Minecraft: Pocket Edition hits the Windows Phone Store for $6.99

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition hits the Windows Phone Store for $6.99

Minecraft Pocket Edition updated with skins, multiple language support and more

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phone picked up an update earlier today (via Windows Central), introducing a number of new features and enhancements for the game. For starters, the app brings support for multiple languages,

Mojang celebrates 30 million sales of Minecraft Pocket Edition with a live Q&A

Most people with a smartphone play or have played mobile games with their devices, and there is a good chance Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of those games.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta updated

Today, Microsoft released updates for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta to bring support for cross platform play and a ton of new content for the Pocket Edition. The Minecraft: Windows...The post Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft:

How does Minecraft stack up when played on different devices to the original desktop game?

Microsoft-owned Mojang already working on Minecraft for Windows Phone

Hey Microsoft, Acquiring Game Companies Is Stupid

Buying a game company is like buying an aging baseball player. You’ll need a miracle to get another hit. And while they might have plenty of fans, they probably aren’t making a lot of new ones. Mojang hit a grand slam home run with Minecraft, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft should pay $2.

Minecon 2015 breaks record in largest conference for a video game

Over 10,000 tickets were sold for the Minecon 2015 event in London. This makes this the biggest convention in the record for a single video game, and has earned a Guinness World Record. According to The Independent, the Minecon 2015 convention had an audience from over 73 countries.

New Fable video game launches on Xbox One & Windows 10 this week

Fable Fortune, a digital card game based on the popular Fable video game series, is officially launching on Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices after being in Game Preview (beta) for several months. The Fable Fortune video game will receive an update on Thursday,

McAfee WebAdvisor Edge extension is now live for Windows 10 users

An official McAfee extension for Microsoft’s Edge browser is now available to download on Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Named, McAfee WebAdvisor for Microsoft Edge, this new extension places its own safety ratings on search results and blocks untrustworthy sites and content.

Star Wars Battlefront II gets new mode, skins, & fixes in latest update

Star Wars Battlefront II updated today on PC and Xbox One with patch number 1.2. This latest patch made numerous fixes to gameplay and corrected a variety of bugs but the more noteworthy changes include the addition of the new Jetpack Cargo game mode, three new skins for Han, Leia, and Luke,

Microsoft patent reveals a Surface Pen with haptic feedback features

The Microsoft patent for "Haptic Stylus" shows the company is considering using electromagnets in the tip of the Surface Pen to create haptic feedback.

EA is running a big Xbox Games sale, starting tomorrow

The Microsoft Store will be holding a special one-week sale on select EA titles starting tomorrow, February 20, 2018.

Disney Pixar and Xbox are giving away 5 Coco inspired Xbox One S consoles.

Feeling lucky this week? If you are, you might want to try your luck at winning 5 Coco inspired Xbox One S consoles.

These eleven Xbox Game Pass games are “leaving soon”

Eleven Xbox games are reportedly on the chopping block and will no longer be apart of the Xbox Game Pass library. As noted by Stevivor, Reddit user Aliensvslemon posted the eleven Xbox One and Xbox 360 games that are leaving Xbox Game Pass on March 1, 2018 (see Aliensvslemon’s screenshot below).

12 Days of Deals Day 4: Grab an Asus Transformer Book T100TA from $199 from the Microsoft Store, tom

Windows 10 build 9879: How to fix the OneNote, Mail, and Reader app errors

Users of the Windows 10 Preview have reported that the OneNote, Mail and Reader apps not updating on the latest build 9879 of Windows 10. However, a fix has been found for each separate app.For OneNote, users are advised to firstly start Admin powershell. Following this, in powershell,

NOW TV launches on Windows 8.1, now available from the Windows Store

NOW TV, owned by Sky, have been busy shaking things up this year through a compelling offering of TV shows alongside its cheap-as-chips set-top box. Continuing this charge, NOW have announced today that they are bringing their TV-On-Demand service to Windows 8.1 devices,

国人喜爱Ubuntu Linux:Ubuntu Kylin 6月内下载量突破130万次




Snapchat VP of Engineering Peter Magnusson Departs Startup After Just 6 Months

Snapchat’s VP of Engineering, Peter Magnusson, has left the company only six months after the L.A.-based startup was able to poach him away from Google. Magnusson was a particularly high-profile win for the ephemeral messaging app maker, having previously headed up Google’s App Engine,

对于苹果来说 究竟什么才是当下最重要业务

本周早些时候,苹果在美国库普迪诺“弗林特剧院”(Flint Center)举行发布会,传闻已久的iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、苹果首款可穿戴智能设备Apple Watch以及全新移动支付服务Apple Pay都悉数亮相。  

OS X 10.10 Safari 默认搜索引擎DuckDuckGo 已被墙

6 月的时候,DuckDuckGo 还处于可访问状态,只在大陆用户通过搜索访问国外网站的时候出现偶尔的链接重置情况。该公司 CEO 表示,目前尚不清楚具体发生了什么情况,由什么原因导致了产品在中国被墙。

Facebook Mobile’s New Collage Design Highlights Your Best Photos

Not every photo is worth exactly 1,000 words. That sweet pic of you skydiving is a lot more interesting than your lunch. So today Facebook profiles on iOS and Android apps are getting a new collage design for photos that enlarges your most-Liked pics, Facebook tells me.

学习WPF——使用Font-Awesome图标字体 - liulun



相信不少人都在孩童时期玩过在某张凌乱的大图中找出目标物的游戏,而如果你生长在美国,那么一定对《Where's Waldo》(沃利藏哪了)更加熟悉。

Relax, This Is Just A Mini Supernova

This is an image of a 'classical nova'. Sounds boring, right? Not when you describe it as "an outburst produced by a thermonuclear explosion on the surface of a white dwarf star", it's not. Read more...



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