United and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old who exposed cheap airfare hack

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old website founder who has made it easier for travelers to find "hidden city" tickets, which can offer big discounts on airfares."Hidden city" ticketing is the practice of booking a one-way plane ticket from one city to another,

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United and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old who exposed cheap airfare hack

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing a 22-year-old website founder who has made it easier for travelers to find "hidden city" tickets, which can offer big discounts on airfares."Hidden city" ticketing is the practice of booking a one-way plane ticket from one city to another,

United And Orbitz Sue “Hidden Cities” Flight Search Engine Skiplagged

United Airlines and Orbitz are suing Skiplagged, a small startup founded by Aktarer Zaman, that helps travelers hack the airlines’ opaque pricing schemes to get better deals by finding so-called “hidden city” fares.

22-year-old who United and Orbitz are suing raises $42,000 for legal fund

The 22-year-old who started Skiplagged.com, a website that reveals cheap airfares available through "hidden city" ticketing, is getting some help in his fight against United Airlines and Orbitz.More than 2,000 people have donated more than $42,000 to Aktarer Zaman's legal fund.See also:

Uber Launches An Open API With 11 Partners, Including OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and United Airlines

Last week, my colleague Josh Constine reported that Uber was preparing to release an API that would enable its on-demand ride-hailing service to be integrated into a number of third party apps. And today, the company is announcing an API will become available to app developers,

A comprehensive list of Black Friday deals for travelers

You don't have to stand in line in the cold to score travel deals this Black Friday.In the spirit of shopping till you drop, here is a list of all the travel sales we've seen so far. There are lots of them.See also: The worst things people do on airplanes,

Is it worth it to save on airfare with an illicit 'hidden-city ticket'?

A judge has thrown out United Airline's lawsuit against Skiplagged.com, a site created by Aktarer Zaman that helps travelers find cheaper airfare with "hidden-city ticketing." But Zaman's win doesn't mean the practice is now approved.Hidden-city ticketing involves booking a connecting flight,

I Flew to Work in the Uber for the Skies

Flying from LA to San Francisco on business is a task normally fraught with stress and rage. But today, my journey begins from a better place. Instead of the gargantuan mess that is LAX, my Uber rolls up to a tiny airport three miles to the east.

Sosh Launches Concierge, The Uber Of Restaurant Dining

Sosh, the recommendations app that helps find the best stuff to do in your city, is today launching a brand new branch of the service dedicated to restaurants. With the introduction of Sosh Concierge,

British Airways cracks down on travelers exploiting hidden-city ticketing

British Airways is enforcing harsher penalties on travelers hoping to save a few bucks with hidden-city ticketing, a dubious, if not illegal, booking practice.Hidden-city ticketing is the practice of purchasing an airfare with a layover,

With $20M In The Bank, JetSmarter Is Building The Uber Of The Skies

JetSmarter, a private air transportation startup, wants to make commuting by private jet a reality for all travelers. With $20 million in Series B funding from The Saudi Royal Family, music and entertainment moguls including Jay-Z, and executives at companies such as Goldman Sachs and Twitter,

Neptune looks extremely sharp and very blue in these new images

Several billion miles from Earth, Neptune's looking particularly sharp in a set of new images captured by one of the most powerful telescopes in the world.Located in Chile,

These are the clearest views of Saturn's moon Titan we've seen yet

Long live Cassini, which has delivered the clearest views of Saturn's moon, Titan, to date.Six infrared images of Titan have been captured by the noble Cassini spacecraft, which, after 13 years of exploration, finally (and sadly) burned up in Saturn's atmosphere in September 2017.SEE ALSO:

Glass phones are about to get really, really cool

Are you ready for translucent phones? What about wood, or snakeskin? That's the promise of Gorilla Glass 6, Corning's newest generation of Gorilla Glass. The next-gen display tech, which is used by Apple and Samsung, comes with the usual upgrades in scratch and impact resistance,

Oh joy, it's your elected officials rambling on about cryptocurrency

Look, cryptocurrency is complicated. We get it. What with all the different coins, tokens, ICOs, exchanges, scams, protocols, and DApps, it's borderline impossible for the casual observer to keep it all straight. And so, with that in mind,

Lego's model of Jason Momoa as Aquaman is zaddy material

Lego's human-size model of Aquaman, a.k.a. actor Jason Momoa, is here to break hearts with his mighty trident.Behold, the great sea warrior...rendered in the form of thousands of tiny plastic bricks.SEE ALSO: Fan's photo with Jason Momoa goes viral for obvious reasonsImage:

Joaquin Phoenix's standalone Joker origin movie gets a release date

There's been a lot of rumors swirling around various standalone Joker movies over the past couple months. And sorry, Jared Leto, but yours isn't the one far enough into development to have a solid release date.

Voters' data was left exposed online because of course it was

Sure, our ballot may be secret. But our voter data? Yeah, not so much.Our most recent reminder of this disconcerting truth: Bob Diachenko, a self-described cybersecurity enthusiast who works for an IT development firm, discovered an online database containing information on thousands of US voters.

The biggest pop hits of 2014, played on household items

Andrew Huang can make a song out of pretty much anything he finds laying around the house. Balloons, car doors, bags of leafy greens— all this and more is fair game for one of Huang's expertly edited cover songsHis latest song is an homage to the biggest pop songs of 2014,

China can log onto Gmail via third-party apps again

It appears that Gmail is once again accessible in China via third-party clients after a four-day blackout.China blocked access to Google's popular email service on or around Dec. 26, according to data from Google and analysis from Dyn Research, after a gap in its Great Firewall was closed. But now,

Steve Scalise, GOP's No. 3 in the House, once addressed white supremacists

WASHINGTON — In a revelation that could put a crimp in Republican efforts to reach out to minorities in 2016, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has acknowledged that he once addressed a gathering of white supremacists, though his office denies any association with the group's social views.

50 Blu-rays, New Chromebooks, Titanfall, Bargain Bluetooth Keyboard

This AmazonBasics Bluetooth keyboard has great reviews, will pair with your computer, phone, or tablet, and it's only $19 today. Compared to Logitech's $46 Bluetooth tablet keyboard, that's an absolute steal.Read more...

【Node.js】Stream(流)的学习笔记 - kevin_song

最近学习使用Node.js创建http proxy server,少不了要跟Stream打交道。昨天开始查阅一些资料,多少有了一些粗浅了解。整理在这里,供学习之用。 从Node.js API文档中可知, "A stream is an abstract interface implement...


加拿大企业家、慈善家和音乐家Yank Barry和他的慈善基金Global Village Champions Foundation起诉四名维基百科编辑诽谤,索赔千万美元。被起诉的四人为 Richard Fife、Nate Gertler、Ethan Urbanik和John Nagle,Barry指控他们合谋玷污其名誉。



The “Shark Tank” Effect On Apps

Sitting at the top of the iTunes App Store for the fourth day in a row and counting is Scholly, another one of the many mobile applications that found its way onto the national stage by way of ABC’s popular TV pitch competition Shark Tank.






在“9·11事件”以后,美国纽约警察局便成立了一个“人口调查部门”(The Demographics Unit),长期对穆斯林社区及学生进行监控和秘密反恐调查。而这个部门在2011年遭到美联社披露后,也引起了穆斯林民众及外界的争议。该部门也因此被指控侵犯人权,面临两项联邦诉讼。但纽约警察局一直拒绝承认其“不当行为”,不过日前纽约警察局最终与司法部达成了一项和解协议。


瑞士楚尔察赫2016年3月3日电 /美通社/ -- 不再是越大越好 -- 不同年龄阶段的女性都希望胸部看起来年轻、自然、有活力 意大利和波兰人对胸部最自信,英国人最不满意 胸部和身体方面的自信影响欧洲女性的职业道路 年轻女性希望拥有具有杀伤力的乳沟,年长一点的希望能够往上提升,形成更好的自然曲线 创立于1886年的女士内衣厂商黛安芬 (Triumph) 发布了一项新的有关女性胸部自信的泛欧研究《黛安芬女性自信报告》(Triumph Female Confidence Report) 的结果。 欲浏览多媒体新闻稿,请点击:http://www.multivu.

阿里云小Ai挑战人耳 预测《我是歌手》冠军

新浪科技讯 4月6日下午消息,人工智能可以预测未来么?湖南卫视《我是歌手》节目组迎来一名不速之客。阿里云科学家团队今日宣布:阿里云人工智能程序小Ai将通过洞察人心,提前预测《我是歌手》总决赛歌王归属,挑战 ... ...

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