New Messaging app features coming in Lumia Denim detailed

As the last big software release to hit Windows Phone before the introduction of Windows 10, Lumia Denim, has understandably garnered a great deal of press attention. Bringing with it a bevy of new features and capabilities for the end user, this attention is well deserved.

相关内容: users will Windows with made Lumia Denim Phone sen

Windows 10 news recap: Display issues affecting HoloLens 2 being investigated, 95% revenue share for

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft is investigating display issues affecting some HoloLens 2 units Reports about display issues on the HoloLens 2 have been increasing recently.

Microsoft news recap: Mixer nearly has as many channels as Twitch, Xbox working hard on E3, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service now has almost as many active channels as Twitch Mixer, Microsoft’s own video game streaming service,

Microsoft takes more jabs at Slack with new NFL Playoffs ad for Teams

Microsoft will be airing a new commercial for Microsoft Teams this weekend, and it's yet another jab at Slack.

Microsoft Ignite gets new conference location, heads to the ‘Big Easy’ in 2020

From September 21-25, the conference will be hosted in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, LA. 

Steam may be coming to Chromebooks according to new report

Google and Valve could be working together to bring Steam to Chromebooks, with Valve leveraging Chrome OS’ existing support for Linux apps.

BT to bundle Google Stadia with some of its broadband plans

BT, the biggest mobile carrier and ISP in the UK has teamed up with Google to bundle free access to Google Stadia with some of its broadband brands

Microsoft is investigating display issues affecting some HoloLens 2 units

It seems that some early HoloLens 2 units are affected by display issues that Microsoft is currently investigating.

Watch the live stream of today's Windows 10 event right here

The day is finally here! Microsoft is about to unveil what's next for Windows 10 in just a few hours, and you can watch it happen live right here! For those who need a quick reminders of what to expect, today we'll see a new Windows 10 build, Spartan, Cortana, Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox,

Microsoft gave the FBI data concerning Charlie Hebdo, and only took 45 minutes to do so

A big fuss has been made in recent weeks by Microsoft as it seeks to establish itself as a privacy champion, both for the public and business consumer. With a large part of its future riding on the success of its cloud operations, this is an area of enormous importance to Redmond.As such,

Lumia Denim shows up on US AT&T phones: Lumia 635 and 1020 are updated here (UPDATED)

While I was messing with my phones tonight I got an alert from "Extras and Info", and sure enough, the phones were updated to Lumia Denim.  I had just reset both phones, as I've gone back to using my (somewhat beat up) Lumia 1020 as my daily driver after trying out the 635 for a few weeks,


私密社交应用 Glassboard 的开发者 Justin William 是忠实的苹果用户。从 90 年代起,他就开始放弃微软的产品。那时候,他把微软视为一个庞大而邪恶的垄断企业。不过,在参加今年的 Build 大会后,他的想法发生了重大改变。




北京2014年10月15日电 /美通社/ -- 北京产权交易所于2014年10月13日09时00分开始通过网络动态报价方式处置收藏品一批,包括翡翠、玛瑙、水晶、黄金、手表等。

新浪微博财报:2014年Q3微博亏损520万美元 同比减少2%

新浪微博(NASDAQ:WB)今天公布了截止9月30日的2014年第三季度未经审计的财务报告。报告显示,公司该季度净营收8410万美元,同比增长 58%;归属上市公司部分的净亏损为520万美元,同比减少2%;合摊薄后每股亏损0.

GRIT 全地形自由轮椅,开启轻松的山地探险之旅

GRIT Freedom Chair 自由轮椅将传统的轮椅进行了彻底的改造,能够适应各种复杂的全地形环境。GRIT 自由轮椅看起来像是山地车和轮椅的结合,开辟了一种全新的探险方式。

​Have You Ever Been Banned From An Internet Community?

Have you ever been banned from an online community? Tell us everything. Read more...

据说Galaxy S7续航表现极佳:最高亮度下可播放视频17小时

下面又是一则关于Galaxy S7手机的传言,据说这款手机将具备非常牛叉的续航能力——现如今很多旗舰手机为了轻薄性,除非是大屏,否则续航一般不会非常突出,至少一天一充是肯定要的。虽说实际上电池技术也在向前,但速度实在不如硬件性能和规格的飙升,4000mAh的电池其实也架不住QHD分辨率的折腾。


SSD固态硬盘已经逐渐普及,但是很多人对它的可靠性问题依然忧心忡忡,也存在很多误解。事实上,SSD仍然算得上新鲜事物,对于它的很多表现人们依旧缺乏足够深入的认识。最近,Google工程师Raghav Lagisetty、Arif Merchant和加拿大多伦多大学教授Bianca Schroeder联合发表了一篇论文《闪存的实际可靠性:意料之中与意料之外》(Flash Reliability in Production: The Expected and the Unexpected),得出了一些惊人的结论。



北京2016年3月24日电 /美通社/ -- 自2010始,VIVA畅读新媒体连续6年作为博鳌亚洲论坛的官方新媒体指定合作伙伴参与了博鳌论坛全面新媒体报道。2015年,VA畅读主持了博鳌论坛首场互联网+论坛,同时还独家主办了“‘互联网+’产业未来之梦-博鳌之夜”。今年,VIVA畅读将与国内外互联网及媒体大咖共话博鳌新媒体论坛。 博鳌亚洲论坛2016年年会分论坛 移动互联网迅猛发展,对传统媒体冲击势不可挡,全球媒体集体焦虑何去何从?曾经风光无限的报刊杂志等传统媒体做梦也想不到,移动互联网一路冲杀,不到6年的光景,传统报刊杂志眼看着大势已去。

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