Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?

An anonymous reader writes: I am a graduate student in his twenties who used to be able to read dozens and dozens of lengthy books in his childhood. Over the years, I have noticed that my attention span and ability to concentrate has decreased noticeably,

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All The Questionable Statements On Defense From Saturday's Democratic Debate

The second Democratic Presidential Debate came in the wake of the horrific attacks in Paris and there were plenty of opportunities for the candidates to discuss the future and rehash the past when it comes to fighting terror and dealing with military affairs.

Erlang 虚拟机内的内存管理(Lukas Larsson演讲听写稿) - siyao

Erlang核心开发者Lukas Larsson在2014年3月份Erlang Factory上一个演讲的听写稿,详细介绍了Erlang内存体系的原理以及调优案例。

Attorney Yasir Billoo Explains NDA Law (Video)

Yasir Billoo, an attorney with Golden & Grimes in Miami, Florida, is licensed to practice law in both Florida and California, and works heavily in the areas of business/commercial law, employment and labor, and civil appeals. Yasir also has a business-oriented blog titled Small Business Law.

Meet Apache Software Foundation VP Rich Bowen (Video)

Apache is behind a huge percentage of the world's websites,

Printed Circuits as Part of a 3-D Printed Object (Video)

Affordable 3-D printing is still young; just a few years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to have an arbitrary three-dimensional piece of plastic (or resin, or sometimes metal) created from asoftwaredescription in a box that fits on your desk.

Founders On Depression

Last month, I wrote a post asking people working in startups to seek help if they are dealing with depression. It was a personal plea, because I have dealt with depressive episodes since I was a teenager and hate thinking about other people suffering without support.

State of the GitHub: Chris Kelly Does the Numbers

I talked with Chris Kelly of GitHub at last week's LinuxCon about GitHub. He's got interesting things to say about the demographics and language choices on what has become in short order (just six years) one of the largest repositories of code in the world,

Rumr, Group Messaging With An Anonymous Twist, Launches On iOS & Android

Say hey to rumr, a new messaging app that's vying to draw your attention away from all the other ways to say hey already in play. Rumr has been in the works for around half a year, raising an $800,000 seed back in October, led by Khosla Ventures' Ben Ling. It's launching today on iOS and Android.

Security for the 'Internet of Things' (Video)

What happens when your oven is on the Internet? A malicious hacker might be able to set it to broil while you're on vacation, and get it so hot that it could start a fire. Or a prankster might set your alarm to wake you up at 3 a.m.

Rich Olson Embodies the Spirit of the Maker Movement (Video)

What kind of person builds a cloud chamber at home in his spare time -- and wants to make it easy for other people to make them, too? How about someone who uses a 3-D printer to make shifters for his bicycle?

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

An anonymous reader writes On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving the conviction of a man based solely on the analysis of his "inadvertently shed" DNA.

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all,

Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

An anonymous reader writes 14 years after the Anna Kournikova virus took advantage of users' ignorance about file-name extensions in order to wreak worldwide havoc,

Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

Phopojijo writes The Khronos Group has announced the Vulkan API for compute and graphics. Its goal is to compete against DirectX 12. It has some interesting features,

Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement

Sparrowvsrevolution writes A new Wired magazine story goes inside the North Korean rebel movement seeking to overthrow Kim Jong-un by smuggling USB drives into the country packed with foreign television and movies. As the story describes, one group has stashed USB drives in Chinese cargo trucks.

NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

jones_supa writes NVIDIA has fixed a long-standing issue in the Ubuntu Unity desktop by patching Compiz. When opening the window of a new application, it would go black or become transparent on NVIDIA hardware. There have been bug reports dating back to Ubuntu 12.10 times.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email At State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules writes: The NY Times reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, according to State Department officials.

DOJ Launches New Cybercrime Unit, Claims Privacy Top Priority

msm1267 writes: Leslie Caldwell, assistant attorney general in the criminal division of the Department of Justice, announced on Thursday the creation of a new Cybercrime Unit, tasked with enhancing public-private security efforts.

Why Elon Musk's Batteries Frighten Electric Companies

JoeyRox writes: The publicized goal of Tesla's "gigafactory" is to make electric cars more affordable. However, that benefit may soon be eclipsed by the gigafactory's impact on roof-top solar power storage costs, putting the business model of utilities in peril.

Researchers Design DNA With New Shapes and Structures

Jason Koebler writes: The shape of DNA is a double helix, right? That's what we are taught. Well, now the answer is "not always." Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered how to program DNA to be shaped like a bowl, or a spiral, or a ring,

The LIVR Hoax: Everybody's Favorite New Drunkbro App Is Fake

Yesterday, the developers of an app called LIVR began cold-calling tech writers. The pitch was fun! A social network you can only access when you're drunk, thanks to a breathalyzer accessory. If it seems like the platonic ideal of SXSW catnip, that's because it was engineered to be exactly that.


我们总开玩笑“白痴是会传染的”,没想到这话还真就说中了 —— 科学家最近发现了“白痴病毒”。约翰霍普金斯大学和内布拉斯加大学的研究者们发现了一种名为 chlorovirus ATCV-1 的绿藻病毒,它被证实能让人类“变笨”。

iOS多线程及其感悟 - 雨和雪

感觉每天都是匆匆忙忙的,每天似乎都是时间不够用一样,可是等真的想要动手敲代码的时候才发现,原来还有好多好多的知识点不是太熟练,所以,人不可以一直感觉自我良好, 有时间就是那种自我感觉良好的心态毁了自己的光明前途!

唔駛網上搶!Letv 電視攻入街舖有現貨

今日 Letv 就宣佈會在多間電器舖展出兩部電視,大家唔止可以先試後買,而且隨時都買到唔洗等搶購。The post 唔駛網上搶!Letv 電視攻入街舖有現貨 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

An R2-D2 themed jet will soon be ready for takeoff

While Star Wars fans were glued to their computer screens dissecting the latest Force Awakens teaser trailer, a Japanese airline was making aviation historyAmid all the buzz over a galaxy far, far away, All Nippon Airways unveiled a Boeing 787 jet intricately painted to resemble R2-D2 on Thursday.

Celebrate Bugs Bunny's 75th Birthday With This 1944 Short About 2000 AD

Unofficially, Bugs Bunny turns 75 today. It’s unofficial because Warner Bros doesn’t recognize birthdays of fictional characters. But that’s no reason we can’t celebrate! And what better way than looking at Bugs Bunny predictions for the year 2000?Read more...

阿尔卡特发布OneTouch Flash 2智能手机

智能手机厂商阿尔卡特已经宣布推出OneTouch Flash 2智能手机,它是该公司最新一款以拍照为中心的智能手机。

世界上最畅销的手机 代表的是青春与岁月

一说到世界上最畅销的智能手机,许多人现在的第一反应肯定是联想到 iPhone ,没错,去年推出的 iPhone 6 已经成为苹果皇冠上的宝石,它创造了 7150 万部的惊人销量,用时髦的话说, iPhone 6 的销量与别的竞争对手相比,完全就像是火星来的。





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