Sen. Al Franken Not Happy With Uber’s Evasive Responses On Privacy

Senator Al Franken is critical of Uber’s response to the concerns he raised around privacy — specifically complaining that it lacks detail and that the company’s three page letter avoids answering some of his questions. Read More

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CodeStream lets you collaborate and talk directly in VS Code

Adding comments to your code is nothing new. But what if you could @-mention your coworkers and start a thread about a specific part of your code? Meet CodeStream, a Y Combinator-backed startup that wants to do just that. The best way to discuss some content is right next to the content itself.

MailChimp teams up with Square to launch shoppable landing pages

MailChimp, the popular email newsletter service and marketing platform, today announced a partnership with Square that will allow its users to create landing pages with built-in e-commerce features.

Facebook Messenger is building a “Watch Videos Together” feature

Netflix and chill from afar? Facebook Messenger is now internally testing simultaneous co-viewing of videos. That means you and your favorite people could watch a synchronized video over group chat on your respective devices while discussing or joking about it.

Uber’s financials, Qualtric’s $8B exit and what’s going on at WeWork

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we had the excellent Connie Loizos on the air, we had Danny Crichton on the horn from New York, I was in the studio mostly hacking up one lung or the other,

Popular Chinese selfie app Meitu now includes 3D editing

You’ve probably had the experience of posing awkwardly for a photo while everyone else looks great. Now China’s top photo-editing firm Meitu has a solution that helps you resist the urge to trash that photo. Meitu’s namesake app, which claims over 100 million monthly active users as of August, 

BlackBerry is buying Cylance for $1.4 billion to continue its push into cybersecurity

BlackBerry was best known for keyboard-totting smartphones, but their demise in recent years has seen the Canadia firm pivot towards enterprise services and in particular cybersecurity.

Musca is the winner of TechCrunch Battlefield Tokyo 2018

TechCrunch is in the heart of Japan and we’ve been hearing from some of Tokyo’s brightest entrepreneurs competing to win the Battlefield startup competition here. We’ve whittled down the group of 20 startups that have presented onstage for our judges,

Dog Can Walk Again Thanks To 3D Printing

Another day, another animal given a new lease on life thanks to 3D printing. This time it’s Derby, a dog born with deformed legs who, with the help of some folks at 3DSystems, now runs alongside his owners with gleeful abandon.

The Reinvention Of The Ad-Tech Sector

There are major changes afoot in advertising technology at the moment, but not everyone has realized how transformational these changes are. Indeed, analysts have talked about four types of business models in the ad tech ecosystem,

Talkspace Therapy Platform Piles On Another $1M From Metamorphic, Launches On Android

Talkspace, the web and mobile app that lets people connect and communicate with licensed therapists, has today announced the close of a $1 million bridge from Metamorphic Ventures to close out their seed round. This brings Talkspace’s total raised to $3.



Tech Titans Pay Out Just $300 Mil for Giant Wage-Fixing Conspiracy

After a protracted legal battle, Reuters reports Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe will settle a lawsuit claiming they conspired to pay their employees far less than they deserved. These companies got a very good deal.Read more...


对不起(sorry)这个词在现代社会已经进化成出了别的意思和用途,尤其是对于现在的女性,对不起有了不一样的意思。有研究显示,虽然女性比男性说对不起的次数更频繁,乔治城大学的语言学家 Deborah Tannen 通过研 ... ...

The 16 Places Where STEM Jobs Got the Biggest Pay Raises

It's a real estate maxim that also applies to those who work in science and technology: Location, location, location.Where you work, geographically speaking, can have a significant impact on the amount of your pay increases. Bloomberg Rankings examined U.S. metropolitan areas with at least 100,


威锋网 8 月 12 日消息,外媒报道苹果有意在全美的健康专家中部署旗下的 Healthkit 开发工具,而且已经与卫生保健提供者 Mount Sinai、Cleveland Clinic、John Hopkins 以及 Allscripts 等商谈,以让这些合作伙伴使用新系统。  

Panamanian Dictator, Manuel Noriega, sues Call of Duty

As if all the mishegoss over Gamergate hasn’t been enough, how about a Panamanian dictator suing over his depiction in a video game?Read more:

The BIG Talk 来到硅谷:展望智能社会的未来

继先后在国内推出六场关于人工智能、虚拟现实、开源创新等主题的The BIG Talk之后,百度联合PingWest品玩,一起将这场关于科技与未来的大会搬到了硅谷,这个创新创业的源头重镇。

Android属性动画之ValueAnimation - 小破孩123

ValueAnimation是ObjectAnimation类的父类,经过前几天的介绍,相信大家对ObjectAnimation有了 一定的认识,今天就为大家最后介绍一下ValueAnimation,ValueAnimation谷歌提供了更好的过程控制,现在就以一个类计时的小动画为大家简单介绍一.

【百度地图】显示从某站点出发的所有公交车路线 - 琴剑飘零



躲过了3.15大劫,微商们应该庆幸,这表明今年仍有足够的空间“浑水摸鱼”,而微信更值得庆祝一番,不仅没有成为微 […]

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