20 songs turning 20 in 2015

Have you ever taken a good, hard look at music released in 1995? TLC had us chasing waterfalls, Skee-Lo made a wish and Michael Jackson stripped down with Lisa Marie Presley in a music video that took 20 years to erase from our memoriesSee also:

20 songs turning 20 in 2015

Have you ever taken a good, hard look at music released in 1995? TLC had us chasing waterfalls, Skee-Lo made a wish and Michael Jackson stripped down with Lisa Marie Presley in a music video that took 20 years to erase from our memoriesSee also:

Throw it back with these 20 songs turning 20 in 2016

New year, new blast from the past.In celebration of another step forward into the future, we'd like to take one step back into the past — 20 year-long steps back, to be exact. Here is a list of musical gems that will make you go back in time, contemplate which pop hits of 1996 passed muster,

Google Adds More Music, TV And Movie Content To Mobile Search, Including Recommendations

An update to Google search rolling out to mobile users is putting a greater emphasis on music and media, including recommendations on songs, TV shows, movies, and more. Now, when searching for things like singers, actors, films and other related items,

Rock Band 4 to include U2 songs for the first time

Rock Band, the game that ignited living rooms and was a social phenomenon for video games a few years ago, is returning next week on Xbox One. It is set to release on October...The post Rock Band 4 to include U2 songs for the first time appeared first on WinBeta.

Inside The Spotify – Echo Nest Music Skunkworks

Truffle Pig is just one of the new musical inventions dreamed up at the sonic skunkworks born from Spotify’s $100 million acquisition of The Echo Nest. Deep inside Spotify’s New York headquarters, the team gave me a peek how the combined company plans to nail recommendations,

Mashable's 150 top songs of 2014

2014 has been a big year for music.It included long-awaited returns from Jenny Lewis and D'Angelo along with strong debuts by new artists like FKA Twigs and YG. So naturally, we compiled our top 150 songs of the year — as chosen by Mashable staff — into a Music Monday playlistSee also:

'Friends' remix turns 'House of Cards' into a sitcom

His job's definitely not a joke. He's not broke. But his love life may well be D.O.A.First it was The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy,

Apple Music’s Strategy Is No-Paywall Premieres, Not Exclusives

The idea of Apple Music struck fear in the hearts of listeners like me. The company had enough money to buy exclusives that could fracture and balkanize the music catalog. 

Microsoft Store carolers send message of peace and joy to Apple Store staff

Hugs and tears abounded on November 16, 2015 as Microsoft’s New York flagship Microsoft Store sent some holiday cheer to their frenemies at the Apple Store up the street. Microsoft and Apple have enjoyed...

The biggest songs of 2015 in one sugary year-end track

Though many are loathe to admit it, the truth is that year-end mashups are a real delight. What's not to love about all of 2015's best Top 40 songs mashed into one sugary new track?One of this year's very first mashup tracks comes from YouTuber Daniel Kim,

Save $700 on this Sony 70-inch 4K TV *and* get a $350 Dell gift card with purchase

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to upgrade your entertainment system, this is it. Dell is offering a discounted price on a Sony 70-inch LED 4K Smart TV and throwing in a gift card when you purchase the TV. Dell is basically paying you to shop.

All the reasons Google Stadia could (and couldn't) be the next big thing for gaming

Can Google Stadia — Google's first entry into the world of mainstream gaming — hope to make a dent in a market that's been dominated for more than two decades by three major platforms? Or is it just another OnLive in the making?Even at this early stage,

Save $100 on the Dyson DC33 Multifloor bagless upright vacuum at Walmart and start spring cleaning r

It's time to start spring cleaning. To get your home in order, you need a trusty vacuum cleaner like the Dyson DC33 Multifloor bagless upright vacuum to help you on your quest to eradicate all dust, dirt, debris, and other yucky bits in your house. Luckily,

Google hit with $1.7 billion fine for anticompetitive ad practices

The EU is making Google pay for its anti-competitive practices.On Wednesday, the European Commission ordered Google to pay a huge €1.49 billion antitrust fine (roughly $1.7 billion USD) for “abusive practices in online advertising.

Apple's second-gen AirPods are here

Did you just get some AirPods for Christmas? Well, too bad because they're about outdated. Apple has officially announced new AirPods. Now you can upgrade your ears with an even better version of the wireless buds. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Wireless Charging, Apple Airpods, Airpods,

Best language-learning apps, software, and online classes

There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken around the world and we're willing to bet you only speak one of them fluently. Maybe two if you grew up in a bilingual household. For the rare few polyglots who are fluent in three or more languages, then we salute you.For the rest of us:

Save $20 on a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera on Amazon

Instant photography has seen a huge resurgence in recent years. Polaroid-style pictures are back in vogue and the nostalgia factor has become a big part of the current photography zeitgeist.

Air rage: Behind bad behavior on planes

People do disgusting and disruptive things on airplanes. They show little regard or patience for fellow passengers and their needs. Inconsiderate behavior on the part of passengers can make air travel an unpleasant hassle for everyone.

How much of the Christmas Nativity story is true?

From the birth of Jesus in a manger to the Star of Bethlehem, the classic details of the Nativity story show up in Christmas pageants and storefront windows everywhere. But how may of those details are rooted in history?"My overall take on this,

20 people who really owned the whole DIY thing this Christmas

Congratulations, Internet. You've just won Christmas.The holidays are the perfect time to bake, decorate and do all kinds of artsy things with your friends and family — and no one understands that more than these craft-obsessed individualsSee also:


如果说"海天佛国"是浙江普陀山, "清凉世界"是山西五台山, "仙山佛国"是四川峨眉山,"莲花佛国"是安徽九华山, 那么"梵天净土"则是贵州梵净山。梵净山不仅是国家级自然保护区、联合国"国际人与生物圈保护区网"成员,


为了比其他Linux发行版更具不同的魅力,Linux Deepin自12.06版本起,就开始的制作属于自己的系统主题。历时整整一年,Linux Deepin12.12发布,属于Linux Deepin自己的主题——Deepin主题也一同发布。

利用JqGrid结合ashx显示列表之一 - 踏浪帅

最近项目决定运用JqGrid列表控件显示相关数据,以前接触比较多还是easyui和Ext.Net的列表控件,文章简单写的小实例进行一个总结;1:引入相关的JS及CSS文件,JqGrid目前可以利用Jquery UI的皮肤: 2:Html签标(一个用于列表显示 一...

Kaspersky founder “afraid” of imminent cyberterrorism threat

Eugene Kaspersky thinks that a cyberterrorism incident similar to one in Die Hard 4.0 is closer than many think and governments must firm up defences to stop widespread destruction.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/02/kaspersky-founder-afraid-imminent-cyberterrorism-threat/

OpenDNS Phases Out Redirection To Guide

First time accepted submitter Jim Efaw (3484) writes "Tired of the OpenDNS Guide surprise from website-unavailable.com when you go to an old link or a typo from some ISPs? Relief is at hand: On June 6, 2014,



华强北阵痛求变 有人欢迎有人疑惑



导语:腾讯在云计算的积累长达十几年,不过最初只服务于自研业务。现在,腾讯云将蓄积已久的技术和运营能力开放出来,准备为广大创业者修一条“高速公路”。  腾讯帝国的缔造,与“云”密不可分。  

Tesla will launch a new roadster in 4 years (with a nudge to 'Spaceballs')

What's faster than Ludicrous speed? Maximum plaid.Elon Musk confirmed an all new Roadster will be coming in four years, with a "maximum plaid" speed mode. It would be a car built on a new platform, not an upgrade of the Lotus Elise-based Roadster Tesla launched in 2008,

360好搜份额超35% 齐向东:如被骗 我全赔


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