Xiaomi Confirms It Sold 61M Phones In 2014, Has Plans To Expand To More Countries

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker that raised $1.1 billion last month, has confirmed that it sold 61.12 million smartphones last year, bringing in an apparent 74.3 billion CNY ($12 billion) in revenue in the process. Read More

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Investors say emerging multiverses are the future of entertainment

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the adoption of new technologies and cultural shifts that were already well underway. According to a clutch of heavy-hitting investors, this dynamic is particularly strong in gaming and extended reality. Unlike other segments of the startup and tech world,

Fintech regulations in Latin America could fuel growth or freeze out startups

Regulatory consistency, legislation that tunes in with sector capabilities and forward-thinking agile startups will give continued growth and innovation the biggest chance of success.

Appeals court rules in favor of Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter in anti-conservative bias suit

The same day Donald Trump took to Twitter to threaten to regulate or shut down social media sites, the U.S. appeals court in Washington D.C. dismissed a lawsuit accusing top tech companies of silencing conservative voices. Filed in 2018 by nonprofit Freedom Watch and rightwing gadfly Laura Loomer,

Amazon offers more details about why HBO Max isn’t on Fire TV

WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max launched today with couple of conspicuous absences from the list of supported devices — Max is not yet available on Roku or Amazon’s Fire TV. It sounds like this isn’t just a technical issue that will be fixed imminently.

An hourly home-sharing startup in San Francisco finds itself in the city’s crosshairs

Emmanuel Bamfo is used to fighting uphill battles. Still, his latest fight, with the city of San Francisco, may well destroy his business if he doesn’t win it and quickly. Bamfo is the cofounder and CEO of Globe, a year-old,

Instagram’s AR filters are getting more dynamic

Augmented reality filters on Instagram are picking up some new tricks with the latest update to Facebook’s Spark AR platform. Spark AR has been making pretty consistent updates to the feature sets developers can play with in creating AR filters since it exited closed beta on Instagram last year.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg shares his COVID-19 strategy and tactics

This week, Verizon Communications CEO Hans Vestberg joined us for an episode of Extra Crunch Live. Vestberg is leading the company through the midst of one its biggest rollouts to date with the push into 5G connectivity. In our discussion,

A CEO Way With Words

The dialogue of today’s corporate leaders is changing, and as the polished personas of the past begin to disappear into a sea of corporate babble, a new breed of CEO has emerged with a street talk and swagger that would make your mother blush.

Private Marketplaces: The Death Knell For Publishers?

Private marketplaces (PMPs) provide publishers with a new avenue for selling premium inventory to an exclusive set of buyers. Launched with the best of intentions, they’re an attempt to reconcile competing interests in an evolving marketplace. At first glance,

The Sharing Economy And The Future Of Finance

Banking has gone from somewhere you go to something you do. If we are to believe that the sharing economy will shape our future, banking and all financial services will become something that merely exists in the background, similar to other basic utilities. Read More

Blue Shield Leaks 18,000 Doctors' Social Security Numbers

itwbennett (1594911) writes "The Social Security numbers of roughly 18,000 California physicians and health-care providers were inadvertently made public after a slip-up at health insurance provider Blue Shield of California, the organization said Monday.


本报讯 污水横流,食材遍地,老鼠爬过,蚊蝇环绕。那些号称大型点餐网站解决大量写字楼白领吃饭问题的商务餐,原来有相当一部分是来自黑作坊。上周浙江之声曝光了杭州黑作坊网上订餐,之后,钱江晚报记者跟进再 ... ...

多数美国人无意购买Apple Watch

据一份最新调查报告显示,苹果新款iPhone的需求比预期中更大,但在想要购买iPhone 6的消费者中,仅有一小部分有意在明年购买Apple Watch智能手表。

逆轉頹勢,大膽購併創新 《出版人週報》2014年度人物HarperCollins執行長莫瑞

日前《出版人週報》選出HarperCollins(以下簡稱HC)執行長莫瑞(Brian Murray) 為2014年度人物。

ITextSharp 初次接触 - 知鸟


Last day to get free Office 365 with a Lumia 640 or Lumia 640 XL in the UK is June 30th

A deal offering a free one year subscription to Office 365 Personal for those who purchase a Lumia 640 or Lumia 640 XL is ending on June 30 in the UK. If you’re shopping for a new phone in the UK,

[蘋果急診室] 虛擬機超好用(三)搞懂虛擬機的設定,讓你的「Windows」更好用!(個別設定篇)

我在「[蘋果急診室] 虛擬機超好用(三)搞懂虛擬機的設定,讓你的「Windows」更好用!(全域設定篇)」中帶大家看了一下,到底虛擬機程式本身有哪些設定是我們可以去動它的。

Android开发者的Kotlin:书 - figozhg





谈及中心化和去中心化,我们常常是在谈平台,谈个体,谈流量入口,谈连接关系,谈互联网产品,谈生活所见所思。社会是 ...

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