Peru Indignant After Greenpeace Damages Ancient Nazca Site writes The NYT reports that Peruvian authorities say Greenpeace activists have damaged the fragile, and restricted, landscape near the Nazca lines,

Peru Indignant After Greenpeace Damages Ancient Nazca Site writes The NYT reports that Peruvian authorities say Greenpeace activists have damaged the fragile, and restricted, landscape near the Nazca lines,

Supreme Court Gives Tacit Approval To Warrantless DNA Collection

An anonymous reader writes On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a case involving the conviction of a man based solely on the analysis of his "inadvertently shed" DNA.

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all,

Why We Should Stop Hiding File-Name Extensions

An anonymous reader writes 14 years after the Anna Kournikova virus took advantage of users' ignorance about file-name extensions in order to wreak worldwide havoc,

Khronos Group Announces Vulkan To Compete Against DirectX 12

Phopojijo writes The Khronos Group has announced the Vulkan API for compute and graphics. Its goal is to compete against DirectX 12. It has some interesting features,

Inside the North Korean Data Smuggling Movement

Sparrowvsrevolution writes A new Wired magazine story goes inside the North Korean rebel movement seeking to overthrow Kim Jong-un by smuggling USB drives into the country packed with foreign television and movies. As the story describes, one group has stashed USB drives in Chinese cargo trucks.

NVIDIA Fixes Old Compiz Bug

jones_supa writes NVIDIA has fixed a long-standing issue in the Ubuntu Unity desktop by patching Compiz. When opening the window of a new application, it would go black or become transparent on NVIDIA hardware. There have been bug reports dating back to Ubuntu 12.10 times.

Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email At State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules writes: The NY Times reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton exclusively used a personal email account to conduct government business as secretary of state, according to State Department officials.

Google Earth API Will Be Retired On December 12, 2015

An anonymous reader writes Google [on Friday] announced it plans to retire the Google Earth API on December 12, 2015. The reason is simple: Both Chrome and Firefox are removing support for Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) plugins due to security reasons,

Apple Antitrust Case Finds New Consumer Plaintiff

An anonymous reader writes Class action against Apple is set to continue after 65-year-old amateur figure skater Barbara Bennett decided she would volunteer to represent consumers in the faltering antitrust case. U.S.

Deflating Claims That ESA Craft Has Spotted Dark Matter

Yesterday, we posted news that data from the European Space Agency's XMM-Newton spacecraft had been interpreted as a possible sign of dark matter; researchers noted that a spike in X-ray emissions from two different celestial objects, the Andromeda galaxy and the Perseus galaxy cluster,

Super clever stop motion animation uses wood like you've never seen

Andre Maat had the brilliant idea to play with the shape and consistency of wood in his stop-motion video Woodoo and it warps the naturally stiff material into a living, breathing (and smoking object). The execution is pretty fantastic, each shape fluidly transforms into another.

微软通过改变命名绕过Service Packs的支持承诺

微软只留给Windows 8.1用户30天时间升级到Windows 8.1 Update1。在客户强烈抗议之后,微软略作让步,将没有更新到Update1的企业用户安全支持时间延长到了120天。Update1包含了Windows 8.1的所有累积更新,它实际上就是以前的Service Packs。

Study: Ad-Free Internet Would Cost Everyone $230-a-Year

Several readers sent word of research into the cost of internet content without ads. They looked at the amount of money spent on internet advertising last year in the U.K.,and compared it to the number of U.K. internet users. On average,

Yes! HBO Without a Cable Subscription Is Coming Next Year

This is big news: HBO just announced it will launch a web-only service sometime next year. Meaning, you can get HBO with no cable subscription. Yay! Read more...

The Earth's Magnetic Field Could Flip Within a Single Lifetime

Earth's magnetic field is constantly shifting, and roughly every 200,000 to 300,000 years it flips north and south completely. We're currently overdue for a switcheroo—and scientists now say it could happen in a time as short as 100 years, potentially altering life in unexpected ways. Read more.

特斯拉纯电 SUV Model X 上路行驶视频

特斯拉纯电动 SUV 车型离上市越来越近了——已有人在加州的公路上看到一辆。 上面的视频 显示,一辆稍微经过伪装的 Model X 出现在帕洛阿尔托附近。即便所有设计元素都被隐藏起来,特斯拉 Model X 给人的感觉仍然不同凡响。

PlayStation Flow lets you literally dive into your games

How much gaming immersion do you really need? For example, if you're swimming in a game, do you actually need to feel water on your skin? Well, worry not, Sony's got you covered. The company just announced a new wearable called PlayStation Flow,

The Apple Watch is being delivered and people are losing their minds

We are writing to you from the future. In Australia, it is already after 9 a.m. on April 24 and obsessed fans are getting their hands on the Apple Watch hours before the majority of the worldThe same is happening across Asia, with fanboying rife across Japan and China.

2016 年,去玩一场心惊肉跳大汗淋漓的 VR 游戏

VR 最直接的应用领域必然是游戏,简直是无缝对接。在 Oculus 一再跳票后,无数玩家伸长的脖子稍微缩回去了点,而商业永不眠,全球首个 VR 游戏厅 The Void (虚空)已经开始在美国犹他州筹建,并将于 2016 年开业。

苹果WWDC应用开始支持Apple Watch 确认6月8日举行发布会

苹果今天更新了 WWDC 应用,加入了 Apple Watch 支持并确认了 WWDC 发布会在6月8日,周一美国太平洋时间上午10点-12点举行。

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