

Next time you’re grabbing a new charging cord on Amazon, you might be tempted to grab a new Hyundai as well. Hyundai announced today a partnership with Amazon to create a digital showroom to allow customers to compare pricing and reviews,

The Galaxy Note 9 is leaking out all over the place

The Galaxy Note 9 won’t be announced until August. You wouldn’t know it by reading the internet, however. Every nook and cranny of the upcoming phablet has been bared for the world, in a series of leaks over the past several weeks. Sure, not all of them will pan out, but plenty have come from […]

New Jersey Becomes Third State To Ban Tesla’s Direct Sales Model

Today the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission passed a rule that will end Tesla's direct sales of cars to consumers. Tesla, a manufacturer of all-electric cars, does not lean on dealerships to sell its vehicles as other car companies do. Read More

A Very Flappy Crowdtilted Journalism Experiment

Two weeks ago, I did a small experiment. I put a campaign on Crowdtilt to raise money to go to Vietnam and talk to Dong Nguyen, the creator of the sleeper hit Flappy Bird. At the absolute peak of the game’s hype, Nguyen pulled it from the store and vanished.

SigFig Hires Financial Engines Exec Steve Ligren To Build Out Its Operations Team

Financial planning startup SigFig has for the most part been flying under the radar since it launched a couple of years ago. But now it’s ready to get serious about expanding and supporting a growing number of customers, with the help of its new head of operations Steve Lifgren. Read More

Gravie Health Insurance Marketplace Raises $10.5 Million Series A From Aberdare Ventures

Today Gravie, a health insurance marketplace competing with the likes of Zenefits, has closed a $10.5 million Series A round led by Aberdare Ventures, with participation from exiting investor FirstMark Capital. This comes six months after Gravie closed a $2.6 million seed round,

苹果将修正导致前iOS用户无法接收到短信的iMessage bug


[视频]Google Chrome和Mozilla Firefox将支持Oculus和Cardboard

本周,Mozilla和Google都谈论了与“虚拟现实增强浏览器”(VR-Engabled Browser)有关的工作,据说可以让网络这个“虚拟世界”变得可视化。当然,该功能要配合Oculus Rift之类的虚拟现实眼镜才行。


美国科技博客网站BusinessInsider近日盘点了商业历史上最惨痛的产品失败案例,苹果Newton、微软Bob、惠普TouchPad和Facebook Home等科技产品上榜。此外还有福特Edsel、索尼Betamax、New Coke、百事Pepsi A.M.



The Asus Smartwatch Will Cost Less Than $200

We knew that Asus was working on an Android Wear smartwatch, and now we have some details. According to China's Central News Agency, the ZenWatch will be announced on Wednesday and sell for less than $200.Read more...



南京出租车官方电召平台将登场:没有补贴 还要收钱


这手表好高大上 居然还能玩全息投影?

各种奇葩的手表设计我们都见过了一轮,但这个“全息手表”绝对是新鲜东西:来见一见 Aventicum 手表。  



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