Sen. Al Franken Not Happy With Uber’s Evasive Responses On Privacy

Senator Al Franken is critical of Uber’s response to the concerns he raised around privacy — specifically complaining that it lacks detail and that the company’s three page letter avoids answering some of his questions. Read More

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Google’s bigger smart display arrives this fall

Google is just a couple of months away from releasing its first smart home device with an onboard camera. The company quietly updated one of its support pages today, detailing that the 10″ Nest Hub Max will be available September 9 for $229. After the page was first discovered by Droid Life, 

Facebook and OpenStreetMaps empower the mapping community with AI-enhanced tools

If we're going to map the world, we're not going to do it with ever-greater volumes of elbow grease. There's just too much work to do. AI and computer vision are helpful assistants in this task, however, as a collaboration between Facebook and OpenStreetMaps has shown,

DOJ announces investigation into big tech

The Department of Justice announced that its Antitrust Division is reviewing how the world’s largest technology companies have gotten that way and whether their business practices reduced competition or hurt consumers.

AWS launches a new tool to help you optimize your EC2 resources

Here is a small but potentially handy update if you’re an AWS EC2 user. The company today launched a new feature called “EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations,” which does exactly what the name promises. It’s not flashy, it’s not especially exciting,

Google’s Nest adds to its partnerships focused on the power grid with new Leap agreement

Google’s smart home device business, Nest, is increasing its ties to the utility industry by adding another partner to bring its smart thermostats into homes to reduce energy consumption and provide that unused power back to utilities in times of peak power demand.

UPS forms a new subsidiary for drone delivery and seeks FAA approval to fly

UPS has big plans for drone delivery, and it’s taking two key steps to put them into action. First, it’s building its own dedicated subsidiary focused entirely on drone delivery called UPS Flight Forward, and it’s seeking FAA approval to operate its drones over populated areas,

TD Ameritrade is bringing customers’ financial portfolios into the car

TD Ameritrade has integrated with in-vehicle software platforms Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Amazon’s Echo Auto to give customers the ability to check their stock portfolio or get the latest financial news while sitting behind the wheel.

Dog Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D Printing

Another day, another animal given a new lease on life thanks to 3D printing. This time it’s Derby, a dog born with deformed legs who, with the help of some folks at 3DSystems, now runs alongside his owners with gleeful abandon.

The Reinvention Of The Ad-Tech Sector

There are major changes afoot in advertising technology at the moment, but not everyone has realized how transformational these changes are. Indeed, analysts have talked about four types of business models in the ad tech ecosystem,

Talkspace Therapy Platform Piles On Another $1M From Metamorphic, Launches On Android

Talkspace, the web and mobile app that lets people connect and communicate with licensed therapists, has today announced the close of a $1 million bridge from Metamorphic Ventures to close out their seed round. This brings Talkspace’s total raised to $3.



Google's New Camera App Simulates Shallow Depth of Field

New submitter katiewilliam (3621675) writes with a story at Hardware Zone about a new feature that Google's working on for Android phones' built-in cameras: the illusion of shallow depth of field in phone snapshots, which typically err on the side of too much in focus, rather than too little.

平面設計師和 Geek 們對生日禮物有沒有什麼特別的喜好?

送画册大概永远安全,比如 Graphic: Inside the Sketchbooks of the World's Great Graphic Designers 或者 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design 这样。一来这种书很少有人会自己买,二来它们既能装点门面又能拿来启发灵感,美观实用。



SEC Suspends Trading of Cynk, the Abandoned Tech Company Briefly Worth $6 Billion

Cynk may be sunk.The Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading of Cynk Technology Corp. on Friday following numerous reports this week about suspicious trading activity and the company's peculiar history. See also: The Curious Case of Cynk,

加入美国海军陆战队实测,Google要让旗下Boston Dynamics公司的机器狗们踏上战场

Google旗下公司的步兵班组支援系统(Legged Squad Support System,简称LS3)机器狗目前正在夏威夷跟随美国海军陆战队进行第一次实地运载测试。这套系统耗时5年研发,在24小时不对其进行补给的情况下,它可携带181.44公斤负载行进32.




昨日下午热心网友发现奶茶妹妹章泽天“毫无征兆”地清空了微博,碰巧的是,大boss刘强东4月7日那条公布恋情的“ […]

WWDC 上被忽略的 CarPlay 有了一项重要更新

WWDC 15 的 Keynote 上,苹果在 iOS、watchOS 和 OS X 上可谓事无巨细,甚至还对一些小的功能点做了现场演示,而 CarPlay 的消息却被匆匆一带而过。可这并不意味着苹果所做出的更新不值一提。 恰恰相反。

Are "Meat Sweats" Real?

I will admit, I have never even heard of “the meat sweats” until I saw them mentioned on that one Progressive commercial. It’s a little-studied struggle that apparently strikes carnivores after a gratuitously meaty meal. Is it a legit scientific phenomenon, and if so,

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