Uber Facing Tougher Action In Brussels

Yet more trouble brewing for Uber in Europe. Brussels Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet, is reportedly preparing to file a criminal complaint against the company, according to regional press reports, after failing to gain operational concessions through discussions. Read More

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Uber Faces Legal Challenges In France, South Korea And Germany

Urban transportation company Uber is having a rough week. The company is encountering legal struggles in a few of its international markets. On Monday, around 25 armed police officers searched the company’s office in Paris. In Germany,

Meet the Magecart hackers, a persistent credit card skimmer group of groups you’ve never heard of

There have been few hacker groups that have been responsible for as many headlines this year as Magecart. You might not know the name, but you probably haven’t missed their work — highly targeted credit card skimming attacks, hitting Ticketmaster and British Airways,

This $199 PS4 and ‘Spider-Man’ Black Friday bundle has my bargain-sense tingling

I'm calling it — this is the best deal of this year's Black Friday season. It's bonkers. Sony is selling a PlayStation 4 Slim with the new "Spider-Man" game for $199. That's way too little money.

Blue Apron lays off 4 percent of employees as it seeks profitability next year

Meal kit company Blue Apron announced small layoffs today as part of its Q3 2018 financial results. The layoffs, which affected four percent of Blue Apron’s workforce, are part of Blue Apron’s path to profitability.

Facebook Lasso app lead Brady Voss leaves for Netflix right after launch

Facebook Lasso has a steep uphill climb ahead as it hopes to chase the musical video app it cloned, China’s TikTok (which merged with Musically). Lasso lets you overlay popular songs on 15-second clips of you lip syncing, dancing, or just being silly — kind of like Vine with a soundtrack.

Why the future of Chinese e-commerce is in its rural areas

China announced a mere 6.7 percent economic growth in July 2018, the lowest growth rate since 2016. Despite a slowdown in overall economic growth, Chinese e-commerce has only increased, accounting for 40 percent of all worldwide e-commerce today.

Metacert’ Cryptonite can catch phishing links in your email

Metacert, founded by Paul Walsh, originally began as a way to watch chat rooms for fake Ethereum scams. Walsh, who was an early experimenter in cryptocurrencies, grew frustrated when he saw hackers dumping fake links into chat rooms, resulting in users regularly losing cash to scammers.

Senators urge FTC to look into shady ad practices in apps for kids

For us jaded adults, the long-running trend towards making apps and games free to download but stuffing them with paid options is just an annoyance or perhaps a logical progression of the business model.

MusiXMatch Launches Clip So You Can Create And Share 20-Second Videos With Music And Lyrics Overlaid

In an attempt to get in on the short video sharing craze, MusixMatch, the song lyrics database and maker of accompanying lyric-viewing mobile apps, has released a brand new app called ‘Clip‘. Debuting on iOS first, with an Android version to follow shortly,

China’s Baidu Set To Partner With Uber And Reportedly Invest Up To $600M

Uber may have just raised a fresh $1.2 billion this month, but the company looks set to welcome a new investor, Chinese internet giant Baidu, which is reportedly set to invest as much as $600 million into the U.S. firm. Read More

Qualcomm Invests $40M In Four Chinese Startups And Walden International’s New Fund

Qualcomm this summer announced plans to invest $150 million in Chinese startups, and it has cracked that new fund open to put $40 million into five different organizations in the country, including voice recognition startup Unisound and games development firm Chukong. Read More

What military food ration packs look like around the world

Different cultures, different food. Different folks, different strokes. Different armies, same soul evaporating packaged foods for army rations. Okay, that's not exactly fair. Some countries obviously have it better than others (I'm looking at you France) but at the end of the day,



Flash 如何改变了互联网?

Adobe Flash 平台——就是那个电脑总是弹出更新提示的东西——快要不行了。真的,Adobe 公司最近一次更新 Flash 播放器是不到一个月之前的事情,修复了一些安全问题。

如何给wp(Windows phone)中搜索关键字加亮? - 技术_菜鸟



科技时代的交流方式。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。 爱范儿 |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅


11月5日消息,据外媒报道,Facebook 虽然在华仍未解禁,但有中国广告主入驻,Facebook页面上有来自中国的广告。

BBC商店上线 可付费下载数字内容

BBC英国广播公司今天上线了在线商店,里面可以找到《神秘博士(Doctor Who)》、《神探夏洛克(Sherlock)》以及《黑色孤儿(Orphan Black)》这样的剧。

国足2比0卡塔尔 乐视狂喜!要给中国足球队送电视

国足2比0卡塔尔 乐视狂喜!要给中国足球队送电视。昨晚国足的颠覆性表现让中国球迷重燃希望,正所谓梦想总是要有的,万一实现了呢?国足出线,乐视贾跃亭也发微博喝彩,并慷慨承诺,将赠送中国足球队的所有成员每人 ... ...

浪潮打造贵州大数据精准扶贫云 成全国精准扶贫样板

当“大数据”遇上“大扶贫” 贵州精准扶贫“不撒胡椒面” 北京2016年5月27日电 /美通社/ -- 5月25日至29日,由国家发改委和贵州省人民政府主办的中国大数据产业峰会暨中国电子商务创新发展峰会(简称“数博会”)在贵阳举办。浪潮携大数据软硬一体化整体解决方案精彩亮相,展出的“大数据+扶贫”主题案例,成为数博会最大亮点之一。 扶贫开发是一场输不起的攻坚战。2015年11月27日,中央与22个中西部省份签订“脱贫军令状”,正式打响“十三五”时期的扶贫攻坚战。

Here’s what’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14367 for PC and mobile

Here's what's new in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14367.The post Here’s what’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14367 for PC and mobile appeared first on WinBeta.

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