Office Mix now integrates with Moodle, one of the most popular learning management systems

Earlier this month, we introduced to you the PowerPoint “superset” known as Office Mix. With Office Mix, students and teachers can annotate slides, add audio and video, and embed interactive elements like quizzes and even host them on

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Windows 10 news recap: Display issues affecting HoloLens 2 being investigated, 95% revenue share for

Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft is investigating display issues affecting some HoloLens 2 units Reports about display issues on the HoloLens 2 have been increasing recently.

Microsoft news recap: Mixer nearly has as many channels as Twitch, Xbox working hard on E3, and more

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service now has almost as many active channels as Twitch Mixer, Microsoft’s own video game streaming service,

Microsoft takes more jabs at Slack with new NFL Playoffs ad for Teams

Microsoft will be airing a new commercial for Microsoft Teams this weekend, and it's yet another jab at Slack.

Microsoft Ignite gets new conference location, heads to the ‘Big Easy’ in 2020

From September 21-25, the conference will be hosted in the Big Easy, aka New Orleans, LA. 

Steam may be coming to Chromebooks according to new report

Google and Valve could be working together to bring Steam to Chromebooks, with Valve leveraging Chrome OS’ existing support for Linux apps.

BT to bundle Google Stadia with some of its broadband plans

BT, the biggest mobile carrier and ISP in the UK has teamed up with Google to bundle free access to Google Stadia with some of its broadband brands

Microsoft is investigating display issues affecting some HoloLens 2 units

It seems that some early HoloLens 2 units are affected by display issues that Microsoft is currently investigating.

Microsoft's Q2 2015: 6.6 million Xbox consoles sold, with strong holiday performance

Since the next-generation consoles launched from Sony and Microsoft, the two companies have been battling for the most sales, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 winning the title most of the time, until recently.Now that Microsoft has released its FY2015 Q2 earnings report,

Microsoft's Q2 2015: $1.1 billion in Surface revenue, driven by Surface Pro 3 and accessories

Microsoft bet big on the Surface. So much so that the company ended up over-producing the original Surface RT that ended in a multi-million dollar write-off. Admittedly the device did confuse people. It ran Windows and had a Desktop, but it didn’t run regular Windows applications.

Microsoft's Q2 2015: $2.3 billion in Windows Phone hardware revenue, 10.5 million Lumia units sold

Microsoft today announced a revenue of $26.5 billion ($7.8 billion of net income) for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. Microsoft also revealed that they have earned $2.3 billion in Windows Phone hardware revenue, with 10.5 million Lumia units sold."Microsoft is continuing to transform,

Indian Business Angel Network Makes First Investment, In UK’s SwiftShift

India’s largest business angels group has made its first investment in a UK start-up, investing in a London-based company SwiftShift. The amount was not disclosed. The Indian Angel Network (IAN) is Asia’s largest angel network of over 250 investors spread across 10 countries. Effectively,

Olloclip更新官方应用: 已增加对iPad的支持

威锋网讯,今天 Olloclip 更新了其官方的 iOS 配套应用,新的版本升级了对 iPad 的支持,和大量的改进。  


主要从两个方面来看:1. 现实情况的驱使。当今的航空工业已经是全球性产业,随着航空产品的不断升级,技术的不断提升,投资规模和风险大也越来越大。


我第一次下载完叮咚 APP 后,进去根本不知道这是个干什么的软件,我猜:搞社区交友?社区活动?社区送货?还是社区缴费等服务? 最后进去后多个 icon 摆在我面前,让我无从下手。



[视频]Windows 10 Build 9926上手视频速览

微软今天对外发布了一个Windows 10技术预览版,所有参与Insider的计划的用户都可以下载到该版本,微软将这一版本称为“1月构建版”版本号9926,功能上新版带来了本次发布会上披露的Cortana、新开始菜单和新的设置应用,带来了更好的无线视频和音频连接能力以及新的照片和地图应用、Xbox应用和Windows应用商店的最新的测试版。

SharePoint研究之表单登录配置 - 授渔人

本文将演示SharePoint怎样配置表单(Form)登录,后续文章将研究 无密码登录、编程添加用户组、编程添加用户、编程添加文件夹、编程分享文件夹(权限分配)等。

新系统福利:Mac装 Windows 不再需要U盘

尽管有很多人都抱怨下载速度太慢,但身体还是诚实的:OS X El Capitan 在北京时间今天凌晨推送之后,一大批用户争先恐后的涌入 Mac App Store,为的就是在第一时间体验新系统。

iOS 9 的应用切换与返回应用按钮

概要:iOS 9 的多种应用程序切换的方式可能使用户感到迷惑,通过一些简单的设计优化可以显著提长用户体验。 当 ...

Berg Insight:2015年全球移动M2M用户总量将达到2.652亿


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