Box Has Always Been About Reshaping Enterprise Software

One of Box’s earliest marketing stunts was a series of billboards on California’s Route 101 in which it made no bones about going after enterprise content management (ECM) big shot, Microsoft SharePoint. While many would like to pigeonhole Box as storage or sync and share,

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Box Snags Former EMC Exec To Run Nascent Platform As A Service Offering

Box announced today that it was hiring former EMC executive Jeetu Patel to head its platform business. Patel will have the title senior vice president of platform and chief strategy officer. His primary responsibility will be building out the Box Developer Edition product,

Why Is Box Taking So Long To Pull IPO Trigger?

On March 24th, Box filed for its long-awaited IPO and went into the dreaded quiet period. It’s been over six months now since Box filed its S-1 form, signaling it would look for $250 million in its public offering. Prior to the announcement, Box was one of the hottest startups in technology,

As Box IPO Surges, Startup Community Reacts

Box’s IPO was never a normal deal. When Wall Street cooled to tech IPOs last year, especially involving firms that are subscription-based with high customer acquisition costs, the Box offering became the canary in the Wall Street coal mine. The general consensus was that if Box succeeded,

Now is the time for Walmart to strike at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been an enormous influence on e-commerce, but this online juggernaut is beginning to show cracks. Now is the time for arch-rival Walmart to swoop in with a Prime-like offering that strikes at the weaknesses Amazon has introduced into its formidable loyalty program: price,

While tech waffles on going public, biotech IPOs boom

With our fixation on all things tech, we’re missing out on the big picture -- there are actually more biotech and healthcare startup IPOs than tech offerings.

With its goofy video loops, YC backed Splish wants to be the ‘anti-Instagram’

Is there any space on kids’ homescreens for another social sharing app to poke in? Y Combinator backed Splish wants to have a splash at it (

Data breach exposes trade secrets of carmakers GM, Ford, Tesla, Toyota

Security researcher UpGuard Cyber Risk disclosed Friday that sensitive documents from more than 100 manufacturing companies, including GM, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Tesla, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp, and VW were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics.

Indie gem Stardew Valley will get multiplayer on August 1st

Stardew Valley, the popular indie farming simulator (it’s more fun than “farming simulator” makes it sound, I promise) is quite possibly the chillest game of all time. But, without any multiplayer aspect, it can get … a bit lonely. From farming, to fishing, to exploring mines,

CowryWise micro-savings service opens high yield government bonds to everyday Nigerians

In emerging market countries where economic volatility is a way of life, there aren’t a lot of relatively safe options for members of the burgeoning middle class to park their money. For instance,

What next? Oh yes, turning a luxury car into a non-fungible token

We’ve seen more than one project use the immutability of blockchain to verify important physical things. So, for instance, a pioneer in the space, Verisart, has brought blockchain certification of high art to leading galleries worldwide, and other players are now entering this growing market.

Windows 10 Could Ship With Both IE11 And Spartan

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will include a new browser — currently codenamed “Spartan.” At the time, though, it shared very few details about it, something it rectified by posting a more detailed description this morning. Read More

The Digital Chord Chart Is A DIY Way To Learn The Guitar

It is my understanding, and correct me if I’m off base here, that you’re into piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Furthermore, you’re not into yoga and, I suspect this is unrelated but let’s not quibble, you have half a brain.

Automated Copywriting Startup Persado Raises $21M

Persado, a startup that says it can automatically create and test different marketing emails and other promotional material, is announcing that it has raised $21 million in Series B funding.

BlackBerry defends classic QWERTY keyboard, promises high-end smartphones for business

At a journalist roundtable session BlackBerry's CEO said more QWERTY phones are coming, and the company's enterprise head promised better integration with Microsoft platforms.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Why Apple needs to think like David again, and not Goliath

Apple’s latest Beats acquisition is a typical move for a Goliath company – snapping up a big brand for a pile of cash – but Cupertino needs to think more like David.Read more:

Two years ago, Google bought Quickoffice.

Two years ago, Google bought Quickoffice. Since, it's made it free, ensured it only worked with Google Drive, and then rolled all of its features into Google Drive. And now? It's being retired: from next week, you'll be unable to download or install it. So long, Quickoffice.Read more...

Enevo’s Waste Bins Sensors Attract $8M Funding From Earlybird And Draper Associates

You’ve heard of the Internet of Things. Well how about the Internet of Shit? Enevo is a startup which has created a ‘sensor-based’ waste collection system to track… yes, you get the idea. It’s today announced $8 million of funding from Earlybird, Lifeline Ventures,

你知道在哪使劲最易掰弯iPhone 6 Plus吗?

威锋网 9 月 28 日消息,我们昨天晚上曾经报道,美国《消费者报告》(Consumer Reports )根据近日热炒的“弯弯门”事件对包括 iPhone 6/6 Plus 在内的多款高端旗舰手机进行了压力测试,结果发现能够使 iPhone 6 Plus 机身变弯的最小压力值为 90 磅,也就是说新 iPhone“并非传闻描述的那样不堪一击”。

Rosetta Spacecraft Now Has Landing Site on Comet

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta spacecraft is getting ready to take the next step in its journey to study a comet in deep space.After studying the comet for about two months, the ESA has officially given the go-ahead to deliver a lander, called Philae, to the surface on Nov. 12See also:

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微软带你走进Lumia 535手机铃声背后的故事

据外媒报道,日前,微软首席声音设计师Henry Daw借着微软Lumia Conversation博客跟人们分享了“世界之声(Sounds of the World)”项目的信息。

WhatsApp Comes To The Desktop

Are you one of the 600 million people on WhatsApp? Do you grow tired of having to type all of your messages through your phone? Good news! There’s now a desktop version. It’s a web app rather than a native client — and for now, at least, it seems to only play friendly with Google Chrome.

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