James Cameron: 'Avatar' sequels are going to be bitchin'

James Cameron has one word to describe the next three Avatar sequels: "bitchin'."The director told Empire magazine in an interview that he's hard at work on scripts for three sequels to Avatar, the most successful movie in history (unadjusted for inflation).See also: James Cameron on Oculus Rift:

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James Cameron: 'Avatar' sequels are going to be bitchin'

James Cameron has one word to describe the next three Avatar sequels: "bitchin'."The director told Empire magazine in an interview that he's hard at work on scripts for three sequels to Avatar, the most successful movie in history (unadjusted for inflation).See also: James Cameron on Oculus Rift:

James Cameron Says That Avatar 2 Will Make Sure Avatar Wasn't A Big Fluke 

James Cameron provided an update on the sequels to his 2009 film, Avatar, noting that he wanted to make sure that the first film “wasn’t just some big fluke”.Read more...

James Cameron:《阿凡达》续集会采用 48fps 拍摄

之前一直有说法称 James Cameron 打算用 60fps 来拍摄《阿凡达》续集,如果成真的话,那在 48fps 技术都还未成熟的当下,绝对可被称作是一项壮举。不过到了今天,大导演似乎改变了主意。

James Cameron on Oculus Rift: 'Just a yawn'

Based on his years spent working on movies with characters that slip on virtual reality goggles (think Avatar and Strange Days), you might expect director James Cameron to be excited about a real-world technology that resembles something from his movies.But Oculus Rift,

'Avatar' sequels pushed back a year because writing is hard

LOS ANGELES — An Avatar sequel in 2016 turned out to be unobtainable.James Cameron told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he's delaying the release of the first of three Avatar sequels, which will be shot simultaneously and released in three consecutive years, to 2017.See also:

James Cameron’s Plan to Fix Solar Panels

When Avatar came out, James Cameron boasted that it would be the first solar-powered movie franchise in history. Now the director, deep-sea explorer , NASA advisor , and all around badass has turned his attention to designing cinematic-quality solar panels for the rest of us. Read more...

有拖無欠?阿凡達續集要到 2017 年末才上映

這幾年電影界都是續集當道,其中阿凡達續集也是不少人期待的大作。不過導演 James Cameron 最近就表示製作進度未如預期的快速,預計要延期一年才能夠上映。繼續閱讀了解更多。The post 有拖無欠?

The 'Avatar' sequels are getting real with total social media relaunch

LOS ANGELES — Though the first of three Avatar sequels won't unspool until 2017, here's good reason to believe that they are right around the corner: All of the film's social-media feeds, some of which have sat idle since 2011, are being re-launched this week.Avatar feeds on Twitter, Tumblr,

3D-Film Pioneer James Cameron Talks VR Filmmaking and Oculus Rift

As the director of the highest-grossing movie of all time — the 3D technology-driven Avatar — when James Cameron talks new film technology,

A Look At the Sub That Took James Cameron To the Bottom of the Sea

James Cameron showed us new worlds in films like Avatar and The Abyss. So it's no wonder that the filmmaker would want to explore the one we actually live in.

Save $50 on Apple AirPods with Apple purchases — the Black Friday deal we've been waiting for

U.S. Cellular just got a nice head start on their Black Friday game, and we're thinking it's the perfect time to finally splurge on a new Apple device. Through Nov. 26, you can get $50 off the Apple AirPods with the purchase of any new iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

This self-driving billboard and vending machine is so dystopian

If San Francisco's robot security guards faced backlash for simply standing around, an autonomous tech company's latest self-driving idea doesn't stand a chance.This week PerceptIn, a Chinese robotics company with Silicon Valley offices, introduced the DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle,

Here's how to sell your old iPad in the easiest way possible

The new iPad Pros have been in the market for a little while, and if you're eyeing one, you may be wondering how much you can get by reselling your current iPad.Here's how to get the most for that device with a trade-in.SEE ALSO: You spent $999 on an iPhone X. Here's how much you can get for it.

Oprah's Favorite Things list will get you through the holiday shopping mania — Mashable Deals

It's that time of the year again! Here are Oprah's picks for the perfect holiday gift. Read more about the list here and shop all of the deals on Amazon here.Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness.

These are the top holiday toys for 2018, according to the biggest names in retail — Mashable D

JC Penny, Target, Walmart, and Amazon have curated the best toys for kids for the holiday season. With Black Friday slowly approaching, it is time to start thinking about the season of givingOur roundup of the top 10 toys will get your wheels turning. Happy shopping! Heads up:

Feel peace of mind while you’re away from home — Mashable Deals

This door stopper by Master Lock is designed to prevent forced entry. It is adjustable and works on regular and sliding doors. So whether you are away on vacation or knitting at home, you can always have peace of mind.Heads up:

The 'not a cellphone in sight' meme makes fun of condescending nostalgia

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you're sure to hear some elderly relative wax-poetic about how kids these days won't put down their phones. If you're tired of old farts complaining about much better things were back when people were just living in the moment, take solace in this meme.

Ferguson library offers hope in community rattled by violence

In the midst of a community rattled by violence, a library has become the symbol of resilience.While local schools have been forced to shut their doors and businesses have been boarded up in Ferguson, Missouri, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library has stayed open,

Remembering the Detroit Riots of 1967

In the early morning of July 23, 1967, rioting broke out in Detroit, Michigan. Police had raided an unlicensed bar and detained 82 African-American people. Onlookers retaliated by looting a nearby store, and the situation escalatedThe ensuing violence,

GoPro is making its own line of drones, report says

GoPros are already often used with drones to capture unique videos and perspectives. Naturally, GoPro is cutting the middle man and trying its hand at developing its own drones.The company, known for its high-durability action cameras,

django中根据模型生成页面的脚手架app-groundwork - 洋芋,阿喜欢!


PlayStation 4销量突破1000万

索尼今天在Gamescom游戏展上宣布,截止至8月10日,PlayStation 4的全球销量已经突破1000万台大关,成为索尼历史上销量最快的游戏机。索尼明确指出,这1000万台的销量并非出货量,而是实际卖到玩家手中的游戏机数量。


自早期 Windows 版本开始,微软的操作系统一直存在一个令人惊奇而又非常酷的彩蛋,即用户无法创建以“con”命名的文件或文件夹。

Free Google Cardboard App Lets You Stand on Stage With Paul McCartney

Google's cheap virtual reality solution—a piece of folded cardboard —is perhaps the best thing to happen to VR in a long while . And now it lets you stand right there on stage with Paul McCartney. Read more...



C#初始 - ヾBailey灬

初识C#程序结构一、编写第一个C#程序、注释:1、编写程序static void Main(string[] args)//在Mian方法下编写代码输出数据 { Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");//输出“Hello World!...

微软:DirectX 12不支持Win 7和8 要买新显卡

今天凌晨,微软透露了很多有关新一代操作系统 Windows 10 的细节,但对于玩家而言其中有一大特色十分值得关注,那就是:DirectX 12。

'4 Lanes' game is a nostalgic spin on Jermaine Dupri's 'Money Ain't a Thang'

If you're slacking on your pimpin', turn it up with Jermaine Dupri's new 4 Lanes iPhone game, which was inspired by the "switching four lanes" lyric from his and Jay Z's 1998 single "Money Ain't a Thang.

Serena Williams and Drake as a couple is too pure for this world

Remain calm: Drake and Serena Williams might be datingThe ever-watchful eyes of TMZ caught the rapper and tennis champion having dinner in Cincinnati, after Williams won a WTA tournament (which of course she won,


在经典的 007 系列电影中,刺激的公路追击和巨大的爆炸声是非常常见的情节。这其中,除了詹姆斯·邦德矫健的身手之外,Q 博士研发的最新科技功不可没。今天,我们就来说说 007 的那些高科技座驾。  

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