Anatomy of a standoff: How the French hostage crises went down

On Friday, French security forces killed the two brothers — Cherif and Said Kouachi — suspected of murdering 12 people in an attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The suspects were killed after an hours-long standoff with police near the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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K-Pop Concert Planner Dead in Apparent Suicide After 16 Killed at Show

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean man involved in planning an outdoor pop concert where 16 people were killed after falling through a ventilation grate was found dead Saturday in an apparent suicide, officials said,

Dozens in Nigeria Killed After Explosion Rips Through Crowded Bus Station

More than 70 people were killed and 124 were wounded on Monday when an explosion tore through a crowded bus station near Nigeria's capital city of AbujaSee also:

DIE, PIGs, DIE: Bad Initials Can't Kill You After All

Do you have initials that spell out something bad, like PIG or DIE? For a while it looked like bad initials could literally kill you. The Theory of Bad Initials set the world abuzz, until someone noticed something off about the data.Read more...

Raging bushfire kills 2 people and 2,000 pigs in South Australia

South Australia is still burning after a bushfire ripped through the north of the state, killing two people.Premier Joe Weatherill confirmed the two deaths at a press conference on Wednesday, calling it "the worst of news.

Dozens killed after truck bomb explodes at Baghdad food market

A massive truck bomb ripped through a popular Baghdad food market in a predominantly Shiite neighborhood early Thursday morning, killing at least 62 people, police officials said.See also: One man's story of how ISIS took his hometownThe Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast,

Rockets rain on eastern Ukrainian port city, killing at least 16

DONETSK, Ukraine — At least 16 people were killed on Saturday when rockets rained down on residential districts of the strategically significant eastern Ukrainian port city of Mariupol after Russian-backed rebels' rejection of peace talks and promise of a new offensive.

Anatomy of a standoff: How the French hostage crises went down

On Friday, French security forces killed the two brothers — Cherif and Said Kouachi — suspected of murdering 12 people in an attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The suspects were killed after an hours-long standoff with police near the Charles de Gaulle Airport.

2 British tourists killed after train derails in northern India, police say

Two British tourists have been killed and a dozen people are injured after a chartered train derailed in northern India, police say.The train line from Kalka to Shimla is called "the toy train" and it winds through the Himalayan foothills. The railway is on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

At least 7 killed in shelling of city bus in eastern Ukraine

Local authorities in the separatist stronghold in east Ukraine say at least seven people have been killed after a city bus was hit by an artillery shell.See also: Ukraine says it reclaimed Donetsk airport after 'massive military operation'The shell struck the vehicle Thursday morning in Donetsk,

Belgian Raid Kills 2, Said To Avert "Major Terrorist Attacks"

As reported by CNN, Reuters, and other outlets, a raid in the Belgian city of Verviers -- one of several counter-terrorism actions in the country today -- ended in the death of two men, and the capture of a third,

Teachers say #ArmMeWith classroom resources instead of guns

In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, teachers have started an eye-opening movement on social media to let the world know what preventative measures really need to be taken seriously to protect students.

Oh good, e-cigarette vapor contains toxic metals, too

Bad news, vapers. Your e-cigs might not be the healthier alternative to cigarettes you think they are.A new study has found that vaping may be exposing e-cigarette users to harmful toxins and carcinogens, like lead, chromium, and even arsenic.SEE ALSO:

Winter Olympic Google Doodles, ranked

The Olympics are a time for some of the world's best athletes to compete on the world's grandest stage. It's a time for the best humans on Earth to shine. But, you know, some times animals want in on the action too.Cartoon animals, rather. During the duration of the Winter Games,

Where's the Olympic French ice skater's medal for her mid-performance costume change?

Olympic ice skating doesn't have to be about the triple flips and double axels. French ice skater Maé-Bérénice Méité somehow worked in a small costume change during her performance Thursday in the ladies' single free skate program. 

Turn your hand into a keyboard with this strap of sensor-equipped rings

TAP helps you turn any surface into a keyboard, but it's going to take you around five hours before you actually master it. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Wireless, Computer, Laptop, and Type

Apple may release AirPower wireless charging pad next month

Apple will launch its own wireless charger that can charge and iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods in their case — all at the same time — next month, reports Macotakara.Although Apple's Phil Schiller unveiled the device, called AirPower, at the company's September 2017 iPhone event,

Kylie Jenner is launching a makeup collection inspired by her daughter, Stormi

With both a new baby and a makeup line, it was only a matter of time before Kylie Jenner found a way to combine the two of them. No, don't worry—Kylie isn't coming out with lip kits for infants. Instead, she has just announced "The Weather Collection,

Obama's free community college plan faces uphill battle

President Barack Obama wants the first two years of community college to be free for many Americans,

President Hollande: Attack on Paris market an "anti-Semitic" act

French President Francois Hollande on Friday referred to a deadly attack on a kosher market in Paris as an "anti-Semitic act" and urged France to remain "implacable" in the face of racism.See also:

4 actors reveal what they would do with their Golden Globe if they win

LOS ANGELES — Anna Paquin stuffed her Oscar statuette in a sock drawer. Kanye West stored his Grammys in a laundry room. Jamie Oliver used his Emmy to chop food. Over the years, celebrities have no doubt treated their awards in mysterious ways.See also: Golden Globes:

Apple CarPlay coming to older cars?

Alpine is reportedly prepping a standalone aftermarket console that will support Apple's new in-car iOS platform.Read more:

ASUS promises speedy SATA Express option on all future motherboards

The firm has worked together with Intel to develop the new standard that will be added to all future motherboards and improve speeds as a result.Read more:

European Commission Spokesman: Google Removing Link Was "not a Good Judgement"

An anonymous reader writes in with this article from the BBC about Google's recent removal of a news story from search results. "Google's decision to remove a BBC article from some of its search results was "not a good judgement", a European Commission spokesman has said.

'Flood Wall Street' Activists Won't Let the Markets Forget the Climate

NEW YORK — On the heels of Sunday's People's Climate March, thousands of activists swarmed Wall Street on Monday in a protest of financial injustice and climate change.The protesters, using tactics gleaned from the Occupy Wall Street movement,

断指U盘:Severed USB Thumb Drives

其实,看到这个选题的时刻,内心戏复杂。活了好……多年(此处涉及隐私,不要追问),无法理解很多暗黑血淋无法正视的 […]


耐克(Nike)现任CEO和总裁Mark Parker昨天在接受CNBC电台采访中表示对于苹果和耐克所建立的长期合作充满信心,并对双方合作前景感到非常激动。

This $12,000 pie is made of Penfold Grange, gold leaf and rock lobsters

A pub in Sydney, Australia is behind the most expensive pie in the world.The Lord Dudley Hotel in Paddington has cooked up a feast worthy of only a king. The pie — worth a cool A$12,000 — is made from two different premium beef cuts from the acclaimed David Blackmore,

What is reactive programming?

In this episode of Ask A Dev, web dev Braden O'Guinn gets fellow web developers up to speed on reactive programming by explaining what it is and where to find some helpful resources.Beyond, "I heard react is good" most developers have trouble defining reactive programming. Not Braden.


秋天的凉爽带来了一丝清凉,秋高气爽的天气,让人无时无刻不在想念秋的味道。万物生长,世轮回,本来一切都按照既定的 ...



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