CES 2015: MSI announces a range of new Windows 8.1 gaming laptops and all-in-ones

At CES, MSI has announced a refresh of their gaming laptops and all-in-ones. Now at the top of the line, gamers on the go can have a mechanical keyboard, 32GB of RAM, and dual GPUs starting at a whopping $3,400! From there, the laptops drop in specs and price hitting $2,

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Erlang 虚拟机内的内存管理(Lukas Larsson演讲听写稿) - siyao

Erlang核心开发者Lukas Larsson在2014年3月份Erlang Factory上一个演讲的听写稿,详细介绍了Erlang内存体系的原理以及调优案例。

Small teams must have a no-blame culture

Tim Lennox, managing director of digital entertainment at Sainsbury's, spoke at Internet World 2014 about how to keep your small team advantage going even within a larger organisation.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/06/19/small-teams-must-have-a-no-blame-culture/

Eleven more manufacturers have agreed to preinstall Microsoft services on Android devices

Eleven major hardware providers have partnered with Microsoft to have Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, and Skype Right preinstalled on their devices.

Microsoft is committed to having a positive impact on the environment

When people think of big tech companies, it is easy to think of them having little impact on the environment. Since their products are digital, there isn’t an environmental cost to their development and distribution right? Wrong.


上中國網站訂貨送來時貨不對辦,與照片差天共地大家都見怪不怪。 不過這情況原來也有在美國發生,而且還發生在情人節這重要日子的花束上。The post 中晒伏!情人節網上訂花,收貨時變異型 appeared first on UNWIRE.

Tyler Perry's 'Haves and Have-Nots' will have an app with a video emoji keyboard

Tyler Perry's TV series The Haves and the Have-Nots rolled out a branded video keyboard app on Tuesday that will let viewers message one another short snippets of show highlights or sneak previews of upcoming episodes along with a set of themed emoticons, gifs and stickersSnaps,

Xbox One controllers will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack after June 2015

Xbox One controllers released after June of 2015 will have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack according to multiple sources. The new controller design was spotted on an Xbox.com page that has since been taken down.  According to Kotaku,

LinuxFest Northwest 2015 Will be Held April 25 and 26 (Video)

Their website says, 'Come for the code, stay for the people! We have awesome attendees and electrifying parties. Check out the robotics club, the automated home brewing system running on Linux, or the game room for extra conference fun.' This is an all-volunteer conference,

Are you having audio issues in Windows 10? You aren't alone

Many insiders have reported audio issues in Windows 10 Insider Preview. The issues were reported from builds 10130 to 10162, but luckily 10166 may fix this issue. Microsoft is also working closely with hardware manufacturers to provide drivers for some their hardware. 

You Can Now Command The Tesla You Probably Don’t Have With The Smartwatch You Probably Don’t Have

Do you have a Tesla? Do you also have an Android Wear smartwatch? Do you wish they worked better together?Don’t worry! Solving the #1 problem of Batmans everywhere, these guys have figured out how to let you control a Tesla Model S through a smartwatch. Read More

Watch Ray “Stallion83” Cox become the first person to reach 2 million Gamerscore today

A little more than four years after being the first Xbox gamer to reach 1 million Gamerscore, Ray “Stallion83” Cox is getting ready to get its second million later today.

Microsoft Launcher beta gets 5.1 update with To-Do and Sticky Notes integration

Microsoft has released a preview of the upcoming 5.1 update to Google Play beta testers, and the updated app includes a host of new features and refinements, including integration with Sticky Notes and Microsoft To-Do.

Visions, the latest No Man’s Sky update, set for release tomorrow

There’s a free update coming to No Man’s Sky November 22, 2018, on Xbox One. As noted in a post on Xbox Wire, the Visions update will bring No Man’s Sky a slew of new planetary content, similar to what the Abyss update did for No Man’s Sky’s underwater environment. Here’s a look at all that’s […]

Windows Server 2019 gets first 19H1 Insider Preview

Windows Server Insider Preview build 18282 marks a rather substantial release just before a holiday

Microsoft researchers use AI to generate caricatures from photographs

A group of researchers have created an AI that can take ordinary photographs of people and turn them into hilarious caricatures.

LinkedIn is launching Student Voices, its own take on Snapchat Stories for students

This is coming a bit late to the party, but LinkedIn has just confirmed the launch of a new “Student Voices” feature that is heavily inspired by Snapchat’s Stories format.

New blockchain development kit released for Microsoft’s Azure

The resulting applications will run atop a network that has higher rated cloud performance than other

CES 2015: Dell updates the XPS 13 with a stunning display and bleeding-edge internals

Thanks to Intel, the Ultrabook enabled powerful computing in a very sleek form factor. We should also be thanking the internet for making optical drives near obsolete too.Over the years, companies like Asus, Acer, HP and others took turns iterating the Ultrabook,

Bing Ads nixes phone numbers in ads - will soon requires call or location extensions

Way back in April of 2013, Google Ads stopped allowing phone numbers in Adwords ads, instead requiring that information to be handled by call extensions.  Today Bing Ads is making the same move, and soon all phone numbers in Bing Ads will be required to be in the extensions,

Test your site on any version of Internet Explorer with modern.IE, now refreshed with new improvemen

For those that didn't know, modern.IE is a service that contains pre-configured virtual machines for testing Internet Explorer 6 through Internet Explorer 10, across Windows, Mac, and Linux. Modern.IE features a scanning tool that will flag common compatibility issues for your website,



Amazing Aerogel: Eight Looks at the Ghostly Supermaterial in Action

Aerogel must be one of the strangest supermaterials to ever exist. Ghostly and shimmering in appearance, it's insanely light, incredibly strong, and an amazing thermal insulator. And its tricks look absolutely impossible when you see them up close.Read more...    

三星发布全新28寸4K显示器UD590 售价700美元




富士康百万机器人计划遇挫 新iPhone还需人力造





和谐融洽愉悦无疑是确保团队高效能输出的基石,更是成功团队必不可少的基因血脉。所以,一旦团队成员之间出现隔阂或矛 […]

黑客组织 Anonymous 攻击瑞典政府服务器,对“海盗湾”被查封进行报复

知名黑客组织 Anonymous 正在对包括警察局在内的瑞典政府机构的服务器展开攻击,对其查封文件分享网站“海盗湾”(The Pirate Bay)的举动进行报复。

Russian Startup Livemap Lands $300K Grant For Its Motorcycle Helmet With Built-In Navigation

As we’re coming up on the next Consumer Electronics Show, I got an update from one of the companies that participated in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield at the last CES — Russian startup Livemap.

Microsoft will launch Office 2016 later this year

Microsoft announced on Thursday that it will be releasing its next big Office suite this year.It's called Office 2016, and the announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft's big Windows 10 event on Wednesday. Microsoft has been focusing more on optimizing Office for mobile,

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