Indonesia to execute 6 drug convicts by firing squad this weekend

The Indonesian government will execute six people by firing squad this weekend for drug-related offences in the first capital punishment deaths in the nation since 2013The list of death row inmates expected to be executed this year sits at 20,

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Indonesia to execute 6 drug convicts by firing squad this weekend

The Indonesian government will execute six people by firing squad this weekend for drug-related offences in the first capital punishment deaths in the nation since 2013The list of death row inmates expected to be executed this year sits at 20,

Executions of two Australians loom, as public and government plead for clemency

As Indonesia prepares to take the lives of two Australian drug smugglers, the Australian government is making a last ditch attempt to save them.Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are on death row for attempting to smuggle 8.3 kilograms of heroin out of the country and into Australia in 2005.

8 Reasons Future Generations Will Consider Us Barbarians

Long ago, people were dirty and mean and ignorant. They would crap in a bucket and throw it in the river. They would burn people alive if they wanted them to die, and tell them swallow mercury if they wanted them to live. They were barbarians, in other words.

Let’s Make ‘Off The Grid’ A Thing Of The Past

We live in a world where there are nearly as many cell phone subscriptions as people on earth, where we can instantly see a real time view of streets or buildings halfway across the planet, and where our TVs, homes, and cars get smarter by the day.

The 50 Startups That Launched At Y Combinator Summer 2015 Demo Day 1

Hardware took the spotlight at today’s Y Combinator Demo Day, reflecting a major shift of the accelerator beyond the cliche mobile app startup. Out of the 50 companies from the Summer 2015 batch that demoed on the record today, 20 featured hardware.

Dear US Navy: The Futuristic X3K Is What Littoral Combat Ships Should Be

The last decade has seen some pretty awesome looking warships hit waters around the globe. On the "blue water" side of things the Star Wars looking Zumwalt Class and the minimalist art-like Lafayette Class were clearly designed with stealth in mind.

The UN’s New Report on Asian Teenagers and HIV Is Just Heart-Breaking

We’re making progress in the fight against HIV around the world, but it’s still very unevenly distributed. And the United Nations’ brand new report on HIV infections among teenagers in Asia is pretty upsetting. Some 50,000 Asian teens (aged 15-19) became HIV-positive in 2014 alone,

What the Ingredients On Your Shampoo Bottle Actually Mean

That shampoo you're lathering into your hair may claim that it's packed with "all-natural ingredients," but the label tells a different story. DMDM hydantoin? Ammonium lauryl sulphate? What is this stuff anyhow?Read more...

Why People Pirate Video Games

For such an important topic, it’s a shame that we can’t ever seem to have a real discussion about video game piracy. Any attempt normally goes down like this: people downloading games are painted as criminals, publishers trying to stop them are portrayed as monsters,

Tefal air fryers, Kenwood stand mixers, Philips juicers, and more on sale for Feb. 19 in the UK

The kitchen is the spiritual hub of the home. Don't even try and convince us that it's the living room. The kitchen is where food is prepared and therefore takes priority.It's your job to make sure your kitchen is kitted out with the best devices and leading technology.

Dude autotunes his cat miaowing and the results will make you shake with laughter

Madonna and Cher are no strangers to the odd bit of autotune. But, cats — yep, cats! — are admittedly a new one on us. Joaquin Baldwin — a feature animation layout artist at Disney — tweeted that he autotuned his cat Elton because "he won't shut up in the morning.

NHL reporter comes within inches of a puck nailing him in the head

Phrases like "close call" and "near miss" are often overused — but in this case they almost feel like an understatement.On Monday night, the Columbus Blue Jackets took on Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL.SEE ALSO: NFL Reporter Takes a Football to the FaceCommentating on the game was Pierre McGuire,

Huawei's P30 flagship now has a launch date

Huawei has officially announced the launch date and place for its P30 flagship phone: March 26, Paris. The event was announced on Twitter with the tagline, "Rules were made to be rewritten."The short video accompanying the announcement indicates the P30 will have enhanced zoom capabilities,

Ken Jeong has some hilariously questionable answers to Twitter's medical questions

Why bother asking a medical professional your sensitive medical questions when you can just ask Twitter?Since a lot of people apparently tweet out questions about their minor ailments, physician-turned-comedian Ken Jeong is here to provide the tweeters with answers, in a video for Wired. 

Jimmy Fallon made Steph Curry drop weird phrases into NBA All-Star interviews

Did Steph Curry's interviews over the 2019 NBA All-Star weekend seem full of weird turns of phrase to you? It's all Jimmy Fallon's fault.For a segment subbed "Drop It In," The Tonight Show host had the basketball star slip strange words into his post-game chats,

Stephen Colbert also thinks Trump's national emergency lacks a little, er, emergency

Trump's state of emergency seems a bit, well, not much of an emergency.You might've figured that one out already, but Stephen Colbert was just as perplexed at Trump's casual demeanour during his press conference on Friday, announcing the national emergency."I'm sorry Mr. President.

3 simple tips for winning the hearts of an online community

This article is part of SWOT Team, a new series on Mashable that features insights from leaders in marketing, brand-building and public relations.We often hear that success in social media lies in empowering consumers to create content about your brand.But as marketers,

Oklahoma kills first death row inmate since botched execution

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma executed a death row inmate Thursday for killing a baby in 1997 in the state's first lethal injection since a botched one last spring.Prison officials declared Charles Frederick Warner,

From tear gas to rowdy fans: How riots affect police horses

After Ohio State's 42-20 win over the Oregon Ducks on Monday night, thousands of excited Buckeyes stormed into the Ohio Stadium and crowded the surrounding areaAs celebrations became increasingly disruptive, local police arrived to the scene, some on horseback, with riot equipment,



Soyuz Thruster Malfunction Has ISS Crew Running Two Days Late

Yesterday afternoon's Soyuz launch has hit a snag. A thruster misfire means the planned six-hour flight, delivering U.S. astronaut Steven Swanson and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Skvortsov and Oleg Artemyev to the International Space Station, will now take two days.

Are Landline Phones Becoming an Endangered Species?

The declining relevance of landline phones might not be too surprising for the connected generation, but only 10 years ago, 92.7% of U.S. households had a working landline phone.Now, that number has dropped to 58.1% of U.S. households,

新款DualShock 4手柄亮相:都市迷彩

还记得微软5月中旬公布的“极地迷彩”版Xbox 360手柄吗?现在,索尼也为PS4推出了一款拥有同样硬气外表的DualShock 4手柄。




寒冷的冬天提醒我又要关注一下来年春夏的颜色了,因为春夏的颜色往往清新明快,赏心悦目的颜色会让我感觉冬天不那么难熬…   服装界年年都发布流行色,把灵感来源于生活中的种种“素材”经过加工处理,提炼成美丽纯粹的色彩,然后再运用到服装设计中。




全新外型設計?OnePlus 或於 6 月 1 日發表最新旗艦機 OnePlus 2

經過多個月的傳聞之後,OnePlus 最新款旗艦機 OnePlus 2 或可能即將便會發表 。因為今日官方在 Twitter 上作出預告,並表示將會在 6 月 1 日發表新消息,而且他們亦相信將會於去年 OnePlus One 推出時一樣,將會為科技業界帶來衝擊。


在智能手机领域,最不缺少的关键词就是创新,厂商们一直希望在自家的新产品中加入别人没有的东西,再配合突出的宣传效果,以达到提高产品的市场竞争力的目的。  事实上,在过去的 10 年时间里,除了苹果 iPhon ... ...

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