Indonesia to execute 6 drug convicts by firing squad this weekend

The Indonesian government will execute six people by firing squad this weekend for drug-related offences in the first capital punishment deaths in the nation since 2013The list of death row inmates expected to be executed this year sits at 20,

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Indonesia to execute 6 drug convicts by firing squad this weekend

The Indonesian government will execute six people by firing squad this weekend for drug-related offences in the first capital punishment deaths in the nation since 2013The list of death row inmates expected to be executed this year sits at 20,

Executions of two Australians loom, as public and government plead for clemency

As Indonesia prepares to take the lives of two Australian drug smugglers, the Australian government is making a last ditch attempt to save them.Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are on death row for attempting to smuggle 8.3 kilograms of heroin out of the country and into Australia in 2005.

8 Reasons Future Generations Will Consider Us Barbarians

Long ago, people were dirty and mean and ignorant. They would crap in a bucket and throw it in the river. They would burn people alive if they wanted them to die, and tell them swallow mercury if they wanted them to live. They were barbarians, in other words.

Let’s Make ‘Off The Grid’ A Thing Of The Past

We live in a world where there are nearly as many cell phone subscriptions as people on earth, where we can instantly see a real time view of streets or buildings halfway across the planet, and where our TVs, homes, and cars get smarter by the day.

The 50 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 1

Hardware took the spotlight at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, reflecting a major shift of the accelerator beyond the cliche mobile app startup. Out of the 50 companies from the Summer 2015 batch that demoed on the record today, 20 featured hardware.

Dear US Navy: The Futuristic X3K Is What Littoral Combat Ships Should Be

The last decade has seen some pretty awesome looking warships hit waters around the globe. On the "blue water" side of things the Star Wars looking Zumwalt Class and the minimalist art-like Lafayette Class were clearly designed with stealth in mind.

The UN’s New Report on Asian Teenagers and HIV Is Just Heart-Breaking

We’re making progress in the fight against HIV around the world, but it’s still very unevenly distributed. And the United Nations’ brand new report on HIV infections among teenagers in Asia is pretty upsetting. Some 50,000 Asian teens (aged 15-19) became HIV-positive in 2014 alone,

What the Ingredients On Your Shampoo Bottle Actually Mean

That shampoo you're lathering into your hair may claim that it's packed with "all-natural ingredients," but the label tells a different story. DMDM hydantoin? Ammonium lauryl sulphate? What is this stuff anyhow?Read more...

Why People Pirate Video Games

For such an important topic, it’s a shame that we can’t ever seem to have a real discussion about video game piracy. Any attempt normally goes down like this: people downloading games are painted as criminals, publishers trying to stop them are portrayed as monsters,

Best pals Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. see themselves in other Disney duos

Captain America and Iron Man are one of the iconic Marvel duos, and their offscreen counterparts are comparing their friendship to other Disney pairs.Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have had an adorable little buddy back-and-forth on Twitter,

Large chunk of beach gets eaten up by the ocean in 'nearshore landslip' event

A large chunk of an Australian beach has fallen into the ocean, in another incident of its kind in recent years.On Monday morning, approximately 200 to 300 metres (218 to 328 yards) of beach at south-east Queensland's Inskip Point eroded into the ocean,

'Women must be heard': Time's Up calls for walkout in light of Brett Kavanaugh accusations

Wear black and walk out.That's what the Time's Up movement against systemic sexual harassment and abuse has called for on Monday, following multiple accusations aimed at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.SEE ALSO: #DearProfessorFord:

'The Bachelor Vietnam' rose ceremony goes viral when contestants run away together

Rose ceremonies on The Bachelor are usually drama-packed, but Vietnam's version of the hit TV show has quite the surprise plot twist.In a clip that's since gone viral, contestant Minh Thu was left without a rose from the show's Bachelor, Quoc Trung. SEE ALSO:

Nightmare two-headed snake found in Virginia just in time for Halloween season

'Tis the season for nightmare fuel, and one fascinating but unsettling discovery is getting into that fall spooky spirit.A woman in northern Virginia found an extremely rare baby copperhead snake in her neighbor's yard recently, complete with not one but two heads. Because, ya know,

Internal memo from Google's CEO insists search results are free from political bias

Google chief Sundar Pichai wants the people working for him to understand this clearly: Google's search results aren't influenced by political bias.That's the message Pichai focused on sending in a Friday email to all employees.

Bananas donated to a Texas prison turn out to be $18 million of cocaine

No, this is not an episode of Breaking Bad. This is real life.On Friday, Sept. 21, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) posted on Facebook about a drug mix up that sounds like it has just as wild a story behind it as the hit AMC TV series.

3 simple tips for winning the hearts of an online community

This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.We often hear that success in social media lies in empowering consumers to create content about your brand.But as marketers,

Oklahoma kills first death row inmate since botched execution

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma executed a death row inmate Thursday for killing a baby in 1997 in the state's first lethal injection since a botched one last spring.Prison officials declared Charles Frederick Warner,

From tear gas to rowdy fans: How riots affect police horses

After Ohio State's 42-20 win over the Oregon Ducks on Monday night, thousands of excited Buckeyes stormed into the Ohio Stadium and crowded the surrounding areaAs celebrations became increasingly disruptive, local police arrived to the scene, some on horseback, with riot equipment,

Baby Judo Match Will Kill You With Cuteness

Self-defense has never been so cute.In a video uploaded to YouTube last week, two tykes barely old enough to use a sippy cup duke it out in a baby judo competition. At such a young age, the moves involve less Chuck Norris-style sparring and more gentle nudging until one of them falls down.See also:



Transform backup and recovery from being reactive to adaptive

How can organisations manage without slowing their organisation down with complicated data management, backup and recovery techniques? Read on to find out.Read more:

编译VLC for IOS - Jesse Jiang

本文总结了在编译VLC for ios的过程中,可能会遇到的一些问题和解决方法。




多啦A夢不單是國民動畫的代表,還替日本成功爭取 (是真的成功爭取) 2020 奧運主辦權。近日更當上旅遊大使,帶你瓹窿瓹罅遊東京。The post 【遊日情報】帶你瓹窿瓹罅遊東京 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.


本周早些时候,微软移动发布了首款全新 Microsoft 品牌 Lumia 535 智能手机,这一举动意味着诺基亚 Nokia 品牌正式退出手机消费市场。

Hackers Can Read Your Texts Thanks to Huge Security Flaw

The global telecom network Signal System 7 helps phone carriers across the world, including AT&T and Verizon, route calls and texts. It's also apparently perforated with security holes that lets hackers and spies listen to your calls and read your texts.




据美国《洛杉矶时报》9月24日报道,一个国际科学家团队在巴西中东部的考古遗址Lapa do Santo发现了美洲迄今为止最古老的被斩首颅骨,且脸部被双手以奇怪的象征性姿势遮挡,据估该颅骨可追溯到9127到9348年前。

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