Obama has John Travolta moment, calls James Franco 'James Flaco'

President Obama, eternal purveyor of pop culture, expressed his unfaltering love of renowned Oscar-winning actor, comedian and poet James Flaco at his year-end press conference FridayOh wait, what? It's James Franco. Right,

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Obama has John Travolta moment, calls James Franco 'James Flaco'

President Obama, eternal purveyor of pop culture, expressed his unfaltering love of renowned Oscar-winning actor, comedian and poet James Flaco at his year-end press conference FridayOh wait, what? It's James Franco. Right,

Obama Talks Climate Change in James Cameron's Showtime Documentary

The Showtime documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously," executive produced by James Cameron, features an exclusive interview with Barack Obama, Mashable has learned — a segment that may provide rare insight into the President's thinking on climate science and policy.

President Obama to Address Beheading of U.S. Journalist James Foley

President Obama is expected to speak about the murder of U.S. journalist James Foley at 12:45 p.m. ET. Obama's remarks will mark the first time the president addressed the barbaric murder and are expected to be delivered in the context of the broader Iraq conflict,

For Conflict Journalists, Kidnappings Loom as a Part of the Job

In the wake of a video showing the murder of photojournalist James Foley, the world has been reminded that members of the media now occupy a new place in conflict zones — as valuable hostages for groups desperate for money and attention.

David Beckham and James Corden have a new underwear line

Beauty is skin deep; it's what's underneath that counts.At least that's what David Beckham and host James Corden were going for when they showcased their new D+J Briefs to the world on The Late Late Show on Sunday night. The two bare it all while posing in a variety hilarious positions.

Watch President Barack Obama Insult Zach Galifianakis On ‘Between Two Ferns’ For HealthCare.gov

President Barack Obama made a special appearance on an extremely unlikely program in the talk show circuit – or rather, way off the circuit, on The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis’ Funny Or Die web exclusive Between Two Ferns. Galifianakis has managed to land some big guests in the past,

U.S. 'will not abandon families' under new hostage policy

President Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday makes it easier for families to pay ransom and secure release for U.S.

Masked LeBron James Is the New Superhero of Twitter

LeBron James is the knight. The Dunk Knight.The basketball star debuted a fashion-forward safety mask at Thursday night's game against the New York Knicks. While protecting him from future broken noses,

President Obama Hits Up The Youths On Tumblr

The President took to Tumblr today, answering users’ questions on topics relating to education. It was another example of the President using alternative mediums to attract the attention of young Americans. Notably, and infamously to some,

Obama: If You Cyberattack the US, We'll Sanction You 

President Obama has a message for foreign hackers: You’re grounded. The president declared a national emergency and signed an executive order today allowing targeted sanctions on anyone who is deemed a cyberthreat to the United States. Read more...

'The Cleaners' shows the terrors human content moderators face at work

"Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't work when cleaning out the darkest corners of social media platforms. That's what the documentary The Cleaners, which airs Monday night on PBS, reveals about content moderators in the Philippines who are relentlessly bombarded with violent, graphic,

The 'u want this?' bunny is here for all your meme requests

ASCII bunnies are evergreen. Best known for holding signs with hot takes, the bunny has taken on a more wholesome character of late with this new meme.SEE ALSO: ASCII bunnies are back for all your hot takesThe "u want this?" bunny took over Twitter in early November.

Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood drawing of late Stan Lee alongside dozens of stunning fan portraits

The death of Stan Lee, age 95, has been felt by many, but the loss has been particularly profound for the many fans-turned-artists who were inspired by Lee's legendary career.In the wake of Lee's passing, as notes of honor and remembrance have flooded social media,

What your favorite home assistant command really says about you

No matter what kind of home assistant or smart speaker you’re on a first name basis with, chances are you’ve reached co-dependent status with it — because no one wants to physically do things when you can yell at a piece of plastic to do it instead. Playing actual board games? It’s not 1984.

Leftovers season is here, so it's time to upgrade your food container situation

Leftover season is upon us, which means that now is the time to invest in some solid Tupperware. You may be thinking that the mix-matched menagerie of lids and plastic containers you have tucked away in your kitchen will do the trick, but I regret to inform you that it will not. 

Lyft's rewards program will offer perks for choosing Lyft over Uber

When you're hailing a ride, you probably flip between the Uber and Lyft apps to see which one will give you the best deal. But what if one of them offered you rewards in exchange for your loyalty?Lyft is banking on that idea with its forthcoming rewards program. 

Someone at Hasbro apparently thought Monopoly for Millennials was a great idea

Someone really though a millennial version of Monopoly might be a fun idea.The very bitter people behind the board game known for tearing apart friend groups and getting children written out of wills released an especially cursed version of the game titled Monopoly For Millennials. 

The cutest staring contest you'll ever have is one with a baby sloth

Staring contest time. Ready? Go!The San Diego Zoo welcomed a lazy addition to its family in July: a baby sloth.If you want to have the staring contest in person, though, you'll have to visit the zoo's Elephant Odyssey.

Google plans to build Android software directly into cars, report says

Google is reportedly planning to build its connected car platform Android Auto directly into vehicles.Reuters is reporting that the integration would differ from how Android Auto already allows users to sync their cars to an Android device. With Android Auto built right in to the vehicle,

Obama: Sony 'made a mistake' by canceling 'The Interview'

President Barack Obama said Friday that Sony Pictures "made a mistake" when it pulled its comedy The Interview in the face of threats by hackers who the FBI said were from North Korea.Speaking at his year-end press conference, Obama said he was "sympathetic" to Sony's situation.

[图]售$49 TiVo创始人推出Qplay电视盒子


凡客精品化难撑服装大局 未来道路该怎么走?


The Future of Interstellar Communication Goes "Pew, Pew, Pew"

It's no subspace transceiver but this prototype communicator bound for the ISS could revolutionize how we share data over the vast expanses of solar space. It will deliver Gigabit speeds through deep space. Read more...

Jquery学习之路(三) 实现弹出层插件 - 轻狂.书生




苹果第三季度财报公布 - iOS移动开发周报

本期iOS移动开发周报带来如下内容:苹果第三季度财报公布,iOS界面开发的大一统,Flipboard开源的FLEX工具等。 By 唐巧


据空间天气网站报道,近日太阳表面出现了一个巨大的黑子,世界各地的天文爱好者以及专业太阳观测机构都正在对这个大黑子进行严密的观察,该黑子群正式编号AR 2192。

创业者发起防辐射内裤项目 以保护男性精子质量


Instagram starts cracking down on spammers and fake accounts

If you lost a bunch of followers on Instagram today, don’t freak out -- your account hasn't been hacked nor have you started being less awesome, instead the photo and video sharing network is on a mission to wipe away all the spam and bot users from the service.Earlier this month,

This chair is an invisible gym for your living room

LAS VEGAS — Most people dream of burning calories, as they power through episode after episode of their favorite Netflix show. And if you could do that while sitting down — without noticing that you're working out — then all the better.Enter the Tao Chair, a quirky,

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