Brewery apologizes to Indians for its 'Gandhi-Bot' beer

HARTFORD, Conn. — A Connecticut brewery apologized to Indians offended that the company is using Mohandas Gandhi's name and likeness on one of its beers.New England Brewing Co. sells an India pale ale it calls Gandhi-Bot.

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7 Gandhi Quotes That Are Totally Fake

We love quotes from famous dead people. Words just sound more important when they’re coming from the mouths of important historical figures . And when we need that extra dash of moral authority, Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most quotable. But as Gandhi once said,


根据美国著名互联网医疗孵化器Rock Health最近的一份年度报告,去年整个互联网医疗的投资总额超过了40亿美元,并且预测在2015年这个数字还将持续增长。

Brewery apologizes to Indians for its 'Gandhi-Bot' beer

HARTFORD, Conn. — A Connecticut brewery apologized to Indians offended that the company is using Mohandas Gandhi's name and likeness on one of its beers.New England Brewing Co. sells an India pale ale it calls Gandhi-Bot.

视频演讲: 金融信息服务的未来


Consumer Drone King DJI Raises $75M To Build lndustrial UAV Developer Platform

How will DJI keep its drone hardware business from being commoditized by cheap knockoffs? By fostering a drone operation software developer ecosystem with a new $75 million growth equity investment from Accel Partners. DJI may build variations of its drones for agriculture, oil & gas, mining,

Grovo Raises $15M More To Help Businesses Train Their Employees With Bite-Sized Videos

Grovo, which offers a video training platform used by customers like Arizona State University and Chevron, has raised $15 million in Series B funding. When we wrote about the company back in 2011, it was trying to become “the field guide to the Internet,

Beautiful animation blends together the stories of famous books

This ad for Gandhi Bookstores in Mexico is a stunning work of animation and 3D art and splendid visual effects. The tagline is simple, “One book leads to another”, and you see characters you recognize from the most famous of books battle each other for your attention.

The funniest parody Twitter accounts from India

From political satire to cricket and Bollywood spoofs, Twitter in India is rife with parody accounts that offer a humorous take on current events and popular culture. Follow these accounts for their funny perspective of everyday life in the country — in less than 140 characters.See also:

A woman ran the London Marathon without a tampon to protest period-shaming

When Kiran Gandhi realized she had just started her period on the day of the London Marathon in April, she paused: It was her first marathon, and she had been training for a year to complete it. She could deal with it quietly — or not.She chose the latter.See also:



Microsoft's Bing blocked in China

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing has been blocked in China."We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps," a Microsoft spokesperson told Mashable.The news was first reported by the Financial Times.

NYC might actually eventually allow e-scooters

New York City has been a holdout in the electric scooter craze, but after a city council hearing Wednesday, that could finally change.The city's Committee on Transportation introduced four bills concerning e-scooters and electric bicycles.

Chris Hemsworth launches his own fitness app Centr

Want to work out like Thor? Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is releasing his own fitness app.Dubbed Centr, the app will be available for iPhone and Apple Watch starting Feb. 4, and features workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness exercises all helmed by the Australian actor.SEE ALSO:

Uber Rewards rolled out to more cities and we aren’t that impressed

On my way home from the gym Tuesday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see an invite to join Uber Rewards on the ride-hailing app. I'm in San Francisco and the loyalty program hadn't made it there yet — or so I thought. As of this week,

Best headphones for every situation

There are literally thousands of different headphones, earphones, and earbuds out there to choose from. All have the same idea at heart — to provide you with music without having to play it out loud for everyone to hear. But some achieve this result so much better than others. Sure,

Overenthusiastic student shows up for job interview at Microsoft a month early

This might make you just melt into the floor out of sheer secondhand embarrassment. Laura MacLean, a 21-year-old student studying management and marketing in the UK, was exceptionally prepared for a job interview with Microsoft. She had an outfit ready, research done,

Mindy Kaling weighs in on where her 'Office' character would be now

It hasn't been that long since fans said goodbye to The Office, but it's been long enough to make us wonder where the characters are now (and not-so-secretly hope for a revival). In a new interview with Variety,

Off-duty police officer on the mend after accidentally shooting self

A Kentucky police officer is on the mend after accidentally shooting himself in the stomach during an incident caught on an elevator cameraOfficer Darryl Jouett of the Erlanger Police Department was returning from dinner with his wife when he accidentally fired the gun,

Let the countdown to Mardi Gras begin

Preparations for Mardi Gras are underway in New Orleans as city officials met on Tuesday to announce the city's official countdown to the annual event.Tuesday, the 12th day after Christmas, is recognized as the Feast of the Epiphany in Christianity.See also:

Apple's next MacBook Air could be thinner, lighter and have just one plug

Apple is reportedly working on a major redesign of the MacBook Air.The unconfirmed report states that Apple plans to redesign the MacBook Air into a 12-inch device that will be narrower than the current 11-inch MacBook Air but taller to accommodate a larger screen.See also:

着眼移动端广告的新未来,Google尝试Deep Link技术

2014 年,注定是巨头们抢滩移动互联网的时代。国内方面,阿里和腾讯在移动支付的战斗如火如荼;国外方面也一样热闹。此前,Facebook 从 Google 手中以190亿美元抢购了WhatsApp ,使得“移动”的重要性再次凸显。

原创:一个由计算平均采购单价引发的学案 - 王要 BI我们在路上



摄影师 Richard Silver 以各种奇趣的摄影创意闻名,这回他又想到了一个新点子“Time Sliced”,让你一次性看遍城市景点所有的美。  


Microsoft is one of the recipients of the 2015 Access Award from the American Foundation for the Bli

Recently, Microsoft was named one of the recipients of the 2015 Access Award by the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB). AFB’s Access Award is given to individuals, companies, and other organizations that work to eliminate or reduce accessibility barriers for the blind or visually impaired.

时尚混搭网站 Polyvore 推出新应用 Remix ,让用户做自己的时尚造型师



The wait for 'Super Mario Maker' tools to unlock just got shorter

Or fiddle with your system clock, if that's what you were planning to do.Super Mario Maker's Sept. 11 release is accompanied by a patch that changes how the game's level creation tools and props unlock. It appears to involve a combination of time and gameplay,

Linux I2C总线驱动框架剖析 - 猛虎嗅薇

一、I2C Bus(集成电路总线)接口协议由飞利浦公司开发,产生于20世纪80年代,用于连接主控制器和其外围设备。

Euronews' Alien HQ in Lyon Is Staring At You

Euronews opened its brand new global headquarters in Lyon, France on Thursday, and I am pretty sure Lyon just got an iconic landmark on the bank of its Saône River.Read more...

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