Apple Store Online Now Accepts PayPal In U.S. And U.K.

Customers looking for more payment options for that next Mac or iPhone just got a new choice – PayPal. The online payments giant is now available at checkout on Apple’s online retail channel in both the U.S. and U.K.,

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Apple Store Online Now Accepts PayPal In U.S. And U.K.

Customers looking for more payment options for that next Mac or iPhone just got a new choice – PayPal. The online payments giant is now available at checkout on Apple’s online retail channel in both the U.S. and U.K.,

With McD’s Using Apple Pay, PayPal Scoops Up Burger King For Fast Mobile Sales

A short code for a Whopper, or a tap for a Big Mac? On the heels of McDonalds working with Apple to let iPhone users buy Big Macs and more using Apple Pay, PayPal — Apple’s burgeoning rival in payments — has inked a deal with McD’s long-time fast-food competitor, Burger King,

Capital Control Cuts Off Greek Access to iTunes, iCloud, and PayPal

Imagine trying to buy a song on iTunes, but finding your credit card payment blocked. You can’t pay your cloud storage subscription, either, even though you have the money. Apple just won’t accept your card, and you’re about to lose most of your files. Read more...

PayPal Buys Paydiant, The Mobile Wallet Behind CurrentC, To Raise Its Game v. Google + Apple

PayPal, the payments service with 162 million users preparing to separate from e-commerce giant eBay later this year, is announcing an acquisition today to help build out its mobile business targeting physical merchants,

The First Battle In The Mobile Payments War Is Over

While the war to control mobile payments has been broadly covered over the last several years, it seems that the tactical warfare that has been at play is less understood by most observers. It’s been a tale of conflict, closed door bargaining,

PayPal’s Instant Checkout “One Touch” Now Works With Bigcommerce, No Longer Requires PayPal’s App

PayPal’s instant checkout service called OneTouch is now being extended to support all merchants using the e-commerce platform Bigcommerce, as well as on mobile devices – even in cases where the consumer doesn’t have the PayPal native application installed. The service,

Subway Teams Up With PayPal On Mobile Payments

Ordering your food or beverages by smartphone and then paying for it via an app is quickly becoming the new normal. Starbucks already allows for this across thousands of its stores in the U.S. Meanwhile,

PayPal Will Give You a Two-Week Interest Free Loan

PayPal's latest service, Pay After Delivery, gives people up to 14 days to pay for the stuff they buy. Read more...

Ant Financial: The Greatest Victory Is That Which Requires No Battle

Not long after the Alibaba IPO, eBay announced that it aims to spin off PayPal as a separately traded company. The rumors of PayPal as an acquisition target are already looming, and one of the contenders is Jack Ma’s Alipay, now called Ant Financial.

The Apple Store will now let you buy stuff online with PayPal in the US and the UK.

The Apple Store will now let you buy stuff online with PayPal in the US and the UK. Along with the new payment option, Apple is also promoting PayPal Credit, which lets you pay for that shiny new MacBook in interest-free monthly instalments, rather than having to sell a kidney upfront.

Pitching a $99 tax advisory service for the masses, Visor has raised $9 million

The only sure things in this life, according to Ben Franklin, are death and taxes. And a new startup called Visor has just raised $9 million in financing to make one of them as painless as possible. Unlike Nectome, Visor won’t kill anyone,

The Criterion Collection is launching its own streaming service

When WarnerMedia announced last month that it would be shutting down its streaming service FilmStruck, the team at the Criterion Collection said it would be looking for a new digital home. Today, Criterion announced that it will be building that home itself — namely,

Tesla has opened up Model 3 orders to customers in China

Tesla is now taking orders for the Model 3 from customers in China, according to its website. Reuters was the first to report that Tesla is taking orders in China. Tesla won’t confirm or comment on the information published on its own China-focused website.

Gift Guide: The best gear for that friend who wants to start a podcast

Welcome to TechCrunch’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide! Need more gift ideas? Check out our Gift Guide Hub. “How do I start a podcast?” As the producer of the TechCrunch podcast Equity, I get this question all the time. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get your voice out there,

Stoop aims to improve your news diet with an easy way to find and read newsletters

Stoop is looking to provide readers with what CEO Tim Raybould described as “a healthier information diet.” To do that, it’s launched an iOS and Android app where you can browse through different newsletters based on category, and when you find one you like,

Cryptocurrency chill causes mining speculator Nvidia’s stock to plunge

The cryptocurrency market is an exciting one, but it's also unpredictable — and when things go south, they take related businesses with them. Nvidia, a hardware giant that has been riding the cryptocurrency wave,

Reading List: Podcasting

I argued in my recent post What’s Next for Podcasting? that we’re at a pivot point where podcasting is becoming a mainstream content format for all types of shows and creators as Hollywood enters the fray. There’s a surge of interest by both creatives and businesspeople in podcasts right now,

Uber Facing Tougher Action In Brussels

Yet more trouble brewing for Uber in Europe. Brussels Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet, is reportedly preparing to file a criminal complaint against the company, according to regional press reports, after failing to gain operational concessions through discussions. Read More

MusiXMatch Launches Clip So You Can Create And Share 20-Second Videos With Music And Lyrics Overlaid

In an attempt to get in on the short video sharing craze, MusixMatch, the song lyrics database and maker of accompanying lyric-viewing mobile apps, has released a brand new app called ‘Clip‘. Debuting on iOS first, with an Android version to follow shortly,

China’s Baidu Set To Partner With Uber And Reportedly Invest Up To $600M

Uber may have just raised a fresh $1.2 billion this month, but the company looks set to welcome a new investor, Chinese internet giant Baidu, which is reportedly set to invest as much as $600 million into the U.S. firm. Read More

fis入门-单文件编译之文件优化(optimize) - 程序猿小卡

FIS(Front-end Integrated Solution ),是百度的前端集成解决方案。最近几天在研究前端构建的东西,就顺便了解了下,果断各种高大上,可以到FIS官网围观感受一下。如果对fis还不熟悉的童鞋,可以跑下官网的小demo体验一下。

Turn Google Earth Images Into All-Terrain Area Rugs

We've seen rugs that let you cruise through the cosmos in your slippers, but these lovely floor coverings take a more terrestrial approach. Each of the one-meter-square samples is hand-tufted to depict a small glimpse of the world as viewed from Google Earth.Read more...    

Nurph App Turns A Twitter Handle Into A Real-Time Chat Room For Friends, Brands

Back in 2010, Nurph was a tiny boot-strapped startup working on a platform which turned Twitter into a realtime chat platform. Developed by Elliott Kember and Neil Cauldwell, they got a little Angel cash and tinkered away.

Scenes from Gizmodo's Home of the Future Opening Night Party

Our Home of the Future is in full swing, and we kicked off the week with an opening party on Friday where guests got to experience the home and see its kinetic computer desk, spinning hydroponic towers, and telepresence robots in action.Read more...

Hipmunk Raises $20M Round For Its Agony- And Ecstasy-Based Travel Search

Flight and hotel search startup Hipmunk is announcing that it has raised $20 million in Series C funding.The round was led by Oak Investment Partners, a firm that previously backed flight search service Kayak (among many other companies).

由研究者倡导的 REDUCE 研究纳入首位患者

荷兰兹沃勒2014年6月13日电 /美通社/ -- REDUCE 研究的首席研究员宣布,该研究纳入首位患者,於荷兰兹沃勒 Isala Hospital 植入了 OrbusNeich COMBO 双疗法支架。 据当地首席研究员兼治疗医生 E.

Sony CEO barracked by shareholders at company AGM

Kazuo Hirai attempts to quieten the unrest were unsuccessful as his plan to turnaround the firm’s fortunes has so far failed and shareholders want answers.Read more:

迷你书: 架构师(7月刊)

本期《架构师》主要内容:《郑晔谈Java开发》、《Swift尚不成熟》、《让我们再聊聊浏览器资源加载优化》、《存储系统的那些事》、《腾讯云的弹性、高可用与隔离》、《AWS S3产品总监谈存储》、《搜狐云景Container经验谈》。


上海2014年8月21日电 /美通社/ -- “中关村移动互联网产业联盟移动医疗专委会”联手博闻中国医疗领域战略合作伙伴“中国数字医疗网”(HC3i) 将于9月11-12日在北京举办《2014中国移动医疗产业论坛》。


无论最终苹果汽车会不会出现,反正汽车厂商基本上都已经相信了。由于此前苹果已经有过让瞧不起他们的人感到脸疼的经历——比如 iPhone 和 iPad,因此这一次外界对于苹果汽车传闻的评论用词也小心了许多。

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