Bill Hader gets grouchy on 'Sesame Street'

Bill Hader has a not-so-sunny history in dealing with puppets, and this time is no different.Known for being a cheerful, joke-cracking cast member of SNL, Hader is rarely without a smile. However, Sesame Street delved deep into Hader's pet peeves,

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Bill Hader helped a teenager prank her whole high school

You already knew that Bill Hader's a killer comedian, but as it turns out, he's got a pretty huge heart tooThe Saturday Night Live alumnus granted western New York teenager Grace Aroune's Make-A-Wish Foundation request to help her prank her high school classmates on Thursday.See also:

Bill Hader's Return to 'SNL' Was Everything We Hoped It'd Be

There's always an excited buzz that surrounds the return of an SNL alum to the stage that made them famous, and Bill Hader's scheduled homecoming was no exceptionWould he bring Stefon? Would he bring back Herb Welch? Would he don a bald cap and give us James Carville? Yes, yes, and no,

Bill Hader Does Killer Impressions of Former 'SNL' Castmates

The thing we miss most about Bill Hader on Saturday Night Live — aside from Stefon — are his spot-on impressions.The actor and comedian visited Conan on Thursday to promote his new film, The Skeleton Twins. Thankfully,

苹果再发iPhone 6s广告:幽默风格,Bill Hader出演

苹果今天再次发布了一段 iPhone 6s 广告,这从的重点变成了 Siri 个人助理。这段广告风格幽默,由演员 Bill Hader 演出。Hader 曾经在今年6月举行的 WWDC 上出演了有趣的“后台”视频,这段后台视频在 WWDC 开始前播放。

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen rewrite history for 'Documentary Now!' posters

Bill Hader and Fred Arminsen had to wear many hats while making their docuparody Documentary Now! One moment they were a Grey Gardens-esque mother-daughter pair; another, they were folk rock musicians; yet another,

Bill Hader to Host 'Saturday Night Live'

Bill Hader is coming back to Saturday Night Live a host.NBC announced on Wednesday that he will host the Oct. 11 episode of SNL, which is celebrating its 40th season this year. See also:

Things get awkward when Bill Hader walks in on Jon Hamm doing an impression of him

Post-Mad Men, Jon Hamm seems to be spending a lot of his time proving that he's a comic genius. (Who can forget that Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt cameo guest spot?)It's only fitting, then, that he try his hand at playing Bill Hader.See also:

Siri is perfectly happy to help Bill Hader get phished in new iPhone 6S ad

Apple has been on a celebrity endorsement tear in recent days, spotlighting actor Jamie Foxx and NBA star Stephen Curry using the many features of the iPhone 6S.

Bill Hader becomes creepy artificial intelligence in never-seen 'SNL' sketch

Meet Keith. He's an Alan, the latest and greatest form of casual entertainment in a box — and your new BFF.He's a great dancer, has a great smile, and is so cool he almost makes you forget he's actually a repurposed dead man's body covered in a layer of living human issueSee also: J.K.

Bill Hader gets grouchy on 'Sesame Street'

Bill Hader has a not-so-sunny history in dealing with puppets, and this time is no different.Known for being a cheerful, joke-cracking cast member of SNL, Hader is rarely without a smile. However, Sesame Street delved deep into Hader's pet peeves,

Gwendoline Christie correctly predicted who would end up on the Iron Throne 2 whole years ago

This article contains spoilers in abundance. If you haven't watched the Game of Thrones finale yet, look away now. It feels good to be right. So it must feel pretty wonderful right now to be Gwendoline Christie, who successfully predicted the ending of Game of Thrones a whopping TWO WHOLE YEARS AGO.

Dell XPS Desktop, Fire TV Stick, Dyson Cyclone V10, and more deals for May 22

Has your desktop had its days? If you are looking for an upgrade, we have found a great deal on a Dell XSP Tower. It retails for $1000, but there is currently a $300 off coupon making it only $699.99 which is a steal, you'll be silly to pass up the offer.

5 password managers on sale

Still filling in passwords manually? Is your fallback password still "PASSWORD" or "NOTMYPASSWORD"? That's basically irrefutable proof you should get a password manager. And if you're simply using iCloud Keychain's basic functionality (and finding it less than helpful), we stand by that statement.

Raspberry Pi kits and courses on sale

Here's a toughie: What do a coffee-making robot, a GIF-printing camera, a smartwatch that runs Windows 98, and "Furlexa" — that is, a Furby equipped with Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant — have in common?The answer, dear reader, is this: They've all been brought to life on Raspberry Pi,

'Game of Thrones' finale defended by 'Seinfeld' star Jason Alexander

Game of Thrones is done and dusted, wrapping up its polarising eighth and final season with an equally debated finale.While many have criticised the final episode of the beloved HBO series, there are some who have jumped to defend it.

Google stored some users' passwords in plain text for years

Google has revealed it had left some business users' passwords exposed in plain text.In a blog post on Tuesday, the tech giant said it had discovered the issue in Google's popular enterprise product, G Suite, back in January. When stored in a system,

Dungeons & Dragons Ruined My Life

Read more...More about Dungeons Dragons, Mashable Reels, Entertainment, and Gaming

BlackBerry's stock surged nearly 30% on report of Samsung takeover

BlackBerry's stock price jumped nearly 30% in late trading Wednesday after Reuters reported that Samsung approached the tech company with an offer to buy it for as much as $7.5 billion.The Reuters report, based on "a person familiar with the matter,

Zombie cookie: The tracking cookie that you can’t kill

An online advertising clearinghouse relied on by Google, Yahoo and Facebook is using controversial cookies that come back from the dead to track the web surfing of Verizon customers. The company, called Turn,

Boko Haram's trail of destruction in Nigeria seen in satellite images

Satellite images show the widespread scale of destruction in two Nigerian towns that were recently attacked by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram.In what some are calling the group's deadliest attack to date, militants swept through several villages,

Beepi Raises $5 Million From Redpoint To Simplify Buying Or Selling A Used Car

A brand new marketplace called Beepi just launched to replace an increasingly outdated process for buying or selling a used car. That company, which recently launched in the Bay Area in public beta,



苹果财报解读:中国地区 iPhone 销量上升 48%,iPhone 6 备受瞩目



Xtend是Eclipse推出的一门静态类型的编程语言,它会编译成易于理解的Java源代码。Xtend源于Java并对它做了许多改进。它对于Java就像CoffeeScript对于JavaScript:代码更简洁,可以帮助开发人员减少样板代码。 By 马德奎

Stronger Apart: Splitting HP Into 2 Companies Is the Right Answer

Maybe Leo Apotheker wasn’t so crazy after all.Three years ago, the erstwhile Hewlett Packard CEO floated the idea of spinning off HP’s PC business. At the time, HP’s PC division, though still generating revue, was suffering through its second straight year of decline,

[音频]罗永浩就Smartisan T1调整价格一事接受采访

今早锤子科技突然宣布降价,其中16GB 3G版的售价直接下调到了1980元,32G/64G也分别调整到了2080/2480元,相比较此前的售价降幅超过一千多元。


中国广州2014年12月25日电 /美通社/ -- 今年早些时候第115届广交会推出的媒体互惠计划(Media Resource Exchange Program,简称“MREP”)将海外推广和广告创新地结合在一起,是参与者寻求建立利润丰厚的全球贸易关系的理想工具。

Who Needs an Oculus Rift When You Can Just Strap Lego To Your Face

What's worse than mashing a Lego brick into the bottom of your foot? Mashing one into your face-parts (I would imagine). But. BUT! If it's as part of a DIY Lego-based VR headset, maybe it's worth it. Read more...

酷比魔方推安卓Win8双系统平板i6 Air 3G 仅1079元

酷比魔方推出了一台双系统9.7寸平板i6 Air,不仅配置强大能够快速实现安卓和Win8双系统切换,还支持使用SIM卡实现3G连接。轻薄的机身厚度仅为8mm,重525g。屏幕为9.7寸IGZO工艺广角屏,分辨率达2048x1536。

29/3 unwire 今日科技情報

29/3 unwire 今日科技情報 ----------------------- 攞你命三千?奇怪的槍型即 …The post 29/3 unwire 今日科技情報 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

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