Brands Saying Bae Twitter account shames brands for acting like teens

Just because brands want to seem hip doesn't mean they have to act like children. That, at least, appears to be the message behind a scathing new Twitter accountBrands Saying Bae, a Twitter account that launched over the weekend, has already attracted more than 7,

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Brands Saying Bae Twitter account shames brands for acting like teens

Just because brands want to seem hip doesn't mean they have to act like children. That, at least, appears to be the message behind a scathing new Twitter accountBrands Saying Bae, a Twitter account that launched over the weekend, has already attracted more than 7,

Twitter To Let Brands Link Up Users’ Twitter Handles With Their Customer Accounts For Customer Care

Yesterday we wrote about Twitter’s interest in building up its platform as a place for businesses and brands to manage customer care, and today Twitter unveiled some of the early features of that effort. At its Flight developer conference, 

Here’s How Chat Apps Are Becoming As Important As Social Media For Brands

Social media marketing will soon include chat apps, as this example from Sir Paul McCartney and the use of Line show. Read More

The Secretive Experiments That Could Make Twitter So Much Better

If you ask someone who works at Twitter about the company's experiments, you won't get an answer. Company policy is no comment. That doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of novel updates and strange new features brewing in San Francisco.

Confusion over dead celebrities on social media, as Twitter suspends James Dean fan account

Twitter appears to have backed down in a legal fight over who can use dead celebrity images. The case could have broader ripples for online expression.

All Day Raises $2 Million To Be A Media Portal For The Twitter Generation

Would-be media moguls take heart: with nothing more than a Twitter handle and a dream, you can raise capital to become the next Vice or Vox Media Group, or Buzzfeed.All it takes is a knack for viral content, 2.15 million followers on your marquee Twitter account,

SocialRank Raises $1M To Help Brands Find Their Competitors’ Most Valuable Followers

SocialRank, the startup that promises to help users find their most valuable, engaged, and all-around "best" followers, is announcing that it has raised $1 million in seed funding. It's also opening sign-ups for a new feature, the ability to run similar reports on your competitors.

Google Launches An Instagram Account

Instagram is so hot that no one can resist joining in. Not even Google. The search giant, in a joint-celebration over the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube (??), has today launched its own Instagram account. So far there is one video post, showing today's time-sinking Google Doodle.

Twitter Is In Talks With India’s ZipDial

We have heard that Twitter is making another acquisition, with international growth and mobile marketing in mind. Sources tell us that Twitter is in negotiations to buy ZipDial,

Why Doesn't Instagram Allow Me to Manage Multiple Accounts Like Twitter Does?

The other day I wanted to post a photo to Gizmodo’s Instagram account. I had to log all the way out of my personal account, dig up the password for Gizmodo’s account, log back in as Gizmodo, and post the photo—there was no way to save login information or move seamlessly between them.

'The Cleaners' shows the terrors human content moderators face at work

"Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't work when cleaning out the darkest corners of social media platforms. That's what the documentary The Cleaners, which airs Monday night on PBS, reveals about content moderators in the Philippines who are relentlessly bombarded with violent, graphic,

The 'u want this?' bunny is here for all your meme requests

ASCII bunnies are evergreen. Best known for holding signs with hot takes, the bunny has taken on a more wholesome character of late with this new meme.SEE ALSO: ASCII bunnies are back for all your hot takesThe "u want this?" bunny took over Twitter in early November.

Jimmy Kimmel shares childhood drawing of late Stan Lee alongside dozens of stunning fan portraits

The death of Stan Lee, age 95, has been felt by many, but the loss has been particularly profound for the many fans-turned-artists who were inspired by Lee's legendary career.In the wake of Lee's passing, as notes of honor and remembrance have flooded social media,

What your favorite home assistant command really says about you

No matter what kind of home assistant or smart speaker you’re on a first name basis with, chances are you’ve reached co-dependent status with it — because no one wants to physically do things when you can yell at a piece of plastic to do it instead. Playing actual board games? It’s not 1984.

Leftovers season is here, so it's time to upgrade your food container situation

Leftover season is upon us, which means that now is the time to invest in some solid Tupperware. You may be thinking that the mix-matched menagerie of lids and plastic containers you have tucked away in your kitchen will do the trick, but I regret to inform you that it will not. 

Lyft's rewards program will offer perks for choosing Lyft over Uber

When you're hailing a ride, you probably flip between the Uber and Lyft apps to see which one will give you the best deal. But what if one of them offered you rewards in exchange for your loyalty?Lyft is banking on that idea with its forthcoming rewards program. 

Someone at Hasbro apparently thought Monopoly for Millennials was a great idea

Someone really though a millennial version of Monopoly might be a fun idea.The very bitter people behind the board game known for tearing apart friend groups and getting children written out of wills released an especially cursed version of the game titled Monopoly For Millennials. 

The only conceivable reasons for Niall ever leaving One Direction

LONDON — Twitter had palpitations overnight after several entertainment sites tweeted that Niall was leaving One Direction.Just as Directioners began to brace themselves for heartbreaking national helplines, it was revealed that the news news was a hoax sparked by two hacked Twitter accounts.

Man named Jack Daniels naturally names newborn son Jim Beam

Some babies are just too bold for a normal name.A man named Jack Daniels Leathers and his wife, Lydia Leathers of Gray, La.,have named their newborn son Jim Beam, continuing the tradition of naming their family's very classy tradition of naming their children after American alcohol.See also:

The most pirated TV shows and movies of 2014

Another December, another year of pirating Game of Thrones coming to end.The beloved and controversial HBO fantasy epic holds the royal station of the most pirated TV show for the third consecutive year, according to TorrentFreak. Viewers pirated the show 8.



Whitepaper: Heighten cloud performance

Your cloud-based business is growing. That’s great. But you need to buy more servers. That’s expensive. HP Moonshot can meet your growing needs—while using less energy and space, at a lower cost.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

最簡單也最困難!不起眼的 Apple Watch 其實搭載了蘋果的最新科技!


MadGenius Radio:智能版的老派音乐电台

MadGenius Radio在流媒体服务上面采取了一种老派的做法。 如今大多数电台服务利用关联算法来搞清楚用户想听什么歌曲,根据的是每分钟的节拍、韵律以及音乐流派,并不真正考虑新旧歌曲的轮换。

This super secure Android smartphone is built into a watch

LAS VEGAS — While the market is already saturated with smartwatches — and will become even more so later this year with new products, including the Apple Watch — most are just Bluetooth devices, connecting the watch with a smartphone.

Kinect 让我对微软的 Holographic 保持一定的怀疑

保罗·塔西是一位科技专栏评论员。他在看完微软的 Windows 10 发布会后,有话要说。他希望大家对目前所推出的最新科技产品不要太过放飞自己的想象力……

Get pumped for Super Bowl ads in our #BizChats Twitter chat

It's the official holiday season for advertisers and marketers alike. It's the time of the year that consumers actually look forward to sitting through almost an hour's worth of commercialsAs the weeks pass, Super Bowl ad teasers have been trickling in from an array of brands,

A rosy nebula glows in new deep space photo

A rosy-hued, star-forming region of the cosmos thousands of light-years from Earth glows in a beautiful new photo.The new image represents one of the sharpest photos of the region Messier 17, a nebula about 15 light-years across and located about 5,500 light-years away from our solar system,

苹果推出为iPad Pro而优化的应用/游戏专区

威锋网讯,随着 iPad Pro 的推出,苹果也为 iOS 的 App Store 进行了更新,推出了专门为 iPad Pro 而设的应用专区:“iPad Pro 精彩 App” 和“iPad Pro 精品游戏”。  

Mad Catz推出新款入门级模块化鼠标R.A.T. 1

提到Mad Catz的鼠标,科技感和极高的可定制化绝对是最引人注目的特色。而在今年CES上推出能够更换滚轮、传感器甚至侧裙的高级自定义鼠标R.A.T. Pro X之后,Mad Catz近日也将这种模块化的设计方案下放,推出了新款入门级鼠标R.A.

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