SendVid Makes It Easy To Upload And Send Video

The folks that brought you Shared a few years ago are at it again. This time they’re trying to make it easy to share video. Called SendVid, the new service is as simple as can be. You upload a video and then share it. End of story. Want to edit it? Want to add a filter? Want to add a soundtrack?

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SendVid Makes It Easy To Upload And Send Video

The folks that brought you Shared a few years ago are at it again. This time they’re trying to make it easy to share video. Called SendVid, the new service is as simple as can be. You upload a video and then share it. End of story. Want to edit it? Want to add a filter? Want to add a soundtrack?

DogVacay, Airbnb For Dogs, Nabs $25M In Funding

DogVacay has just raised $25 million in Series B1 funding, according to a report from Fortune. DogVacay confirmed the funding to TechCrunch. The company, which provides a service to replace kennels for dog owners, has been operating since 2012 and has now raised a total of $47 million.

Microsoft officially acquires Minecraft creator Mojang for $2.5 billion, but why?

Today, Microsoft has announced their acquisition of Mojang. Mojang is the developer of the widely popular video game Minecraft. Mojang's founder Markus Persson (aka Notch) had been an outspoken opponent to Microsoft.

Affordable unified communications for SMEs: Cobweb's cloud-based Microsoft Lync

if you want to empower your company with a workflow-enhancing communications system whilst maintaining affordability, no matter the size of your company, Cobweb could provide the answer. Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Lyve’s New App Lets You Access All Your Photos And Videos From Any Device You Own

Accessing your entire photo and video collection from any device can still be a challenge today,

15 TechCrunch Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

This week’s tech headlines saw a mega-roundup of April Fool’s Day tech pranks, Jay-Z’s new music streaming service and much more. These were our best stories of the week (3/28-4/3). Read More

Twitch Launches Music Library, Curated Tunes Broadcasters Can Use For Free

Today Twitch is launching Music Library, a curated collection of music that broadcasters can use in their streams for free. Read More

Cisco takes the boardroom on the road through cloud meeting service

The company’s new cloud meeting service allows Collaboration Meeting Rooms [CMR] to be created that are able to be used 24/7 in any location. Read more:

Should Twitter Crack Open Its Nest Egg To Acquire SoundCloud?

SoundCloud might be the YouTube of music, but that doesn’t mean Twitter should play Google and acquire it. Considering Twitter is having growth issues, can’t seem to prove itself to the mainstream, and needs to get its business rolling,

VHX Introduces An iPhone App And Library So You Can View Your Whole Video Collection In One Place

To make it easier for VHX customers to keep track of their content, the company is introducing a Library where all their purchased videos will be stored. Users can now view their library on the VHX website itself, or they can access it through a new VHX iPhone app. Read More

We Company CEO in hot water over being both a tenant and a landlord

The company formerly known as WeWork has come under scrutiny for potential conflict of interest issues regarding CEO Adam Neumann’s partial ownership of three properties where WeWork is (or will be) a tenant.

Daily Crunch: Snap CFO departs

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here: 1. Snap CFO Tim Stone is resigning This marks Snap’s second CFO departure in the last 12 months.

Nvidia’s T4 GPUs are now available in beta on Google Cloud

Google Cloud today announced that Nvidia’s Turing-based Tesla T4 data center GPUs are now available in beta in its data centers in Brazil, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Tokyo and the United States. Google first announced a private test of these cards in November,

Tinder is testing the ability to share Spotify music clips in chat

Tinder has already developed a fairly robust chat platform within its dating app, with support for sharing things like Bitmoji and GIFs, and the ability to “like” messages by tapping a heart icon. Now, the company is testing a new integration – sharing music via Spotify.

Anchor says it’s ‘powering’ 40 percent of new podcasts

Podcasting’s greatest asset has always been its accessibility — for consumer and creator alike. But even the simplest medium requires a little know-how, and Anchor’s overarching goal has long been to further lower the barrier of entry for those looking to take the leap. It’s not perfect,

Byju’s buys Osmo for $120M to add blended learning to its $4B digital education business

Weeks after it raised a massive $540 million funding round, Indian education unicorn Byju’s is on the M&A path. The company announced today it has snapped up U.S-based Osmo, a startup that develops apps for kids that use offline input, in a deal worth $120 million.

Niantic finalizes its Series C at $245M with a valuation of nearly $4B

We’ve known since around December that Niantic (the creators of Pokémon GO and the soon to be released Harry Potter Wizards Unite) was in the middle of raising a ton of money for its Series C round. At the time, it looked like it’d come in around $200M dollars.

OKGo’s Andy Ross Programmed Lindsay Lohan’s The Price Of Fame Game

Lindsay Lohan’s The Price of Fame is now at #10 in the App Store after only a week and a half. Of course, if we’ve learned anything from Kim K, celebrity-backed mobile games tend to do quite well in this space. If that were all this was, it wouldn’t be much of a story.

Apple Store Online Now Accepts PayPal In U.S. And U.K.

Customers looking for more payment options for that next Mac or iPhone just got a new choice – PayPal. The online payments giant is now available at checkout on Apple’s online retail channel in both the U.S. and U.K.,

Uber Facing Tougher Action In Brussels

Yet more trouble brewing for Uber in Europe. Brussels Minister of Mobility, Pascal Smet, is reportedly preparing to file a criminal complaint against the company, according to regional press reports, after failing to gain operational concessions through discussions. Read More

近一个月所学得 - 拾贝壳的小男孩

转眼又一个月过去了,反思以这些天所学的,现在真的感觉力不从心了,很疲惫,需要休息。 在这期间,我感到另我最欣慰的是我php框架学完了,遗憾的是由于要做实验,要发论文,书没有怎么看,感到特别空虚。

苹果或在本届WWDC推出视网膜版Macbook Air


CSS3实战开发: 弹性盒模型之响应式WEB界面设计 - 陌上花会开


safari浏览器cookie问题 - 黑MAO

这个题目可能有点大了,这里主要讨论一种解决safari浏览器阻止第三方cookie问题。 场景 公司存在多个域名(,,这些域名应该统一帐号状态,a.com为公司主域名,其中帐号系统为,b.

我们需要什么样的豆瓣 App ?

豆瓣 App 2.0 推出已将近一月,从各方面的数据和用户评价看,这个主打豆列、强调趣味的新版本在官方的大力宣传和推广下,仍然没有得到用户青睐。我们到底需要什么样的豆瓣 App ?


日清博物館的個人定製活動一直很有人氣,在最近情人節更推出了定製心型泡麵的情人節活動,從 2 月 1 日一直進行到 2 月 28 日,剛好要去日本過情人節的朋友們,可以好好把握機會!閱讀全文



文章: Aerospike NoSQL 数据库架构

Aerospike是一个开源的分布式键-值NoSQL数据库。它支持灵活的数据模式,并且支持满足ACID特性的事务。 By Srini Penchikala Translated by 李志

神速认错,Apple Music 试用期也将支付歌手费用

除了 Spotify 的前车之鉴外,Apple 也算是记取了之前在「音乐」服务上缓慢反应的教训,面对勇于对串流音乐开炮的 Taylor Swift 的公开信,快速地在几个小时后便做出正面回应,表示将会在 Apple Music 串流音乐服务的三个月试用期间支付歌手相应的费用 -- 显然 Apple 也觉得自己理亏,毕竟本来就该使用者付费,自己的优惠怎么会连带要求歌手跟着一起「慷慨」呢?



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