Obama has John Travolta moment, calls James Franco 'James Flaco'

President Obama, eternal purveyor of pop culture, expressed his unfaltering love of renowned Oscar-winning actor, comedian and poet James Flaco at his year-end press conference FridayOh wait, what? It's James Franco. Right,

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Obama has John Travolta moment, calls James Franco 'James Flaco'

President Obama, eternal purveyor of pop culture, expressed his unfaltering love of renowned Oscar-winning actor, comedian and poet James Flaco at his year-end press conference FridayOh wait, what? It's James Franco. Right,

Obama Talks Climate Change in James Cameron's Showtime Documentary

The Showtime documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously," executive produced by James Cameron, features an exclusive interview with Barack Obama, Mashable has learned — a segment that may provide rare insight into the President's thinking on climate science and policy.

President Obama to Address Beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley

President Obama is expected to speak about the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley at 12:45 p.m. ET. Obama's remarks will mark the first time the president addressed the barbaric murder and are expected to be delivered in the context of the broader Iraq conflict,

For Conflict Journalists, Kidnappings Loom as a Part of the Job

In the wake of a video showing the murder of photojournalist James Foley, the world has been reminded that members of the media now occupy a new place in conflict zones — as valuable hostages for groups desperate for money and attention.

David Beckham and James Corden have a new underwear line

Beauty is skin deep; it's what's underneath that counts.At least that's what David Beckham and host James Corden were going for when they showcased their new D+J Briefs to the world on The Late Late Show on Sunday night. The two bare it all while posing in a variety hilarious positions.

Watch President Barack Obama Insult Zach Galifianakis On ‘Between Two Ferns’ For HealthCare.gov

President Barack Obama made a special appearance on an extremely unlikely program in the talk show circuit – or rather, way off the circuit, on The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis’ Funny Or Die web exclusive Between Two Ferns. Galifianakis has managed to land some big guests in the past,

U.S. 'will not abandon families' under new hostage policy

President Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday makes it easier for families to pay ransom and secure release for U.S.

Masked LeBron James Is the New Superhero of Twitter

LeBron James is the knight. The Dunk Knight.The basketball star debuted a fashion-forward safety mask at Thursday night's game against the New York Knicks. While protecting him from future broken noses,

President Obama Hits Up The Youths On Tumblr

The President took to Tumblr today, answering users’ questions on topics relating to education. It was another example of the President using alternative mediums to attract the attention of young Americans. Notably, and infamously to some,

Obama: If You Cyberattack the US, We'll Sanction You 

President Obama has a message for foreign hackers: You’re grounded. The president declared a national emergency and signed an executive order today allowing targeted sanctions on anyone who is deemed a cyberthreat to the United States. Read more...

Daenerys and Sansa's passive aggressive 'Game of Thrones' talk is now a meme

A lot of viewers are feeling an exaggerated smiley-squint from Daenerys during her heart-to-heart  stand-off with Sansa in the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Caption thispic.twitter.com/g85egCy4Nc— doom (@reallyhalalfood) April 22,

This influencer faked a weekend at Coachella with Photoshop and wigs

If you go to Coachella without taking pictures in front of the ferris wheel, did you really even go? YouTuber Gabbie Hanna decided to do a little experiment in which she faked a weekend at Coachella using Photoshop and footage from friends who actually did go to the festival.

Snapchat just grew for the first time in a year

Is it too soon to call this a turnaround? Snap just reported its results for the first quarter of 2019 and delivered investors some long overdue good news: Snapchat added new users for the first time in a year.The app now counts 190 million daily active users (DAUs),

Kids hack dad's facial recognition lock in easiest way possible

Hacking facial-recognition systems is so easy a kid could do it. One Irish politician found this out the hard way when he discovered the reason he kept finding his laptop battery drained.

Mark Zuckerberg might not be untouchable after all

Mark Zuckerberg may soon find himself in an unfamiliar situation: facing actual, personal consequences for Facebook's missteps. As the FTC continues to investigate the social network's mishandling of user data,

Park ranger’s gorilla selfie goes viral

A park ranger in the Democratic Republic of Congo snapped a selfie with two gorillas that went viral. Virunga National Park shared the funny photo on their Instagram page. Read more...More about Instagram, Animals, Mashable Video, Virunga National Park, and Selfie

Netflix increasing its operations in New York City

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says the streaming giant will open a new production location in Brooklyn. The company will also soon move to bigger working spaces in the borough of Manhattan.  Read more...More about Tv, Netflix, Mashable Video, New York City, and Streaming Services

The cutest staring contest you'll ever have is one with a baby sloth

Staring contest time. Ready? Go!The San Diego Zoo welcomed a lazy addition to its family in July: a baby sloth.If you want to have the staring contest in person, though, you'll have to visit the zoo's Elephant Odyssey.

Google plans to build Android software directly into cars, report says

Google is reportedly planning to build its connected car platform Android Auto directly into vehicles.Reuters is reporting that the integration would differ from how Android Auto already allows users to sync their cars to an Android device. With Android Auto built right in to the vehicle,

Obama: Sony 'made a mistake' by canceling 'The Interview'

President Barack Obama said Friday that Sony Pictures "made a mistake" when it pulled its comedy The Interview in the face of threats by hackers who the FBI said were from North Korea.Speaking at his year-end press conference, Obama said he was "sympathetic" to Sony's situation.




前几日,当当网 CEO 李国庆发邮件称,当当要做时尚电商,并将落点放在了服饰上。他希望,通过做服饰迈向做时尚。  无独有偶,天猫、京东、唯品会也都在近期喊出了响亮的时尚口号。天猫打出了尚天猫,就购了, ... ...

Microsoft launches WindUp, its own Snapchat rival

The time-limited messaging service is available to download for free now from the Windows Phone Store and allows users to share pictures, videos and audio snippets, as well as text.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/08/15/microsoft-launches-windup-its-own-snapchat-rival/

Markdown 标准化受阻,新标准名为 CommonMark

John Gruber 2004 年创造了 Markdown 语法之后并未对其进行过大的版本更新,而一群互联网社区工作者组成的试图将 Markdown 标准化的团队遭到了他的抵制。

Diffusion Group:2014年Q2 Netflix全球订阅用户日平均观看93分钟

根据Diffusion Group最新做的调查显示,Netflix全球范围内的订阅用户日平均观看时长达到了90多分钟。报告还指出,Netflix本季度观看总时长同比11年第四季度上涨了350%。




现在Jonathan Willis提出了一个假设,究竟是需要用许多Rails应用程序或者还是一个Vertx Play! 应用程序?就由这个假设来走进这篇文章。


助力中国城市走向可持续发展道路 北京2015年12月29日电 /美通社/ -- “2015中国城市可持续发展论坛”今日在京举办,论坛上发布了《2015年中国城市可持续发展报告:衡量生态投入与人类发展》,全方位对中国城市的可持续发展进行调研和展示,为解决人类共同面临的城市发展难题进行开创性的探索。报告显示,列入研究范围的35个城市在生态投入指标上的表现均比2014年有所改善,中国城市可持续发展的总体趋势乐观。


本就在一条线上的企业,团结联手是一件很正常的事情。威锋网 3 月 16 日消息,日前,芯片设计厂商 ARM 已经与芯片代工厂台积电(TSMC)达成长期的战略合作,共同开发基于 7nm 工艺制程的 SoC 一体式芯片。  很显然,“7 纳米”芯片这个字眼已经不是第一次出现在人们的视野中。早在去年 7 月上旬,IBM 与 GlobalFoundries 和三星两大厂商对外宣称,旗下第一枚 7 纳米制程工艺的芯片已经开始测试。  

Dag Kittlaus, co-founder of Siri, will give the world’s first demo of a next gen AI called Viv at Di

While Siri now lives on the phones of hundreds of millions of Apple users, and a few people are responsible for helping get the now ubiquitous assistant off the ground. One of those people is Dag Kittlaus, co-founder and CEO of Sir and now co-founder and CEO of Viv, a new platform-based AI product.

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