Here’s Where To Watch Today’s Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is going to unveil the future of Windows today. But you you can’t watch it on TechCrunch, because Microsoft isn’t letting anyone embed the stream, but if you head here, you can watch it here.The event is notable not merely because it will show off the consumer,

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This is what Microsoft is doing to give you more free storage space in Windows 10

It wasn’t because Windows 7 ate 9 that Windows 10 was given its name, it was because this next version of Windows is no mere incremental upgrade, but an OS that Microsoft hopes will usher in a new era of computing. For the first time,

Fhotoroom: No Windows 10 Mobile app because ‘Microsoft hasn’t paid us in 5 months’

Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone app that allows you to do all sorts of cool editing to your photos. It’s jam packed with features and has quite a following of loyal users. Unfortunately,...The post Fhotoroom:

Liberating yourself from Microsoft Windows

Microsoft may be getting on to Windows 9 soon, but it's time to move on for the greater good. You don't need a single product from Microsoft to be able to do everything in the digital world.Read more:

Windows 10 context menus have improved because of your feedback, says Microsoft

Let’s face it. Windows 10 has had a mix of different context menus all throughout the operating system, causing one to scratch their head and asking “why are these context menus not the same...The post Windows 10 context menus have improved because of your feedback,

A look at the history of Windows, and why Windows 10 will be a hit

As is typical with Microsoft’s product cadence, the company has listened with Windows 10, and it addresses virtually all of the downsides of Windows 8.Read more:

Norton Antivirus doesn't want you to use Microsoft Edge because it currently lacks extensions

Windows 9 will shine because of Windows 8’s failings

We look at the future, and the reasons why Windows 9 will succeed after being given a solid foundation by the current incarnation of Microsoft’s OS.Read more:

Here’s Where To Watch Today’s Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is going to unveil the future of Windows today. But you you can’t watch it on TechCrunch, because Microsoft isn’t letting anyone embed the stream, but if you head here, you can watch it here.The event is notable not merely because it will show off the consumer,

Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book sleep battery drain could be because of Windows Hello

Both the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book were recently made available for purchase, but it seems both devices are giving a select handful of customers some pretty annoying issues. One of the big...

Can Microsoft repair the damage with Windows 9?

What do you want from Windows 9? Can Microsoft get this version of its desktop OS right, and recover from the damage done by Windows 8?Read more:

SEC issues proposed rulemaking to give gig workers equity compensation

The Securities and Exchange Commission has issued rules that would allow public and private companies to offer equity compensation to gig workers.

Learn how to access funding for your startup at TC Sessions: Space 2020

Building tech startups takes cash — and lots of it. But when you’re talking space startups, you’re talking galactic-level money. Costs blast right through Earth’s exosphere and become, literally, astronomical. If space is your jam, you’re going to need financial help,

Decrypted: Apple and Facebook’s privacy feud, Twitter hires Mudge, mysterious zero-days

Trump’s election denialism saw him retaliate in a way that isn’t just putting the remainder of his presidency in jeopardy, it’s already putting the next administration in harm’s way. In a stunning display of retaliation,

Following its acquisition by BuzzFeed, HuffPost shuts down its Brazil and India editions

HuffPost is becoming part of BuzzFeed, but HuffPost India and HuffPost Brasil will not be making the transition — both sites are shutting down today. “Today is @huffpostIndia’s last day,” tweeted the team’s editor in chief Aman Sethi. “Pound for pound, story for story, reporter for reporter,

Fortnite adds a $12 monthly subscription bundle

Fortnite’s free to play model has no doubt been a big driver in the battle royale title’s stratospheric success. Epic clearly hasn’t had much issue monetizing the game. While revenue slipped last year, it still managed to pull in a massive windfall of $1.

Tesla is now worth half a trillion dollars

Surging Tesla shares have pushed the company’s market capitalization to more than $515 billion, a fivefold increase since the start of the year. The traditionally volatile stock has continued to experience price swings. But since reaching a low for the year in March,

HMBradley raises $18.25 million planting a flag as LA’s entrant into the challenger bank business

With $90 million in deposits and $18.25 million in new financing, HMBradley is making moves as the Los Angeles-based entrant into the challenger bank competition.

TicketZen Partners With PayByPhone To Make Parking Ticket Payments Easier

Terrible Labs, the maker of parking ticket payment app TicketZen, is partnering with PayByPhone‘s municipal parking payment service to bring its technology to the 9 million registered users on the PayByPhone platform.

Microsoft To Show Off The Consumer And Mobile Faces Of Windows 10 Today

Microsoft will today show off and demonstrate the mobile, and consumer-facing elements of its Windows 10 operating system. The company previously demoed, and released the corporate side of the same OS last year.

FreedomPop Turns On Unlimited WiFi In The US For $5/Month

FreedomPop, the startup that is trying to steal users away from mobile carriers by offering free, basic cellular voice and data plans, is adding another string to its bow today: the company is launching a low-cost WiFi service, where a user gets unlimited use of, and automatic sign-on to,


KrTV 视频团队招聘中!全职 | 北京 | 拍摄 | 后期呐视频呢,肯定是未来36氪很牛 X 的内容,新闻、脱口秀、直播、评测、访谈···科技是可以很“好看”的,现在加入,收获未来!工作内容:节目包装,剪辑;视频拍摄。

Is the internet just a huge waste of time?

Over the last couple of decades the internet has revolutionised how we work, how we shop, how we communicate and how we consume media. But, is it becoming more of a hindrance than a help?Read more:

PhotoMath – 用手機鏡頭對著數學公式,就自動有答案

會不會太神奇?使用這個名叫「PhotoMath」的免費 App,把智能手機的鏡頭對準數學公式,答案就會自動出現!?先看看以下影片簡介︰ 閱讀全文

紅米 Note 4G 增強版 、小米手環、小米路由器 mini 一口氣在台發表, 11 月底陸續開賣

在跨入 4G 以及爆發資料安全性疑雲前熱銷的小米科技紅米 Note 終於要在台灣推出 LTE 版了,且日前與小米手機 4 一同發表的小米手環,還有更早前就已經發表的平價 802.11n 雙天線路由器小米路由器 mini 在今天一口氣在台發表。


小众App的逆袭:看看网易彩票如何承载丁磊的梦想 您可能也喜欢的文章: 中彩网:2013年5月中国共销售彩票273.

Community rallies to help injured Girl Scout meet her cookie goals

Nine-year-old Sinai Miller had been looking forward to picking up her Girl Scout cookies on Tuesday, in hopes of starting to sell them around her apartment complex in Indiana. But her plans were significantly derailed after she was caught amid gunfire while waiting to pick up her order.Thankfully,

The Syria ceasefire deal looks a lot like the Ukraine truce that fell apart

If you were struck with a feeling of déjà vu by the Syria ceasefire deal, you weren't the only one.


据 FT 报道,流音乐服务提供商 Spotify 正在和竞争对手 SoundCoud 商议收购事宜,如果达成,这项收购资金规模预计达到 10 亿美元。Spotify 是当今最知名的音乐流服务提供商之一,2008 年在瑞典上线,每月活跃的音乐听众达到 1 亿人,被视为音频界的 Youtube。网站与各大音乐发行公司合作,所提供的音乐都是正版,并且也帮助个人音乐创作者发行自己的作品。Spotify 提供免费和收费两项服务,只不过免费用户听音乐时会被插播广告。SoundCloud 创立于瑞典,总部位于德国,也是 2008 年上线,提供的服务与 Spotify 相差无几。


7月11日消息,据国外媒体报道,微软总裁布拉德·史密斯(Brad Smith)发表演讲时称,预计到2022年,将制定“Rural AirBand Initiative”计划,为200万人提供高速互联网连接。微软正在处理十多年来在美国农村有限宽带接入方面的困境,希望缩小差距。微软最初计划在未来12个月内在包括乔治亚州、北达科他州、得克萨斯州和威斯康辛州在内的十几个州开展项目。 阅读全文


Appannie公布了今年第二季度全球应用下载数据。这份数据显示,应用程序经济在下载和消费支出上的蓬勃发展。最值得注意的是,Google Play和iOS App Store在应用程序经济中继续展现各自的优势,并共同营造健康的增长市场。 阅读全文

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