10 smoothie recipes for a fresh start to your morning

The new year is a time for resolutions, and often those resolutions are diet-related. Whether you are looking to eat more, eat less, eat more or less the same (but slightly better) in 2015, make room for more freshly blended smoothies.Not only a quick and easy way to eat natural foods,

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How you can do less to achieve more in your career

I was in a Starbucks this morning and looked around. Every single person I could see — dressed in his or her business finest — was perched in place, looking down at a phone. Swiping, texting, and furrowed brows galoreBeing busy seems to be the national pastime. Just think:

5 simple tips to spend less time on your phone

With the news that we're now spending more time on our phones than with our significant others, it might be time to think about reducing our screen timeIn fact, 62% of recently polled Brits said they hate how much time they spend on their phones.

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

HughPickens.com writes Randy Olson, a Computer Science grad student who works with data visualizations, writes about seven of the biggest factors that predict what makes for a long term stable marriage in America.

Facebook Slingshot Hands On: A Less Useful, More Confusing Snapchat

Facebook just unveiled its latest standalone app: Slingshot. It's a lot like Snapchat , except worse. I hate to say it, but even Poke was more fun than this .Read more...

Less is more: Channel your inner minimalist for our photo challenge

For this week's Mashable Photo Challenge, cut out all distractions and channel your inner minimalistWith minimalism, it's more about deciding what to leave out of the frame than what to include in it. This means lines and patterns, geometric shapes, strong contrasts and lone subjects.

How to Trick Your Friends Into Thinking You Gave Them a Sweet Gift

‘Tis better to give than to receive, but ‘tis best by far to give something that will make you look good in the eyes of the recipient — especially if you can save money in the bargain. Here’s one psychological finding that will help you choose cheaper gifts people will still appreciate:

NYT Now: All the News That Fits on Your Mobile Phone, More or Less

As someone old enough to remember life before the web, I still associate The New York Times with a big honking broadsheet, something you hunker down with for a few hours on a Sunday. Compared to easy reads like Newsday or The New York Post, The Times was daunting.

Spotify, your work is done: Illegal downloaders less likely to pay for music than films, study revea

A study by the University of Portsmouth has found that those that download films are more likely to pay for the experience than those than download music.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/05/07/spotify-your-work-done-illegal-downloaders-less-likely-pay-music-films-study-reveals/

Front Is A Shared Inbox App That Makes Email Suck Less

Meet Front, a service to collaborate, comment, assign and reply to those pesky emails that you receive on your support@, jobs@ or contact@ email addresses. Launching today, Front is part of Y Combinator‘s current batch.“With Front,

Robin Labs Launches Less.Mail, An A.I.-Based Assistant That Responds To Emails For You

A new A.I.-based application for Android users called Less.Mail wants to make it easier for you to work through a crowded inbox, handling routine email responses by way of automatic replies based on the mobile assistant’s understanding of the original email’s context.

South Korea came up with a very creative tactic to use against Sweden in the World Cup

Whenever you bring together dozens of different countries from around the globe, there's gonna be some cross-cultural confusion.And if you're South Korean coach Shin Tae-yong, you figure out how to work that to your advantage.SEE ALSO:

Artificial 'earthquake' detected in Mexico after World Cup goal

Mexico is now the gold standard for fan celebration.A small artificial earthquake was detected in Mexico City on Sunday after Hirving Lozano scored a goal — the only goal of the game — during Mexico's World Cup matchup against Germany. According to SIMMSA,

Warner Bros. is cracking down on Harry Potter festivals, and fans are not pleased

According to Warner Bros.,magic is not for everyone.As reported by the Associated Press on Saturday, the studio's powers-that-be are cracking down on unauthorized Harry Potter festivals, eliciting disappointment and frustration from fans. Festivals are now prohibited from using any "names, places,

Tom Hanks saves Shakespeare through the magic of improv

Leave it to Tom Hanks to save the day by combining Shakespeare and improv. As reported by The Orange County Register, Hanks was performing in a production of Henry IV at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles on Wednesday when an audience member fell ill and passed out. SEE ALSO:

The iPhone 3GS is going back on sale, but for a limited time and only in South Korea

Apple hasn't manufactured a new iPhone 3GS since the now-ancient smartphone was retired in 2012. But shoppers in South Korea will be able to pick one up before June is over.

The most heartwarming tale of amateur squirrel dentistry you'll read today

Call her Captain America, because she just saved Bucky.Bucky the squirrel, that is.SEE ALSO: This acrobatic squirrel nails its 'Wrecking Ball' moment while attempting to score birdseedAs reported by Sarah Kraus of Global News, Jannett Talbott (who is Canadian,

School receptionist rings in summer vacation with PA system cover of 'At Last'

I am ashamed to admit that, as a student, I never paid that much attention to what anyone was saying over the PA system. But if my school had employed Regina Ballard, I might've. 

Atmospheres may be the key to day and night for alien planets

Alien planets that orbit close to their parent stars may be at high risk of the ultimate hot-cold scenario, with one side stuck in permanent daylight while the other shrouded in everlasting night. But a thin atmosphere may be enough to save a planet from this fate, new research shows.

Charlie Hebdo protesters in Niger set churches on fire, 4 dead

Muslim anger flared over a French satirical weekly's latest caricature of the Prophet Muhammad, with four people reported killed and dozens injured at a protest Friday in the West African country of Niger, and violent clashes between demonstrators and police in Pakistan, Jordan and Algeria.

Illegal gold mining is destroying South American rainforests

What's destroying the South American rainforest?Most people would point to agriculture, cattle operations, and a booming population. But researchers are starting to recognize another threat: Gold mining.According to a new study,

Your Next Artisanal Salami Could Be Part Kanye

The line between celebrity worship and cannibalism thinned ever so slightly this week. Meet BiteLabs.org, a website purportedly dedicated to growing artisanal meat from celebrity tissue samples. Because we could all use a little more Vitamin Bieber.Read more...    

诺基亚邀请更多中国艺人加盟Nokia MixRadio

对于全球移动服务提供商而言,音乐流媒体服务是个相当庞大的市场,参与这一市场的竞争者越来越多,包括有iTunes、Spotify,以及诺基亚的Nokia MixRadio。

阿里IPO前夜 富达基金减持雅虎股份

市场分析机构Morningstar最近提供的数据显示,在今年2月底之前,多家富达共同基金(Fidelity mutual funds)减持了其在雅虎中的股权数量,而时间正值阿里巴巴集团即将高调IPO(首次公开募股)之前不久。

史上最大智能手机7英寸Galaxy W发布

安锋网 6 月 2 日消息 三星今天除了发布首款 Tizen 手机 Samsung Z 之外,还发布了一款挡脸神器 Galaxy W,该手机屏幕达到惊人的 7 英寸!



常用数据结构及复杂度 - Dennis Gao

本文将介绍一些常用数据结构,包括 Array, Linked List, List, HashTable, Stack, Queue 等。并同时介绍关于这些基本数据结构的常用操作的复杂度以及如何选择使用合适的数据结构。


导读:如果以为德国人自绝于互联网时代,就大错特错了。事实上,德国人近年提出的“工业4.0”,恰恰是德国人基于对 […]

Look at the size of that comet Rosetta is chasing compared to a 747!

Holy crap, this is amazing. Imgur user grouchymcsurly made this incredible size comparison between the stinky comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and a Boeing 747-400. It really puts it in perspective. This thing is incredibly huge!Read more...


关于EL表达式的大小写问题。谁来帮我解答? - 上街、找金莎

最近在学习ssh框架,今天遇到了一个非常奇怪的问题。我想在jsp页面中的到session中的数据。这样写能得到数据, ${sessionScope.user.UserYes}这样写却报错,错误是:javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: Property 'UserYe...

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