Office Mix now integrates with Moodle, one of the most popular learning management systems

Earlier this month, we introduced to you the PowerPoint “superset” known as Office Mix. With Office Mix, students and teachers can annotate slides, add audio and video, and embed interactive elements like quizzes and even host them on

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Microsoft confirms Xbox Series X will launch in November

Microsoft has just confirmed on Xbox Wire that its next-gen Xbox Series X console will be available worldwide in November.

Halo: Infinite has been delayed to 2021

In a surprise announcement, 343 Industries has just announced that Halo: Infinite had been delayed to 2021. This new Halo game was supposed to be a launch title for Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X console, and a flagship title showcasing next-gen features such as raytracing.

August Patch Tuesday updates are now available for Windows 10 version 2004 and older

Microsoft has released today new “Patch Tuesday” updates for all versions of Windows 10, including the May 2020 Update (version 2004).

Nvidia schedules next gen GeForce GPUs reveal for September 1st

Nvidia announced today that it will be holding its GeForce Special Event September 1 at 9 AM PT.

Windows 10 20H2 build 19042.450 is now available in the Beta channel

Windows Insiders in the Beta channel can now download the 20H2 build 19042.450, which is a minor update that only includes security fixes.

Creeping Winter, the latest Minecraft Dungeons DLC, coming September 8th along with free content upd

Minecraft Dungeons already received a couple of patches since its launch in May, as well as a first DLC, Jungle Awakens, that was released on all platforms last month. The game’s second DLC, Creeping Winter,

Microsoft is working on a no-code platform for Teams, but it won’t be called Dataflex

After announcing a new Dataflex brand for Microsoft Teams and Power Platforms products last month, it seems that the Redmond giant has now been forced to look for an alternative.

Microsoft's Q2 2015: 6.6 million Xbox consoles sold, with strong holiday performance

Since the next-generation consoles launched from Sony and Microsoft, the two companies have been battling for the most sales, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 winning the title most of the time, until recently.Now that Microsoft has released its FY2015 Q2 earnings report,

Microsoft's Q2 2015: $1.1 billion in Surface revenue, driven by Surface Pro 3 and accessories

Microsoft bet big on the Surface. So much so that the company ended up over-producing the original Surface RT that ended in a multi-million dollar write-off. Admittedly the device did confuse people. It ran Windows and had a Desktop, but it didn’t run regular Windows applications.

Microsoft's Q2 2015: $2.3 billion in Windows Phone hardware revenue, 10.5 million Lumia units sold

Microsoft today announced a revenue of $26.5 billion ($7.8 billion of net income) for the quarter ended December 31, 2014. Microsoft also revealed that they have earned $2.3 billion in Windows Phone hardware revenue, with 10.5 million Lumia units sold."Microsoft is continuing to transform,


首先,我老实地承认这个题目有标题党的嫌疑,但看完这篇不长的文章,你可能会同意微信确实吞没了相当于很多条生命的光阴。但请相信我不是微信黑,比微信更糟的多了去了。也请不要联想Facebook收购WhatsApp的事儿,Wh ...

【转】HTML5的语音输入 渐进使用HTML5语言识别, so easy! - 文艺里的小清新

【转】HTML5的语音识别 ,装逼神器

Twitter 正在测试显示消息被读取次数的功能

分类: 互联网络本来 Twitter 只是一个供用户分享讯息的社交网络,但似乎它有可能发展成一个斗「收视」的地方呢。


尽管L2 Think Tank发现43%的消费者在买美妆产品时会使用平板电脑搜索产品,品牌已经慢慢开始在他们的网站中加入平板电脑专用的设计。

The Army's New Helmet Design Comes with Built-In A/C

It's starting to look like the soldiers of the future could almost fight in space. The Army's latest helmet concept, specifically designed for chemical-biological protection, includes a respirator that keeps the air clean and cool, like a mini air conditioner built right into the mask.

Intel and Asus try to make a modular PC - again

One of the most interesting products I was connected to in the 1990s was the IBM modular computer. It was a brilliant idea it just was badly timed. Read more:

新 Healthkit 可记录大姨妈,苹果终于关注女人了

苹果终于意识到这个世界上还有女人了。 Tony Webster 在 Twitter 上发布的这句话,被 Forbes 和 The Verge 都用到了文章中。 为了证明自己的“多元化”,昨晚的苹果 WWDC 2015 上出现了两名女性演讲者。



This is What We've Learned About Pluto in the Past 24 Hours

New Horizons is racing to Pluto so quickly, we’re literally learning new things every single day. Exploration is a true planet-wide “Today I learned...” moment: we now know what makes up Pluto’s atmosphere, what makes up its ice cap, and exactly how big it is.Read more...


编者按:为了避免浪费数月时间和数百万资金开发没人使用的产品,产品开发过程中做好客户开发工作就显得至关重要。本文作者Cindy Alvarez 现任Yammer(微软收购)用户体验和产品设计总监,同时也是Alchemist Accelerator公司的团队顾问,她最擅长的领域就是做客户开发。通过客户开发,你可以更好地了解客户的行为,他们需要解决的问题,他们遇到的阻碍,以及他们喜欢什么样的产品,从而开发出用户真正需要的产品。人是很难预测的,人也是动物。而这正是那些基于理性假设去吸引客户的创业公司所忽视的地方。记住,人们通常会购买自己一无所知的昂贵葡萄酒。

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