Brands Saying Bae Twitter account shames brands for acting like teens

Just because brands want to seem hip doesn't mean they have to act like children. That, at least, appears to be the message behind a scathing new Twitter accountBrands Saying Bae, a Twitter account that launched over the weekend, has already attracted more than 7,

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Brands Saying Bae Twitter account shames brands for acting like teens

Just because brands want to seem hip doesn't mean they have to act like children. That, at least, appears to be the message behind a scathing new Twitter accountBrands Saying Bae, a Twitter account that launched over the weekend, has already attracted more than 7,

Twitter To Let Brands Link Up Users’ Twitter Handles With Their Customer Accounts For Customer Care

Yesterday we wrote about Twitter’s interest in building up its platform as a place for businesses and brands to manage customer care, and today Twitter unveiled some of the early features of that effort. At its Flight developer conference, 

Here’s How Chat Apps Are Becoming As Important As Social Media For Brands

Social media marketing will soon include chat apps, as this example from Sir Paul McCartney and the use of Line show. Read More

The Secretive Experiments That Could Make Twitter So Much Better

If you ask someone who works at Twitter about the company's experiments, you won't get an answer. Company policy is no comment. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of novel updates and strange new features brewing in San Francisco.

Confusion over dead celebrities on social media, as Twitter suspends James Dean fan account

Twitter appears to have backed down in a legal fight over who can use dead celebrity images. The case could have broader ripples for online expression.

All Day Raises $2 Million To Be A Media Portal For The Twitter Generation

Would-be media moguls take heart: with nothing more than a Twitter handle and a dream, you can raise capital to become the next Vice or Vox Media Group, or Buzzfeed.All it takes is a knack for viral content, 2.15 million followers on your marquee Twitter account,

SocialRank Raises $1M To Help Brands Find Their Competitors’ Most Valuable Followers

SocialRank, the startup that promises to help users find their most valuable, engaged, and all-around "best" followers, is announcing that it has raised $1 million in seed funding. It's also opening sign-ups for a new feature, the ability to run similar reports on your competitors.

Google Launches An Instagram Account

Instagram is so hot that no one can resist joining in. Not even Google. The search giant, in a joint-celebration over the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube (??), has today launched its own Instagram account. So far there is one video post, showing today's time-sinking Google Doodle.

Twitter Is In Talks With India’s ZipDial

We have heard that Twitter is making another acquisition, with international growth and mobile marketing in mind. Sources tell us that Twitter is in negotiations to buy ZipDial,

Why Doesn't Instagram Allow Me to Manage Multiple Accounts Like Twitter Does?

The other day I wanted to post a photo to Gizmodo’s Instagram account. I had to log all the way out of my personal account, dig up the password for Gizmodo’s account, log back in as Gizmodo, and post the photo—there was no way to save login information or move seamlessly between them.

Dog has existential crisis after finally catching his tail

There's a core spiritual question for dogs who chase their tails: What, exactly, are they after?Twitter user @omw2innisfree's friend's dog, Max, recently experienced something of a spiritual crisis after finally capturing his own tail.

Apple plans to bring more iOS features to the Mac

It sure looks like Apple is moving closer and closer to its goal of merging its iOS and macOS ecosystems. Apple has plans to bring more iOS features, including Screen Time and Siri Shortcuts, to macOS later in 2019, according a new report from 9to5Mac.

4/20 isn't just a 'stoner' holiday. It's an opportunity for activism.

At my college, 4/20 was marijuana Christmas. Every year at that time, people would go outside, put on their worst possible pants, turn up the jam band radio stations (String Cheese Incident, baby!!!), and smoke up.As much as I loved seeing my fellow classmates roll down grassy hills,

SiriusXM releases a subscription plan for people without cars

If you're one of the millions of people in America who don't own a car and have to rely on terrible public transportation (points to self), SiriusXM is out-of-reach.Recently, however,

Amazon's delivery drivers now have to verify their identity with selfies

Amazon is now using facial recognition to verify its delivery drivers' identities. Specifically, the change applies to people who drive for Amazon Flex, the retail giant's program that allows contract workers to deliver Amazon packages using their own cars. Now,

Older dog loses his sh*t after meeting new puppy

There is nothing more exciting in the world than getting a new puppy. Human babies are great, but puppies are ...frankly a little better.Take a look at how Twitter user @gillianrobles00's dog responded after her family got a puppy. SEE ALSO: Hey dog owners,

'God of War: Raising Kratos' doc looks at how the biggest game of 2018 got made

Sony Santa Monica's critically and commercially acclaimed 2018 hit God of War is going to be the subject of a "making of" documentary.It's a Sony production, so it's reasonable to expect the rosiest possible picture.

The only conceivable reasons for Niall ever leaving One Direction

LONDON — Twitter had palpitations overnight after several entertainment sites tweeted that Niall was leaving One Direction.Just as Directioners began to brace themselves for heartbreaking national helplines, it was revealed that the news news was a hoax sparked by two hacked Twitter accounts.

Man named Jack Daniels naturally names newborn son Jim Beam

Some babies are just too bold for a normal name.A man named Jack Daniels Leathers and his wife, Lydia Leathers of Gray, La.,have named their newborn son Jim Beam, continuing the tradition of naming their family's very classy tradition of naming their children after American alcohol.See also:

The most pirated TV shows and movies of 2014

Another December, another year of pirating Game of Thrones coming to end.The beloved and controversial HBO fantasy epic holds the royal station of the most pirated TV show for the third consecutive year, according to TorrentFreak. Viewers pirated the show 8.

Glasshole "Hate Crime" Victim Not too Traumatized for Free Trip

It would be awesome, Sarah Slocum . Also awesome if Google could throw in a self-driving car, a Starbucks gift card, and maybe some of those cool shoes that have the wheels built in—you know, the ones kids scoot around on at the mall sometimes?Read more...

苹果下架iPad 2,重新上架iPad 4

今天苹果官网的在线商店在全球多个国家(已知有中国、美国等)下架了iPad 2,并重新上架了第四代iPad。


微软在Build开发者大会上宣布开源一批.NET库和相关技术,成立.NET基金会去管理和引导开源组件的开发。微软还将在Apache 2.0许可证下开源Roslyn编译器堆栈,Roslyn是微软所谓的编译器即服务,包含了C#和 Visual Basic.NET 编译器。.


在 WWDC 会场,苹果在二楼停放了三辆显眼的车,一辆是法拉利,一辆是雪佛兰 Spark,另一辆是1965 年款福特野马。这三辆车是用来展示苹果今年新推出的车载系统 CarPlay。

At E3 2014, Microsoft Played Catch-Up While Sony Leapt Ahead

Sony and Microsoft, the two biggest current home console makers (Nintendo is today, but the Wii U hardly compares anymore), have both had their chance to impress via splashy E3 conference keynotes, and both came out with very distinct shows. Sony actually discussed hardware, for instance,

Mac Pro要升级?Xeon E5 v3有望秋季出货

苹果去年才发布了全新设计的 Mac Pro,因此我们不太可能在近两年看到这款产品的全面更新,不过处理器的升级还是可以期待的。

Sarah Silverman's 'SNL' Promo Is 20 Years in the Making

Sarah Silverman tackles Saturday Night Live hosting duties this weekend, marking her first return to the show in 20 yearsSilverman worked as a writer for SNL during the 1993-1994 season, but lost her job when none of her sketches made it to air after 18 weeks. Thankfully,

浅谈数据库联合查询 - Candyメ奶糖

本文介绍以下内容:LFET JOIN、RIGHT JOIN、INNER JOIN、UNION、UNION ALL、FULL JOIN等!测试数据(以下数据未经考证,非真实有效数据,仅作为本次学习的测试数据!)全国大学排名TOP20 No.



S#!t gets real in 'Silicon Valley' Season 2 promo

It's almost time to return to Silicon ValleyThe Season 1 finale may have left the characters making high-brow penis jokes, but this year, as teased in the promo above, s—t's about to get realSee also: 5 Ways HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Is Just Like the Real ThingWhat does that mean exactly? TBD.

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