Qatar Airways plans to stream flight data from planes

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said the airline is working on real-time streaming of flight data.As the tragedies with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Flight 17, and AirAsia QZ8501 have shown,

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Qatar Airways plans to stream flight data from planes

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker said the airline is working on real-time streaming of flight data.As the tragedies with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and Flight 17, and AirAsia QZ8501 have shown,

FAA Is Doing Nothing About Continued Boeing Dreamliner Battery Failures

In 2013, the troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner was grounded for nearly four months because the plane’s lithium-ion batteries caught fire. It’s had at least three more cell failures since the plane was allowed to resume flying .

Every Single Doctor Who Story, Ranked from Best to Worst

This weekend, Doctor Who returns, continuing a rich history of time travel and wild adventures. But which of the over 250 Doctor Who stories is the best, and which is the worst? Here’s our stab at ranking every single Doctor Who story, in order of quality.Read more...

I'm Mike Rowe, Host of Somebody's Gotta Do It, and This Is How I Work

For years Mike Rowe has been traveling across the country to meet people whose laborious, often thankless work keeps the world moving forward. And across different shows and different television networks, what has remained consistent is Mike’s sincere curiosity and willingness to learn.Read more.

Vivo is launching the first phone with an under-the-display fingerprint scanner

Every product here is independently selected by Mashable journalists. If you buy something featured, we may earn an affiliate commission which helps support our work.On January 24, China's Vivo will launch a smartphone with an under-the-display fingerprint sensor. 

This tiny dog is a compulsive thief and he needs to be stopped

Dogs are very good at fooling humans into thinking they're all sweet and innocent, but the truth is they're raging kleptomaniacs.SEE ALSO: Robots are much cuter when they're dogsFrancesca Emmingham, a Social Media Manager in the UK, recently proved this beyond all question.

Jamie Dornan's story about gluing fake hair to his penis is hilariously awkward

What do you get when you cross a pre-pubescent teenager, some costume props and the promise of a big party?Well, apparently you get a penis wig. And some great future talk show material.SEE ALSO:

Liam Neeson's story about his first reaction to seeing Helen Mirren is amazing

You may not have known this about Liam Neeson and Helen Mirren, but they actually used to date. They even lived together for a few years, too.SEE ALSO: Watch Helen Mirren keep her chill in this sexist interview from the '70sWell, during Friday's edition of The Graham Norton Show,

Nigella Lawson says women of her generation were taught they shouldn't make men feel rejected

Nigella Lawson has praised the fact that younger generations of women have been brought up to "stand up for themselves," stating that her generation was raised to treat men in a different way entirely. SEE ALSO:

William H. Macy on men in Hollywood: 'I think a lot of us feel like we're under attack'

William H. Macy has opened up about the difficulties he feels men are facing in the wake of Hollywood's Time's Up movement.SEE ALSO: Allison Williams on the importance of the Time's Up movementSpeaking backstage at Sunday night's SAG Awards,

Jamie Dornan walking out of the sea like James Bond for 'Fifty Shades Freed' was super awkward

Walking out of the sea James Bond-style is tricky.SEE ALSO: Tom Hanks is adorably impressed with Maisie Williams' 'Game of Thrones' stampJamie Dornan was a guest on The Graham Norton Show on Friday,

Aziz Ansari totally tore apart Rupert Murdoch's racist tweets about Muslims

While most of Twitter watched the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Aziz Ansari was going after Rupert Murdoch.The News Corp founder sent out two tweets on Friday, stating that Muslims should "be held responsible" for "their growing jihadist cancer.

13 easy ways your tech takes travel to the next level

You've got to take time to play. The sad fact is, however, that many of us aren't doing so. A recent Hilton study paints a dim picture of leisure time:

North Atlantic storm reloads, firing more 'weatherbombs' at the UK

The UK just can't catch a break from stormy weatherAfter a series of low pressure systems bombarded northern parts of Scotland, Wales and Ireland with winds exceeding 100 miles per hour last week, forecasters are warning of at least one more major storm this week,

WinRAR 5.10 Beta 2 发布

流行好用的压缩工具,支持鼠标拖放及外壳扩展,完美支持 ZIP 档案,内置程序可以解开 CAB、ARJ、LZH、TAR、GZ、ACE、UUE、BZ2、JAR、ISO 等多种类型的压缩文件;具有估计压缩功能,你可以在压缩文件之前得到用 ZIP 和 RAR 两种压缩工具各三种压缩方式下的大概压缩率;具有历史记录和收藏夹功能;压缩率相当高,而资源占用相对较少、固定压缩、多媒体压缩和多卷自释放压缩是大多 压缩工具所不具备的。    

7月发售 LG G3将乘S5和iPhone 6真空期全球发售

三星的Galaxy S5已经在4月11日全球同步发售,而苹果的iPhone 6还要等到今年秋季,中间这个阶段则成为了众多厂商争抢的黄金新品发布时间。根据ZDNet韩国最新报道称LG最新旗舰机型将会在今年7月份上架发售。

《迷你西游》新版今日开启 豪礼掀帮派狂潮


UK court rules Nintendo infringed Philips patents in Wii consoles

The England and Wales High Court ruled on Friday the Nintendo’s Wii game controllers used technology patented by Philips.Read more:

比更遲還更遲 ! 中國 iPhone 6 第 2 輪發售再度落空

當傳聞說中國 iPhone 6 一個星期後辦好入網證便可以開售,不過早前有 17 個國家的 Apple Store iPhone 6 開售日期已經由「稍後(Coming Soon)」更新為 9 月 26 日,但仍是沒有中國份兒,看來傳聞再一次落空,以下是 17 個國家的名單 :

在 Airbnb 工作是怎样一番体验?



当你使用一款应用时,可曾注意过,每天会收到多少通知?其中有多少是你真正想去了解的?这个问题越来越值得深思,因为 […]



OpenCASCADE General Transformation - opencascade

Abstract. OpenCASCADE provides a general transformation class: gp_GTrsf. It can be a transformation from gp, an affinity, or you can define your own t...

Steph Curry and the Gasols: All-Star starters with irresistible stories

The scrawny kid who went unranked in high school and unwanted by major colleges, but is now more popular than any other pro. The two brothers from a country that hadn't even produced an NBA player before they were toddlers,

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