InVenture Provides Personal Finance Help And Credit Scores To Underbanked Individuals

here are more than 2.5 billion people without a credit score in the world today, which means that there’s no way for them to find banking help when they need it. A new startup called InVenture is looking to solve that problem,

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InVenture Provides Personal Finance Help And Credit Scores To Underbanked Individuals

here are more than 2.5 billion people without a credit score in the world today, which means that there’s no way for them to find banking help when they need it. A new startup called InVenture is looking to solve that problem,

BillGuard Launches Its Personal Finance App On Android And Adds Data Breach Alerts

BillGuard is expanding its reach with the launch of an Android app, and also adding a new feature that will alert users when their cards have been affected by a Target-style data breach. The new BillGuard app, which is available for both Android phones and tablets,

Givesurance Will Turn Your Insurance Payments Into Charitable Donations

Givesurance, a startup that helps users donate a cut of their insurance premiums to charity, is launching out of beta today.Users provide Givesurance with the name of their insurance company, policy number, state, and expiration date.

Airbnb Working On ‘Experience Card’, A Preloaded $1K MasterCard And Rewards Program

While Airbnb dukes it out with local regulators and fights off encroaching rivals, the company continues to look at ways of increasing the margins that it makes around its accommodation service and improving overall loyalty on its platform. In the latest move,

Facebook Is Shutting Down Gifts To Focus On Its Buy Button And Commerce Platform

Facebook wants to help other businesses sell things, so it’s done selling its own. Facebook Gifts will shut down on August 12th and stop selling gift cards for businesses like Starbucks and iTunes. Facebook tells me no layoffs will occur,

Self Lender Raises $1.5M To Help Americans Establish Credit

Former Disrupt Battlefield participant Self Lender has raised a $1.5 million round of seed capital from Silverton Partners, who wrote the full check. The new cash comes after the firm raised a prior total of $535,000 from TechStars, Kickstart Seed Fund, and Galvanize Ventures. To date,

Facebook Expands Its Tools For Measuring When Ads Lead To Online And Offline Sales

If you’re a Facebook advertiser wondering whether your ad actually convinced people to buy your product, well, you may now be able to measure that directly.The company has worked with measurement companies like Nielsen and Datalogix to study ad effectiveness in the past,

With iOS 8, Apple Stands Ready To Ramp Up Consumer Purchasing Power

Apple’s various additions to iOS 8 mean we’re going to see a big shift come September, in terms of what’s available to both consumers and developers, but the group that should be most excited might be marketers and others trying to get users buying things on and with their devices.

YC-Backed Final Raises A Million For Its Fraud-Fighting Credit Card

Credit card startup Final, which is focused on combating fraud online and off while giving consumers more control over their spending, has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including Ludlow Ventures, T5 Capital Partners, Y Combinator and other fintech angels,

How Startups Should Use Behavioral Economics

Behavioral Economic principles sometimes feel manipulative. How can they play a role in user-centered product development and marketing? Read More

Gift Guide: Which next-gen console is the one your kid wants?

This holiday season the next generation of gamers, bless their hearts, will be hoping to receive the next generation of gaming consoles. But confusing branding by the console makers — not to mention a major shortage of consoles — could lead to disappointment during the unwrapping process.

Despite pandemic, forecasts predict U.S. online holiday sales increase of 20%-30% or more

Strong e-commerce sales are predicted to help lift overall holiday retail spending in the U.S.,according to forecasts released today by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and eMarketer. Both firms expect to see overall retail sales growth during November and December,

Netflix says ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ is setting viewership records

“The Queen’s Gambit” is setting viewership records at Netflix, the streaming service said today. Like all the viewership data that Netflix has released this year, these new numbers reflect how many people “chose to watch” — in other words,

Founders seeking their first check need a fundraising sales funnel

CEO and co-founder of music tech startup Stem Milana Lewis explains how she landed several superstar investors and raised a little under $22 million.

Watch live as SpaceX tests the limits of Falcon 9 reusability with sixteenth Starlink satellite laun

SpaceX is set to launch its sixteenth Starlink mission on Monday at 9:34 PM EST (6:34 PM PST). This launch will carry 60 of the company’s broadband internet satellites to low-Earth orbit,

Investors Lockheed Martin Ventures and SpaceFund are coming to TC Sessions: Space 2020

The space industry, once dominated by government-funded programs and a small handful of corporations, has seen a surge in startups in recent years. And with startups aplenty, the venture firms can never be far behind.

Uber refused permission to dismiss 11 staff at its EMEA HQ

Uber has been refused permission to dismiss 11 people at its EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam by the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), the ride hailing company has confirmed. The affected individuals did not take up an earlier severance offer as part of wider Uber layoffs earlier this year.

More Project Tango Specs Revealed, Showing Two Wide-Angle And One Depth-Sensing Camera

Google’s Project Tango smartphone is a 3D environment sensing hardware experiment, which the company is hoping to ship to developers soon (today is the anticipated ship date Google stated, in fact) had some of its specs revealed in a Chrome issue tracker spotted by Myce this morning.

Social Analytics Platform Synthesio Secures $20M Series B From Idinvest Partners

Synthesio, the global social 'listening and analysis' platform, has announced it's secured a Series B funding round of $20 million in funding from a European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners. Read More

Online Shopping Companion Zinc Save Automatically Finds Discounts For Puchases From Top Retailers

Online shoppers now have a new tool to help them save money at checkout, without having to do much work at all. Recently launched shopping companion Zinc Save helps you automatically find the best price for the items in your shopping cart, and then pay however you want,



[视频]历时四年研发 “风火轮”Rocketskates终于登陆众筹平台

历时四年的研发,发明家Peter Treadway终于将“风火轮”转换为实物。这款名为“Rocketskates”的项目计划在众筹平台Kickstarter上筹集$50000启动资金,供提供R6s、R8s和R10s三个版本,上市后售价预计分别为$249/$449/$599。

瓦戈推出 ivargo 安全手机 防范丢手机后信息盗用

上海2015年2月13日电 /美通社/ -- 近日来,手机骗术日益升级,诈骗短信的内容越来越逼真,很多用户手机后被不法分子利用。


根据我所了解到的发布计划,微软的Windows 10旗舰很可能需要再等上一段时间,也就是说现在能买到配置最好的 […]


10 月 30 日,Uber 中国宣布,将在东湖新技术开发区投资 6300 万人民币建立运营中心。  据 Uber 中国介绍,运营中心是一个服务于中国合作车主、乘客的运营管理枢纽。提供各种技术服务支持的同时,还将收集整理 ... ...

Researchers Can Now Created 3D-Printed (Plastic) Hair

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have created a system to put realistic-looking plastic hair on 3D printed objects. While this doesn’t help the follicularly challenged humans among us it does allow you to add cute hairdos to 3D printed characters and even simulate hard growth on living things.


日前国外设计团队AkibaH推出了一款可用于测血糖的手机壳。 GluCase旨在将智能手机和血糖仪融合成一个单一的设备,帮助糖尿病患者改善生活。




春回大地,草长莺飞。学习的好时光。 感谢各位志愿者的鼎力支持,感谢各位参与朋友们的厚爱,2016年北京WAW继续为朋友们奉上精彩的内容。我们的宗旨仍然是“干货、分享、平等”。本次活动的主题是——增长黑客背后的数据秘密。 这一次活动的主题围绕如何通过专业数据运营构建企业的数字营销增长上。我们邀请了三位重量级的嘉宾就这个话题各做40分钟的深度分享(总分享时长超过120分钟),朋友们不要错过! 具体的活动内容如下: WAW中国创始人宋星开场致辞 宋星老师是网站分析在中国(CWA)的创始人,WAW中国创始人。他会花5分钟快速与大家分享2015年WAW做了什么,2016年又打算做什么。

《量子破碎》吃光Xbox One硬盘:容量超100GB!

Xbox One大作《量子破碎》自2013年E3亮相之后便广受玩家关注,而且微软官方对这部作品也是相当的重视。前不久,微软表示将推出《量子破碎》同名的自制真人剧。而最新消息显示,这部剧的容量高达75GB,而如果带上游戏本体的话,最终容量将达到超100GB级别!

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