Brian Williams explains immigration debate with sexy slow jam

Immigration has never been so

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Billy Crystal and Jimmy Fallon Trade Their Favorite Robin Williams Stories

Martin Short, Jon Lovitz, Rob Reiner, Danny DeVito, Jimmy Fallon and Robin Williams board a bus in Washington, D.C. — now that's the beginning a memorable taleOn Thursday's Tonight Show, Fallon and Billy Crystal shared their favorite stories about the late Robin Williams.

Jimmy Fallon Fights Tears While Paying Tribute to Robin Williams

There's a special place in comedians' hearts for Robin Williams — Jimmy Fallon's includedOn Tuesday night's Tonight Show,

Allison Williams helps Jimmy Fallon fly like Peter Pan

After logging many hours in the harness, Allison Williams is passing her newfound flying skills off to Jimmy Fallon. Williams, who will star in NBC's Peter Pan LIVE!, visited The Tonight Show to help Fallon fly like the leader of the Lost Boys.Williams is a willing coach,

Brian Williams Raps 'Gin and Juice' on the 'Tonight Show'

Guess who's back with a brand new rap.Brain "B-Dubs" Williams is back at it again on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. This time, Fallon remixed Williams' words from various newscasts to make it sound like he was rapping the lyrics to "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg,

Jimmy Fallon forces Brian Williams to throw his hands in the air and rap again

Brian Williams should really start thinking of a career change.Despite Williams' successful career as the managing editor and anchor for NBC Nightly News,

Brian Williams explains immigration debate with sexy slow jam

Immigration has never been so

Brian Williams Raps 'Baby Got Back'

Brian Williams likes big butts and he cannot lieWilliams continues his legacy as the most gangsta news anchor in town with a new clip-driven rapping segment for The Tonight Show. This time he takes on the booty-shaking classic "Baby Got Back." See also:

Brian 'B-Dubs' Williams Performs 'Rapper's Delight'

B-Dubs and Les-Hol dropped a beat on The Tonight Show, yo.Jimmy Fallon filled his first week as host with shareable moments — Kristen "Harry Styles" Wiig,

Musical Robin Williams Tribute Will Remind You to 'Seize the Day'

YouTube user Melody Sheep created a musical tribute to Robin Williams, auto-tuning some of the actor's finest film moments into a catchy and inspiring songEntitled "Seize the Day," the song centers around Williams' iconic speech in Dead Poet's Society, then pulls from Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook and Jack,

Letterman on Robin Williams: 'He Could Make You Laugh Under Any Circumstances'

Late Show host David Letterman discussed his 38-year relationship with Robin Williams on his show last night, providing a bit of background about the man he knew starting out at The Comedy Store in Hollywood.Letterman described his first experience watching Williams perform standup,

Twitter briefly locked Elon Musk's account but it's back now, thank heavens

Call it a modern tragedy: For a very short period of time, we were apparently deprived of Elon Musk's tweets.According to the man himself, Twitter thought Musk got hacked and locked his account. Twitter thought I got hacked & locked my account haha— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 23, 2018"Haha,

'Surviving R. Kelly' puts accusations against the singer into focus

R. Kelly will find himself under the spotlight — and not in a positive way — in a Lifetime docuseries set to air next year.Over the past decade, the R&B singer has been accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct, and more serious allegations that he held several women in a 'cult,

This impression of Björk singing 'Rock-A-Bye Baby' is almost too perfect

Ariana Grande may be the champion of musical impressions but Saturday Night Live's Melissa Villaseñor gave her a run for her money on Monday night.Jimmy Fallon challenged Villaseñor to a game of musical impressions, from Post Malone singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider,

Mars might hold enough oxygen under its surface for life

We've long thought about the unlikely possibility of life on Mars, but it's under the planet's surface where those chances look stronger.

Hear a brand new song from 'Mary Poppins Returns' in latest trailer

There's a dolphin in the bath and a brand new song in the latest trailer for Mary Poppins Returns.As everyone's favourite magical, singing nanny, Emily Blunt takes the lead in a new original track for the Disney sequel, called "Can You Imagine That?" and teased in a clip released Monday. 

Google News bug chews up massive amounts of data in the background

Google News is chewing up huge amounts of data in one very annoying bug.As reported by The Verge, Android users have complained about the issue since May, with the app mysteriously downloading gigabytes of mobile data in the background.SEE ALSO: iPhone excitement declining each year,

Teens use Instagram more than Snapchat, report says

Snapchat may be losing ground to Instagram with some of its most important users: teens.Instagram is now the most-used social media platform among teens, according to research firm Piper Jaffray. SEE ALSO:

London Mayor Boris Johnson caught up in flight drama with 'off his head' passenger

LONDON — Mayor Boris Johnson has been caught up in drama with a deranged passenger on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to London. The unnamed man, who was described by a member of Johnson's entourage as "off his head," was held down by cabin crew, and arrested upon arrival in the capital.See also:

Sports stars on Instagram: Top 11 moments of 2014

Let's be real: Nothing validates our pathetic human existences like a popular Instagram postSports stars are, contrary to popular belief, humans as well — so you know they fiend for likes just the same as the rest of usSee also: 10 Unforgettable Sports Moments From 2014Instagram — the company,

Japan launches asteroid mission to blow up a space rock

Japan Aerospace Agency JAXA’s asteroid-exploring Hayabusa2 probe successfully blasted off on Wednesday. The spacecraft will study the asteroid's surface before blowing up a portion of the space rock.Hayabusa2 will collect material from an asteroid called 1999 JU3.

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苹果调整iOS App Store热门排行榜:只显示排名最靠前150款应用

在全球开发者大会(WWDC)下周在旧金山召开前夕,苹果近日对iOS App Store商店的“热门排行榜”(Top Charts)做出了重大调整,现在付费应用排行、免费应用排行和畅销应用排行都只显示150个结果,之前在iPhone上面三个排行榜都可以显示300个结果,而在iPad上面则显示1500个结果。

做个安静的美男子 时尚又实用的钥匙包

把钥匙串放裤兜里是很多人的习惯,但钥匙一多,哗哩哗啷的别人听着难受,你自己也难受。KeyDisk 2 钥匙包能以更时尚的方式解决这个问题。  

GMail即将转换为Material Disign风格

Gmail被很多人视为最好用的电子邮件服务,尤其在高端人群中流行(只可惜经常被XX)。如今随着Android 5.0的发布以及Material Disign风格的到来,Gmail也要华丽变身了,而且是野心勃勃。Gmail 5.

Did Dick Costolo really understand Twitter?

Outgoing Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was standing on the precipice, surveying an uncertain Twitter future, when activist investor Chris Sacca came along and all but pushed him overIt would be too easy to say Sacca led directly to Costolo's resignation — but after the investor's 8,500 word screed,

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美参议员主张严惩Swatting恶作剧 自己反成恶作剧目标

目前在美国人群中存在这样一种恶作剧,那就是“Swatting”。Swatting恶作剧是指某人向警方谎报危险信息,这样特种武器和战术部队(SWAT)就会出动进行响应。不但浪费宝贵的联邦警力,还造成无辜平民的恐慌。据外媒报道,致力于推动国会加大惩治Swatting恶作剧力度的美国马萨诸塞州参议员Katherine Clark,今日她本人也成为了被Swatting恶作剧恶搞的目标,颇有讽刺意味。

有双摄像头的 iPhone:不丑的话你会买吗?


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