This Industry Is Still Completely Ridiculous

Things are getting pretty strange out there. Roughly a year ago I wrote a post entitled “This Industry Is Completely Ridiculous.” Since then, as you probably already know, our world has gotten even more surreal. If anything the ridiculousness is accelerating.

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Northrop Grumman lands customer for first OmegA rocket launch in 2021

Space industry heavyweight Northrop Grumman has signed a costumer for the launch of its first OmegA rocket, a medium/heavy lift launch vehicle that it’s currently readying for flight with a target of spring 2021 for its first ever flight. OmegA will unlock additional payload capacity vs.

GetYourGuide widens its horizons, will expand its Originals short tours into day trips and more

GetYourGuide has made a name for itself as the startup that helped the stale idea of guided tours for travellers on its head. Tapping into the generation of consumers who think of travel not just as going somewhere, but having an “experience” (and, ideally, recording it for Insta-posterity),

Be in the TechCrunch End Of Year Review for Europe

TechCrunch is running an end-of-year review for the European tech startup industry. We’d love your input on the feature! We’d like to know what particular topics really resonated with you in 2019 and what your predictions are for 2020. Fill in the survey here.

MUBI’s production effort nets it a Sundance selection as the company goes cashflow positive

Streaming services are popping up like weeds these days, but MUBI has been at it basically since streaming video first emerged as a business. Founded in 2007, MUBI focuses on curated, independent film from international artists and creators,

Aeva snags VW investment with smaller, longer range lidar

Lidar startup Aeva has deepened its relationship with VW Group with a new investment from Porsche Automobili Holding SE, thanks to a next-generation sensor that is headed for the ID Buzz AV, an electric reboot of the automaker’s iconic bus that will be used as autonomous taxis.

Glovo’s Sacha Michaud: “I think there will be consolidation”

Many companies realized that there was a huge opportunity when it comes to on-demand delivery of food and groceries. And apparently, too many companies as Glovo co-founder Sacha Michaud expects some consolidation in the space in the near future. At TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin,

Portify raises £7M Series A for its fintech app for ‘modern’ or gig economy workers

Portify, the London fintech startup that offers an app and various financial products to help gig economy and other modern, flexible or “self-employed” workers better manage their finances, has raised £7 million in Series A funding. The round, which comes a year after the company raised £1.

Jesse Draper Talks About Growing Up On The Valley Girl Show, Silicon Valley Gender Issues And Moving

Jesse Draper, the daughter of VC Tim Draper and former Nickelodeon star, grew up right in front of everyone on the Internet. She started The Valley Girl Show as a web series in her parents’ garage in her early 20’s. It was full of hula hoops, pink and what some have called “ditzy” antics.

The Dawn Of Our Robot Overlords Inches Closer As iRobot Starts VC Shop

Robot domination may have just taken another step forward.Just as venture capital investment in robotics are beginning to take off, the granddaddy of consumer robotics companies, iRobot, is launching a venture capital firm. Read More

CrunchWeek: Box’s IPO Pop, Microsoft’s HoloLens Headset, Google’s $1 Billion Bet On SpaceX

We’re at the end of another big week for the tech industry, so Alex Wilhelm, Kyle Russell and I gathered ’round the big white table for CrunchWeek, the TechCrunch TV show in which we roundup the biggest and most interesting news stories of the past seven days.In this episode,

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Chile Earthquake Triggered Icequakes In Antarctica

sciencehabit (1205606) writes In 2010, a powerful magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck off the coast of central Chile, rocking much of the country and producing tremor as far away as Argentina and Peru. But a new study suggests its effects were felt even farther away—in Antarctica.

iOS 版 AllCast 肯定有,但你要再耐心等等

各位 iOS 用户,还在羡慕只有 Android 用户能用的串流神器 AllCast 吗?不要难过,开发者 Koushik Dutta 今天早些时候已经在其 Google+ 上放出了两张 iOS...




伦敦2014年10月28日电 /美通社/ -- 在过去10个月里,经过英国高等法院25天的听证会,严格检查了超过30卷的文件,以及对证人的审问和与英国王室法律顾问的论证,法官 Coleridge 在今天对全莉声称中国虎项目资产归其所有以及告拯救中国虎基金会挥霍善款供其奢华生活一案作出了判决: 法官 Coleridge 判决全莉败诉,并说明基金会的唯一目的是拯救中国虎,并不是给任何个人提供经济上的资助。

遲來的「錶」王 – 香港行貨 Moto 360 初步拆盒分享

Edward 在年三十的下午,終於收到 Moto 360 行貨 packing。在測試呢隻錶之前,就等我地先睇睇盒入面有咩嘢啦。The post 遲來的「錶」王 – 香港行貨 Moto 360 初步拆盒分享 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

高通宣布 DragonBoard 410c 開發平台與 Snapdragon 410 QRD 皆可支援 Windows 10

高通於微軟在深圳舉辦的 WinHEC 期間宣布,基於 Snapdragon 410 應用處理器並針對物聯網開發的 DragonBoard 410c 以及其 QRD 手機參考設計平台皆可支援 Windows 10 系統,前者瞄準原 Windows Embedded 之嵌入式系統以及 IoT/IoE 市場,後者則針對 Windows 智慧手機領域。

对未来 iPhone 的展望 有的想法好异想天开

手机的发展速度快得让我们无法想象。当初代 iPhone 出现在我们面前时,你有想过今天的 iPhone 6s 会拥有那么多崭新的功能和优越的性能吗?



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